Thursday, July 31, 2014

Due North

With a tweet that suggested that Jake might be up in Toronto (at least for the day) got OMG looking ahead to next month and Jake's return to TIFF.

Jake has a long history with Toronto and TIFF going all the way back to beginning of the his career, and it continues to be a place that he loves to return.

Toronto is also somewhere that brings out the fun and friendliness  of Jake too.  His smile is contagious.

 Although Nightcrawler is such dark movie, here's hoping that Toronto grin returns. (And the rings too)


the real m said...

Gone are the days when Jake looked like he was enjoying himself. I miss that smile and joy he displayed.

I watched the video a few minutes ago. Did not like it either. Was that a student film or something? I did notice that the sleeve hems on Austin's jacket were taken out and left unhemmed. The man must have some loooong arms and they did not want to spring for a custom tailored jacket. His face looked unusually wide and puffy too. Probably the humidity.

8/1. Only 30 days left to work. Very strange feeling. Transfer of the reigns already under way which feels even stranger. I am still working but someone else is doing all my work with me just watching and giving feedback.

Seaweed said...

If this is what we get from Jake when in T.O. generally, then he should just spend more time there! As you said, he really does seem to shine that smile more readily in Toronto.

On the countdown M, hope you enjoy your last 30 days at work and enjoy the 'wrap up' time with the rest of the gang from your employment. Congratulations on your impending retirement and transition to new opportunities.

Happiness always...

destiny said...

30 days of work left, hard to imagine. Sounds wonderful, scary, and surreal all at once M.