Friday, July 4, 2014

Tennis Twinning

There's a tweet that has popped up more than few times  (Thanks PG!) about the resemblance of a tennis player who's playing at Wimbledon and Austin.

Life Imitating Art.

Up and coming tennis player Grigor Dimitrov is from Bulgaria. His career high singles ATP ranking is World No. 12, which he achieved in May 2014 and his highest ranking in doubles is No. 66 in the world.

Dimitrov was defeated today by veteran and #2 ranked player Novak Djokovic  6-4, 3-6, 7-6 (2), 7-6 (7) who advise to the Men's Finals.

So for this Wimbledon Austin Friday there's no way we'd miss a chance to check Austin out in Wimbledon.  Then again we've never needed an excuse before.

That's sure to make the rockets red glare and bomb busting somewhere.... or for   someone who knows all about Sparkle(r) Motion.

And to all the U.S. OMG'ers

Happy Independence Day! 


Florida Tom said...

Grigor is very cute :-)

the real m said...

Wow. He does look like Austin. Very handsome. Fireworks going off all over our neighborhood. We were able to walk into the street and catch a free show. Still going off here. Some nights the sound travels towards us and this is one of those nights.

destiny said...

I hope everyone enjoyed the 4th. I didn't get to see any fireworks, they moved the Macy's fireworks to the East River after some years on the Hudson, and I didn't have access to a place to see them, i.e., someone's roof. Way too much of a zoo to go see them from along the river.

It is amazing how much that player looks like Austin. Speaking of which, I finally aw the first episode of Ray Donovan. I was surprised how little he was in it, plus I really did not like the show, and don't think I'll be watching any more episodes.