Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bronx Beat

Here is some of the street art work that was created by Southpaw's art department to transform the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Carrick into the Bronx.

The National Enquirer is reporting there was bit of a scruffle on the set of Southpaw between Jake and 50  Nothing officially confirmed just an NE "source".
The source says:

“ '50 Cent – who hangs out in boxer FLOYD MAYWEATHER JR.’s entourage – plays a boxing promoter in the film, and at one point he started offering Jake some ‘friendly’ off-screen advice on how to play a professional boxer.

"But things got heated as he kept taunting him about his lack of ‘heart’ and inferior boxing skills. So 50 Cent got into the ring, and suddenly started slamming his co-star with powerful left-right combinations. Jake suddenly went down, but jumped right back up and started flailing back at 50! The blows got harder and harder, and that’s when the director suddenly leaped into the ring and forcibly separated the anger-driven actors!”

No one was declared the winner – but Fitty was flat-out warned: Stay OUT of the ring and do NOT slug the star of our film…EVER!"


the real m said...

Wow. That is quite a story. I would have thought someone would step in to separate them right away. They can't afford to have the lead actor hurt. I can't guess if the story is true or just an embellishment.

Jake's universe said...

I agree with the comments posted yesterday that Austin is sending out NY signals. He also is slyly associating himself with Jake. Last weekend, he started with those very gay poses with bare chested men that Matthew Frost handily posted on his Instagram, making sure to provide that all important hashtag to place them at Adam Levine’s wedding in Mexico.

As pointed out already, Austin met Levine and Frost through Jake so that one post neatly plopped Austin right back into the center of Jake’s orbit of associations.

Then came the Willem Dafoe quote on Thursday, which associates Dafoe with that WSJ interview on Saturday timed to pair up with the opening of his new film with Rachel McAdams and Philip Seymour Hoffman’s, A Most Wanted Man.

Since, we know Jake has garnered headlines with both actors just this past year, the Willem Dafoe quote becomes even more revealing.

By the way, I saw the film on Friday and PSH is extraordinary. What a talent that man was. Austin has used movies before to remind people he is still with Jake. This is one more example. Which means the flimsy contract with the Poopster (lol) is over for sure.

Just Jared said...

Looks like someone else is not buying the convenient Austin-Chloe coupling then separation:

Round and round we go @ 07/27/2014 at 5:55 am

I see Just Jared is up to his old tricks. His site is used to sell an obvious bearding relationship between Chloe Bennet and Austin Nichols. Then commenters appear to all inform us that they have broken up and that Austin was caught with a woman at Adam Levine’s wedding. Really? How the heck did a civilian find out about this cheating info at an incredibly private wedding?

No doubt the bearding contract has ended and because Austin Nichols is gay, we have to be left with the impression that his exiting the scene had to do with his heterosexuality. Because don’t you know, Austin Nichols likes women dammit. Jake Gyllenhaal must be happy to have his man back because that is the only reason Nichols was put together with this Agents of Shield actress. It will happen again too because Toothy Tile and Grey Goose are still deep in the closet.

destiny said...

I'm surprised it's over already. I guess they didn't get the PR boost they thought they would from being a couple.

Maybe not said...

Wouldn't be surprised if the whole fauxmance started up again though. I don't think Jake or Austin's publicists thought people would be paying much attention, when they quietly tried to terminate the contract. With that deadly comment put up on JJ, however, obviously people were watching and talking. I think its really stupid, but these Hollywood types are trying to preserve the closet as a viable mechanism to sell the public on the idea that 99.9% of performers are straight. It's not about Austin or Jake or Chloe. It's about power, control and money.

prairiegirl said...

Since, we know Jake has garnered headlines with both actors just this past year, the Willem Dafoe quote becomes even more revealing.

That was a great tie-in you pointed out, Jake's universe. Well done. And your nickname for his beard just about knocked me over with laughter. Seriously, have you ever seen a female celebrity tweet about bodily functions like she does? Good grief. She's obsessed with them.

I think that Just Jared comment is absolutely hilarious; I love it.

Well, my weekend was totally sucked up by family being in town and the rest of the time trying to keep up with news from San Diego Comic Con!!! It's overwhelming the tweets, Tumblr'ing, and blogging. I have now found out and realized that when there is a Con going on, it's almost insane. I feel like I'm drowning in social media stimulation.