Saturday, July 5, 2014

Handy Hurricane

OMG has always said  Austin is always in step and prepared for a flood

or a hurricane

Amd Jake's pretty handy with an umbrella

Or maybe handy when someone else is holding the umbrella

 But what happens when you have a handy hurricane?

You land in Martha's Vineyard.

Yup thanks to OMG's tweet finder (aka PG)  Jake was spotted on the Vineyard by several tweets. (1) (2) (3) (4)  (And what's the whole G family mean? Mom and Maggie and kids and Peter? Or something else?)

Need a pic?  Here's Jake at the West Tisbury Farmer's Market

Let's see

Farmers market - check
Former childhood summer home - check
Best friends and close friends in the area -check
Quick flight from set - check
SAG holiday - check
Army green cargos -check
Grey hoodie - check
Nike sneakers -check
Black baseball hat - check
Overly dressed compared to everyone else -check

Austin's holidaze cover con - check

Speaking of Austin

Nondescript picture of a location not anywhere near Jake. -check
And tweeting more tweets in day compare to his usual tweet week - check
Getting in the Brazilian love - check

Doesn't sound like he wasn't out enjoying the 4th in Chicago, but enjoying the World Cup inside somewhere that was super rainy Friday.

Yeah that's handy.   
Or is that handsy? ; )


Agree said...

I think Austin is with Jake too. The troll who hangs out here night and day confirms that for me.

Methodical Muser said...

That photo of Jake in Fall clothes supposedly vacationing in Martha's Vineyard cracks me up. He may be there that's true. He may be somewhere else with Austin and the kids. In either event, his people care enough to still put up lame photos on Twitter regardless. As the person above suggests, if Jake wasn't still with his main squeeze, Austie, there would be no need for this kind of nonsense. My only question is why isn't Jake wearing clothes appropriate for the summer season in that posted photo from yesterday? Last year he, at least, wore shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops. Looks like his people aren't even trying any more. They seem to be sick of Jake's antics too.

Jake’s Attire in 2013 visiting the West Tisbury Farmers Market.

the real m said...

What a weird photo. Definitely looks photoshopped. Out of curiosity I started to Google Alyissa. It used to be that miller would come up in the search automatically just with the Alyissa part. But not any more. If you don't come up in google, you've really fallen off the chart. I guess that bearding contract did not yield success.

I mentioned Free Fall has a really sexy actor. Max Reimelt. I just saw he is in a newly filming Netflix series. Not surprised that he may break into US sensibilities. Handsome as all get out. And in interviews, he seems like a happy guy. Something we don't see in Jake anymore.