Sunday, October 10, 2010

Out Spotlight

Today's Out Spotlight is a photojournalist and photographer. Patsy Lynch has spent over three decades capturing moments in time.

Born in Washington,D.C., Patsy Lynch has spent decades documenting not only the politics and people of her native city, but events that have impacted the world. She has covered international, national and local news for a variety of news agencies, international and national newspapers and magazines. And at the same time has documented the decades of her own community, the GLBT community and the long struggle for civil rights. Her coverage of the journey for equality has given a visibility to the movement and inspired activists worldwide.

Lynch received her B.A. from Elon University (North Carolina), where she started the college newspaper and later went on to earn two master’s degrees from Gallaudet University (Washington, DC).

She became the first openly gay journalist with a White House credential, working for both The Advocate and the UPI news agency in the 1970’s and 1980’s and is one of the founding members of the Washington, D.C. chapter of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association.

Her work has appeared in magazines, books, and newspapers around the world. In addition to her editorial work, she has worked on assignment for several U.S. government agencies, including the National Park Service and Health and Human Services. She also worked on assignment for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), where she documented Hurricane Katrina and most recently the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Lynch has been documenting the GLBT community since 1976. She was one of four official photographers at the 1979 Lesbian and Gay March on Washington. And she continued bring her community to public forum. In the 80's she documented the AIDS activism movement, including a 1987 protest at the White House and a 1988 die-in organized by ACT UP. She was there again, camera in hand for the 1993 March on Washington, and continues to cover the recent events for gay rights, including marriage equality and DADT.

She served as the photographer for the “Community Pioneers” exhibit of Washington, D.C. residents who contributed to the struggle for equality. “We need to let people know that we are here, and we’re not going away,”

Lynch has said that she "is proud and thrilled to be part of a community that is finally getting the recognition and civil rights we deserve."

In 1990, she was named Photographer of the Year by the National Gay Press Association.
The Gay and Lesbian Activist Alliance presented her a Distinguished Service Award in 2006 for her work. And in 2007, Lynch was awarded the Community Pioneer Award by the Rainbow History Project.

“If we don’t know our history we’re going to become forgotten.” - Patsy Lynch

All photos not of Patsy Lynch in today's Spotlight were taken by Patsy Lynch.

Patsy Lynch Photography

The Rainbow History Project - The Patsy Lynch Collection


prairiegirl said...

Love the temporary moniker, Jack. BS. lol. You know, I call myself Prairie Girl because I'm from the prairie.

The point is PG, no one here bothered to post the tweet of Jake at the Ballet with a date nor the tweet of him talking to the girl on the train.

The point is, BS, I do not have a twitter account, alright? I don't have a twitter account nor do I have a facebook account. The only way I see these twitters & FB sightings is when someone else puts them up. I still don't even know what this twitter is about Jake talking to a girl on the train. How can I have re-posted the Jake/Girl on Train tweet if I haven't even seen the thing? Would you mind posting it so I can see it?

Regardless, that still wouldn't make one single difference to me about my thinking this is Austin at Leadville. What does a girl on a train have to stinkin' do with Austin being at Leadville?

Good grief. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10.

And so what if Jake isn't in Austin TX? Maybe he wasn't. Tons of Jake at every restaurant/store in NYC this weekend. Okay, I can cave on that one.

But that does not have anything to do with my thinking this is Austin at Leadville. Leadville was in August. The ballet & NYC WorldWide Tour is this weekend. The two events are not colliding on the tracks of our present time as we know it this very moment.

Good Pete, Jack, please come up with a better argument than this. Tell me why this photo cannot without a doubt be Austin at Leadville.

Somebody tell me who this guy is and PR, would you please approach the podium and have Madelaine Albright ask the question who, for pete's sake, is this guy to Jake's left at Leadville?

Let's end this debate once and for all.

Madelaine, if you would.

prairiegirl said...

Sorry, Special, to have started off the thread of the OutSpotlight like that. But gee whiz.

I bought The Ultimate Bee Gees cd set last night with my 40% coupon at Borders. Wow. I've wanted it a long time since checking it out at the library once. Do you realize how many hits those guys had? Fanny. How Do You Mend... I Started a Joke. Jive Talkin'. Not to mention all the SNL soundtrack songs.

I Started a Joke and How Do You Mend... are two of the absolute saddest songs ever written, to me, anyway. Just the saddest. If you're in a sad mood? lol. Man, play one of those. It'll send you over the edge so you can wallow in your own self-misery for the rest of the day. I guarantee it or your money back.

prairiegirl said...

Last one for a little while. Two corrections.

I can cave on this one. I can but I won't. Not yet, anyway. I could cave is how it should have read.

And 2)the ballet wasn't this weekend, it was Thursday. Big difference.

Methodical Muser said...

Actually, many of us thought that Austin was in Leadville with Jake for a variety reasons that weekend. Not least among them Austin himself. As already mentioned, the man's tweets were all about love and romance throughout that entire Colorado trip and, later on, in the mid-September interview posted on the EverythingAustin website, Austin provided an interesting glimpse into a certain shared and timely interest with Jake:

Interviewer: Firstly, how is training going for your half marathon?
Austin: Training is going well. I have to run as little as possible or else I will shrink into a skeleton. I have never run 5 miles in my life. The other day I ran 11.2. I just read ‘Born To Run’ [by Christopher McDougall]. Incredible book and very inspiring. It made me want to run run run. Run barefoot. The way mother nature intended.

Secondly, let's not forget this tweet from September 3, just 12 days after Leadville: New Obsession. The Leadville 100. Anybody want to train with me? 5:59 AM Sep 3rd

Thirdly, there was the sudden interest in cinematography, which Austin mused about recently, and which dovetailed directly with all those cameras and talk about movie-making that supposedly brought Jake to Leadville in the first place. Trying to distract by talking about the ballet, backpacks and the barrage of NY tweets suddenly appearing out of nowhere, is irrelevant. But, of course, you pretty much know that already, don't you? One might begin to wonder how someone knows, for certain, that Jake was never at the ACL Music Festival? Oh, I know, a sudden flood of NY "tweet" sightings? Funny, how we usually get one tweet or FACEBOOK post, here and there, to place Jake somewhere far away from Austin, but yesterday there was a flood of them. This truly is amusing and pretty darn transparent. It’s awfully darn obvious there’s no conspiracy here. There’s just a bunch of people paying close attention, and putting pieces of related information together, without malice or sinister intent. Can't always say the same about other's motivations.

Congrats, PG. Another OMG exclusive right up there with the 2nd Anniversary Party for Club Lotus. Remember, the one where some folks also argued that wasn’t Austin’s ear either. Poor guy. I’m sure he would rather us argue over some other part of his anatomy. Like maybe those amazing abs.

prairiegirl said...

Well, last one after this one.

Great post. Wow, she's seen alot, hasn't she? Special, how did you hear about her? How do you get all of these?

Is that the die-in, that photo of the caskets on the National Mall? Was that for AIDS? That's a really impacting photo.

What a career she has had to have also witnessed the effects of Hurricane Katrina and now the tragedy in the Gulf, in addition to her LGBT rights activism work.

Florida Tom said...

I only care about one fact and that is that jake and Austin were in Colorado together. Pictures are the proof. We have proof.

I hope Ted sees the picture.

Florida Tom said...

IHJ wouldn't post that pic if God came down from heavan and asked them to. OMG is not IHJ.

i hope i didn't forget anything. said...

I already sent the pic to Ted along with the pic of jake's legs wrapped around Austin's shoulders in womens pumps, the pic from 2002/party, the pic of austin in the bacground earlier this year with Jake shopping at the farmers market, and the pic of jake's feet in the men's stall that Austin took and posted.

Special K said...

The picture of the caskets is actually those lost in the Iraq war, that were lying in repose before burial at Arlington National Cemetery.

Actually how I came across her was I was reading up on George Eastman, who founded Eastman Kodak, and invented film in a roll. Eastman never married and was assumed by most to be gay, but I couldn't confirm that because of many of men of that era, he never chose to disclose his sexuality.

So from film, I went to cameras, and then it led to photographers, and then found Pasty.

another batshit conspiricy theory out the window! said...

GB and WDW post this pic along with the rest of the series from this event back in August, SK just decided to post it today because she and you and others need something to make the tweets of Jake at the Ballet with a date and the sighting of him talking to some chick on the train later along with Teddy saying that they are close to done.

So SK "revisited" the pics again and "convinced" herself and others that it's him when she knows it's not.

Blogs like GB, WDW and this blog can get away with posting pics w/o credit, but a site like IHj, no, it's too high profile and the photgrapher would probably want $$$$.

There are pics of Jake at this event posing with fans and taking pics of the runners and IHJ didn't post them.

Special K said...

IHJ has done great job at keeping all of Jake's fans in pictures. We all would be lost with out them. The amount of work it takes to do something like that is staggering.

They have put many many pictures of Jake and Austin together, and don't think that is a condition of whether a picture is included or not.

Again, don't think it was the company that Jake was keeping that the reason the picture is not a part of IHJ. And if you want to know what the picture isn't there, ask Stephanie, I'm sure that she would let you know.

Methodical Muser said...

^1:09 PM

Uh-huh. That would be wrong.

troll alert said...

It's Jack. Why give him attention?

twitter said...

Thank you Jake Gyllenhaal for stopping by this AM to grab your Sweet Lady Green juice & Brazilian nut mylk!
about 1 hour ago via web

thanks Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jake Gyllenhaal, Peter Sarsgaard for having stopping by w/ your Mom @
about 19 hours ago via web


Tinhats unite!!! said...

What part of that post is wrong "M&M"? The fact that GB and WDW posted the whole series on their blogs back in August and SK saw them and decided not to post this pic because she wasn't sure it was Jake with his back turned and didn't notice "austin"? What about the fact that those 2 blogs posted pics of jake posing with fans and SK never posted them here and she had to have seen the whole series on the other blogs.

How about at the time she was sure that Jake was there just on that Friday and was elsewhere because there were no more sightings until some were shown to her? How about the fact that she and others dismissed the Co sightings of Jake and Peter until pics surfaced and that's the real reason she never posted them because she was pissed that Jake was there with Peter and Austin was elsewhere, that's not Austin in the pics and she knows it.

What else is not true? Trying to divert attention from the ballet/girls tweets by going back and pretending that's Austin.

Your "proof" proves that it's not him and you know it.

Uncle teddy really pissed you off this time!

AUS10 said...

That white blurry face is Kanye... I mean Frank Sinatra Jr. Awesome.

prairiegirl said...

lol. Wow, Jack is so wound up. I'm sorry.

Thanks, Special. That's quite a picture.

Really? So interesting about George Eastman.

The Eastman Kodak home!!!!! aka The Twist family compound!!!!!! in my story, that is. lol.

Okay, I'm off to my mom's for the afternoon. See my two aunts - the one from Vegas and the one from the town of Osceola Cheese Factory!!!!! And in honor of that, I am wearing my Osceola Cheese Factory T-shirt. Which I wore on the sophisticated streets of NYC. lol! Then it got covered with gyro wrap sauce stains and I had to change it. It was a mess. Sauce stains and all kinds of tear stains because I started crying about my lost suitcase again. I'll have to tell you about my lost luggage later.

But first, I have to put all my guy pictures in a folder real quick before I leave here. Because Mom & my Aunt P and Aunt F are all expecting my NYC slide show. But LOLLLLL, I've got my Jake w/black briefs hot manip and other suggestive Jake photos plus a growing number of Austin "long leg in Denim" pictures right there on the homepage of My Pictures.

LOLLLLLL! I've got to move those, at least the manip one. LOLLLLL - oh dog, if my mom saw that one...that'd be embarrassing.

Florida Tom said...

How about the fact that Jake and Austin are standing right next to each other in that picture. Talk to yourself till you are blue buddy. That is Jake and Austin.
I am a thinking you are the only one who is pissed off here.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
destiny said...

I never studied the pictures of Jake in Leadville because I was visiting family at the time and had no access to a computer. Forgot to look at them when I got back home.

Nor do I spend time over at WWD or GB.

That is still so Austin in that photo. Last night before PG posted it I looked at the same picture of Austin over at Spooky's side by side withe the post and came to the same conclusion.

LOLLLLL said...

Is LOLLLLL Laughing out Loud Loud Loud Loud Loud?

london tb said...

Am late to seeing the picture and YES it is Austin!

Special K said...

Hi London great to see you!
Love that enthusiastic YES

the real m said...

Happy to report I made the spotted pig eggs this am and the recipe is indeed a hit. Now I only had the real ones the one time, but I have pretty good recall for food. I doubt a side by side taste comparison would yield any differences.

As for the picture, its useless to argue with Jack. He would sooner kill himself than admit that is Austin in the picture.

Special K said...

Great to know M. I am dying to make them too.

Special K said...

More sad news.

Gay Teen In Oklahoma Takes His Own Life

Sadly, yet another gay teen has taken his life, this time in Oklahoma. According to the Dallas Voice, 19-year-old Zach Harrington "endured years of struggles due to his sexual orientation in high school" and took his life a week after he attended a "hate-filled recent City Council meeting" in his conservative small town of Norman.

The Norman Transcript reports on the reaction from Harrington's family:

ZachNikki Harrington, Zach’s older sister, said her brother likely took all of the negative things said about members of the GLBT community straight to heart.

more at Towleroad

ROMA said...

I believe the photograph is Austin. Certainly looks just like him. Unsure what there is to argue about on some commenters' parts. Unless AN has a doppelganger or a twin brother then it appears to be Austin.

Fantastic research job on the home page essay today SK. I'd never heard of that photographer. Thank you!

destiny said...

That's terrible about Zach. Oklahoma has some of the most homophobic politicians and people in this country. :-(

Really enjoyed all the pictures with this post, and interesting how you found her looking for information on Eastman. Never heard about him being possibly gay.

Good news about the eggs M. I'm looking forward to trying them myself.

Special K said...

There was one other person I ran across when I was looking around in the Eastman information, with talk about possibly being gay - Cecil Rhodes. I must say that was unexpected.

destiny said...

Never heard that about Rhodes either.

prairiegirl said...

Ex-beard and Current(?) Beard Update:

From Soapy's Twitter:

A coal plant south of Austin, TX!? Hell to the NO! That's my home away from home!! @Mathew_Petersen - Let's fight it!

And Reese?

LOL. I am sorry. This is just so outrageous, it needs to be pointed out.

Ice Maiden has hit Just Jared again; she's using Deacon on his crutches to try and showcase her mothering skills.

So what we have are umpteen photos from the paps who just happen to once again be hanging around her church to capture the foursome exiting the church and we've got Reese in practically every single one, helping to point out to Deacon potholes in the sidewalk and kind of hold out her hand in case he needs assistance. But the real kicker is instead of using a ramp, which I find hard to believe they don't have one since most churches do anymore for the elderly and wheelchair-bound, they are pictured about to descend down a flight of concrete steps with no railing.

So here's Deacon, new on his crutches apparently, about to go down this flight of concrete steps with ol' Mommie Dearest extending a hand towards him. Not actually on him, just....towards him. And Insta-Stepdad Jim "Dark Socks-Bermuda Shorts" Toth walking ten feet ahead with Ava, already down the stairs, leaving Deacon in the dust and staring down a flight of concrete steps.

Man. Maybe Jim Dark Socks has a back issue. Could they maybe have gone down a ramp, then? Or if he has a decent back, maybe given Deacon a lift & carry down those concrete steps?

And there's a church member sitting outside the church watching the whole procession and she has got a frown on her face. LOLLLLL.

I won't even comment on the fedora.

What a spectacle. That's the only word I can think of. Unbelievable spectacle.

Heavy Sigh said...

This is awful - another perfectly beautiful young man taking his life. What is going on? I sincerely wish that these kids can find someone to talk to. :(

ROMA said...

Yes the news reports about these suicides is very disturbing. And these are just the cases we hear about on the news.

...the fcuk on said...

PG you're irrational hate toward Reese is so OTT. Don't you think it's time to move on? I wonder, are you still pissed that Farrah Fawcett left Lee Majors for Ryan O'Neal?

prairiegirl said...

Cool! Jack, are you a $6 Million Dollar Man fan, too?

not Jack said...

LOL does everyone become a "Jack" to you if you have nothing else to say? Sorry to burst your bubble, not Jack.

prairiegirl said...

Cool! not Jack said, are you a $6 Million Dollar fan, too?

prairiegirl said...

Thank You, Brandon Fuller.

High five, buddy!

I'm a trolly said...

Normally I am a trolly, but even I have to admit it looks like Austin *GASP*

destiny said...

I had the exact same thought about Reese and Deacon PG.

I also can't help thinking all the pr involcing Toth going to church with hjer are digs at Jake for not doing the same.

hopeful tb said...

After a few hours of reviewing Austin pictures I conclude that it's Austin. Great find :)

Special K said...

Hey hopeful tb! Great to see you!

Florida Tom said...

What a great weekend, Jaustin, Phillies, Eagles and unbelievable weather. Who could ask for more.

Roma, London, Hopefull and trolly. It unamimous. J and A together in Colorado.

How bout those CHIEFS! Thanks PG.

prairiegirl said...

Hey hopeful!!!!! How are you?

You know, Dest, I may take heat for picking on Reese but I'm sorry. That photo op was unbelievable.

Deacon is how old? I guess he's 7 years old. And Jim Toth walks ahead and leaves him back there to cope with his crutches on concrete steps with no railing? Crutches hurt under your arm and you can tell just from those pictures he's not real good with them yet.

Still raining! And there's some people living on an upper level who are supposed to be moving! Their long red horse trailer is sitting out there right now. lol. Man, that's tough. Hopefully, it stops raining for them real soon.

prairiegirl said...

I heard my Chiefs lost!!! 3-1, Tom. Maybe next week! lol

Ted says said...

Dear Ted:
I've been a loyal reader for years, have tuned numerous friends onto your genius, and have two wonderful rescue dogs that also adore you. You've got to tell me, because I'm dying to know: What is Shafterella up to these days? You've updated us on Toothy, so how about a little news on his former beard.

Dear Given The Shaft:
I'm still totally pissed at Shafty for how she treated Toothy, so screw her and the new dude that she has. Of course she thinks she's totally in love with him, though, if that's what you're curious about.

Florida Tom said...

Wow I don't know how the heck Ted could make it any clearer.

Hey m I love the 49ers but love my Eagles more and it looks like that Phillies vs Giants series could happen. Giants need 1 more.

prairiegirl said...

LOL at Ted. Wow, he can have a temper. And he used to be rather nice to Reese, too.

the real m said...

I was surprised at Teds comment too. He used to like Reese a lot calling her polite. But then we have always known that he is fond of Toothy and just wants the best for him. An out and open life.

prairiegirl said...

Okay, I'll be the first to say it.

Austin hasn't tweeted since Saturday evening. He hadn't missed a day of tweeting since he started.

Do you reckon he's sick in bed??? Blackberry lost?
Taken Columbus Day off to observe?

I must say I'm a little concerned.

Florida Tom said...

He is probably just getting bored with it PG. It has been something he has had to do for work not something he just started for fun.

tweet said...

@Leiyuling Yeah! We were at YulSic's table. And the burgers were awesome. AND Jake Gyllenhaal walked right past us. It was awesome! about 1 hour ago via web in reply to Leiyuling