Saturday, September 14, 2013

If the shoe fits...

Jake was looking very dapper Thursday night,

nice shirt

nice tie

great suit

and  then....

there was was the orthopedic Jethro boots

and this time people are really noticing

..."but where he seriously lost style points was when it came to his shoes. Covered in dirt they were more homeless chique than boho chique."

..." did not put his best feet forward"

"The handsome actor lost style points though by wearing shoes that appeared to be covered in dirt, of course, it was more than likely just their look... but it didn't work with his crisp navy suit."

Jake you know what would have gone well with a crispy navy suit? A nice pair of Cordovan shoes. Hey you had a pair of those.

Lost 'em in the "move"?

What is so funny Jake won't wear these next week for any of the interviews - he'll have some nice slipons for interview. These boots are his fancy go' to meetin' shoes. Either that or is little shout out to Austin. But even Austin seen the light and has upped the shoe game on the red carpet.

Here's Jake and Austin's former co-star Maria Thursday night.

Doesn't this look more prom than cast picture?

Leave it to the professional (director) to take the selfies.

And what kind of crazy eye is that Jake?

Jake was already back in NYC today for a busy week ahead.

And one more Jake appearance to the Take No Prisoner's Tour.

Jake is going back to chat with his favorite Jon. (And no that's doesn't mean he's going back to see Paris pimp in a former life James Lipton) Jake is going back to visit Jon Stewart on The Daily Show next week. Jake will be on the Daily Tuesday the 17th.

Take No Prisoners Tour

Sept 17 - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Comedy Central 11pm EDT

Sept 18 - Live with Kelly & Michael, Check local listings for times and channel

Sept 19 - Jake will be taping the Katie Couric Show at 9:00 am- New York click here to request tickets for the taping

Sept 19 - Inside the Actor's Studio - BRAVO 8:00pm EDT

Looks like no Jimmy Fallon this time - the Wolverine has snatched that interview up. Sure he can sing Jimmy, but Jake will always rocks the banana jump suit better.


the real m said...

Up early and commenting from bed as my body is still on east coast time. I was looking at box office mojo and notice that Prisoners has really stacked the deck. No other film is opening wide that weekend. That should guarantee decent box office unless holdovers maintain strong results. I wonder how they pulled that off. Someone had clout.

Methodical Muser said...

I was wondering what else was opening that weekend, m. Thanks for looking that information up. Along with January, September is not considered a highly competitive time at the box office as it is. But, if no other film is opening in wide release that weekend, that is even more curious. A stack deck, indeed. If you remember, End of Watch was released on September 21, 2012. Now, Prisoners is opening September 20, 2013. Sounds like a WME marketing strategy for Jake Gyllenhaal movies.

Prisoners said...

Movie studios decide the openings of the movies they purchase, not actor's agencies.

the real m said...

Hollywood decisions are not made in isolation. Deals, compromise, politics, favors, future promises are a staple.

You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours said...

Movie studios decide the openings of the movies they purchase, not actor's agencies.

Hollywood agencies are very powerful and all kinds of deals and tradeoffs are made as has been pointed out. Now, that it has been pointed out, the timing of the release of two Jake movies in the third week of September is probably not a coincidence. There have been many things WME has done which have tried to give the impression that Jake is far more popular and in demand than he is. Giving him less competition for his opening day weekend would be one more "favor" adding to to the mounting pile.

Lets downplay some more said...

God forbid good word of mouth and great reviews might factor into the studio's decision to open wide. No can't be that could it? It was always scheduled to open in September. Go back and read articles on it.

reality said...

Word of mouth has nothing to do when a movie opens up. It has to do with Ka-ching! The time and number of theaters is carefully planned. It is a way of inflating a movies popularity. Make sure the film doesn't have much competition.

I don't think so said...

Sounds like a WME marketing strategy for Jake Gyllenhaal movies.

Sorry, This thing is mostly about Hugh! Hugh is the "BIG" man here. Jake's profile rises because of Hugh's.

Also, even though I've read that the other main actors are under utilized in this movie. Melissa Leo, Terrence Howard, Viola Davis Maria Bello in there own right have had plenty success i.e. (nominations / television). Don't know about Paul Dano but he is a chameleon actor and damn good.
I know Jake is the 2nd star in this movie, but make NO Doubts, Hugh is the star.

the real m said...

No one doubts.that Hugh is calling the shots here. He has the longest running beard to boot.