Tuesday, September 10, 2013


There's been Two Wheel Tuesday, T Wheeler Tuesdays,  even Texas Tuesday,  so what's next?

Combine Austin's love of losing his shirt with finding a job and you get Topless Temp Tuesdays .

Job, job, job, need to find a job

 Hey's here's one - this could work

 No, no drinking on the job of course not.  How do you feel about shirts?

 I got it?  I start when?

 Goooood morning.  This? Was running late so I brought my breakfast with me.

 Did you want some coffee?
This isn't what you meant when you said to give you a hand with the Peterson file?

 You actually want me to work work?

I mean how can you make me work when I look this good?  These are leather pants!  Have you seen what I look like walking away in these?

Girl,  you won't believe the day I had. 

Temp-ting isn't it?

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TB from the past said...

this place used to be so fun before any commenter that breathed a hint of a discussion that veered in a thought-provoking direction was immediately squashed as being a troll, or discredited, or intimidated.

A lot of us were here before. Some of us are still here, but we rarely post, even when we have something of value to say. It's not worth it.

Special K said...

Sorry you feel that way. But I hope you will come back and post again.

I want people to feel that they can express their opinion, it is when people make personal attacks on people or their character is when things have gone too far.

I have always tried to make many of my posts fun as well. Days like today (9/11) we need all kinds of places to turn to, some for discussion, others for reflection and some to bring some levity and release.

Special K said...

Can't believe no one has commented on Austin's topless temping.

Maybe Tom and Seaweed have been overcome by the vapors from it. HA!!!

Florida Tom said...


Where is Seaweed? Long time no time.

Lets look at this rationally said...

it is when people make personal attacks on people or their character is when things have gone too far.

A little perspective. You're talking about PrairieGirl here, right? I believe she's the one that keeps the old timer TBs away. It's very very difficult to have a discussion with people here when the most vocal shut down all convo with comments like "End of discussion!"

prairiegirl said...

Oh give me a stinkin break, people. This blog is up 24 hours a day. Jake has been everywhere for the past week. There are more interviews, videos, and new photoshoots out there than you can shake a stick at.

But where are the voices? Where in the hell have you all been for the past 2 years? Where have you been when I've brought up Ray Donovan? When we have found the exciting evidences of Jake seeking out his family? Taco stand, anyone? Ritz Club lounge? Austin City Limits?

No, the real truth is people don't like that stuff. People don't want him with Austin. People don't want there to be children. There's been plenty to be excited about for the past 12 months. But no one's been on here except the Old Faithful, personal attackers and Mgmt.

So no, it's not me. I'm just your excuse for the road Jake is taking. Well sorry but these are all his decisions.

Special K said...

No I am not call out one person. Because there are trolls and people who want to stir up trouble who come to OMG and make personal attacks on people's character. PG may say end of discussion because she no longer wants to talk about it herself. If you want to bring something up that is not disparaging other people no one is stopping you. But taunting teasing and name calling will not be tolerated.

But she is not the person doing name calling, questioning people's mental stability.

And I have been the target of some of the name calling and comments, both on here and other sites. Talking about biting the hand. That accomplishes nothing but causing trouble and creating hurt as it does when other people are targets. There is no purpose to it but to hurt people. That will not be tolerated.