Thursday, September 26, 2013

No Snake Jake

"Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?" ―Indiana Jones

Remember Jake talking about his love of Indy during PoP's promotion?

"I made this movie for the kid in me that loved Indiana Jones, loved The Goonies."

Well he and Indy have something in common - no love for snakes.

Spoiler alert:  There are snakes in Prisoners.

Jake has to face his fears and deal with a set with 10 snakes for a scene because Denis refused to add the snakes using CGI.

"Everything was done in a controlled way but ultimately there was risk in it and he (Villeneuve) wanted it to be real. The snakes were real and in every single shot they were all around. We had to go searching in the walls of the house after we finished shooting in that house to make sure the snakes hadn't crawled up inside there."

And was Jake scared?  You betcha.

Jake admitted he was terrified in every take he did with the snakes:

"The snakes were no fun but what was really funny was watching Denis have no fear of them, which was so strange. He'd walk around with seven or 10 snakes and I'd be like, 'How are you not afraid of these snakes?' while I was pretending I wasn't afraid of them. I'm definitely not gonna admit that next to Hugh Jackman! Then Denis would say, 'My son loves snakes. We have snakes everywhere'."

Of course old family friend Samuel E. Jackson could understand that

(NSFW - Language)  


destiny said...

Not Barilla. I love their high protein pasta.

Thanks for posting that, I hadn't heard what the head of the company said.

the real m said...

I was bummed when I first heard that too, thinking I had Barilla, but just checked all my pastas and they are a different brand. No Barilla for me.

Count me as one who hates snakes too. I don't see them here too often and when I do they are small, but yuk all the same.

Special K said...

The president of Barilla just posted on Barilla's Facebook page. He is apologizing for what he said and is going to sit down and talk to the LGBT community.