Monday, September 23, 2013

Little Mix

It's a little of this and a little of that or better than that a little bit Austin and little bit Jake

Let's talk numbers first:

Prisoners took the US box office this past weekend, making 21.4 million.
September is a good month for Jake.  EoW opened at #1 last September domestically.

 And Austin tweeted some great numbers

RAY DONOVAN ended its season ranked as the highest-rated freshman series in SHOWTIME history, outpacing Homeland season one by 33%. -AUS10

And while Austin gets love for Julian

All you gals deserve a guy like Julian. Don't settle for less. Thank you for accepting him into your world!! - AUS10

But don't think EMPIRE Magazine is loving Jake too much at the moment

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Jake Gyllenhaal won't be coming in today for a webchat. Shame, we'd tidied our desks. Well, half a desk. - @empiremagazine

OK, we washed a mug. @empiremagazine

 OK, we gave it a quick rinse. He could always have tried to drink out of the clean side, we suppose. - @empiremagazine

  he was scared you were going to take him down to the basement to show all the film reels you have.
Retweeted by
 Would any famous movie stars like to come in for a webchat at 1pm? We'll lay on some snacks (four cans of Coke Zero and some Rich Tea). - @empiremagazine
 Jake Gyllenhaal will never know how close he came to being embroiled in a conversation about beard oil, the topic du jour round Empire HQ. - @empiremagazine
 Yes, beard oil. As in oil for beards. This is, apparently, a thing. Presumably to stop beards squeaking. - @empiremagazine

and well the jokes make themselves from this retweet by Empire (whether unintentional or intentional)

it is a thing, aye. beard lube.
Retweeted by
But Jake showed up on (well called in) Greg James' show on BBC2

Hello! On today's broadcast...1) Loads and loads of excellent music which you can win 2) Kanye West news with Zane 3) Brand new Star Caller -@gregjames

@empiremagazine Jake Gyllenhall has been stolen by @gregjames. Does this mean media war? -Twitter

 But Jake wasn't phoning it in all day - he showed up at the Apple Store on Regent Street in London with Hugh and Denis for a meet and great/chat with fans about Prisoners. (Then again it may have been to get his hands on one of those new sold out Iphones : D)


prairiegirl said...

Clever play on words, Special. Little bit can apply in so many different ways.

This was too much this morning. Here I am having a nice walk with And this guy on a walk with his buddy up ahead of me has to stop to water the bushes. People walk their dogs right along there, buddy!
Then this was topped off with an up close & personal backdoor scratch. I mean, wth? LOLLLL!

Seriously? He can't wait until he's home? He's within minutes of his house. He didn't go when he woke up?

Is it too early for this? BWAH!!!!

I know they didn't know I was back there as I was a distance behind. But look around, fellas!! lol

Great way to start the day. We need a laugh.

I'm not walking over there on that side anymore.

the real m said...

Did I mention that the series finale of Ray Donovan was outstanding. The acting is terrific and I have to hand it to Jon Voight for really putting himself out there. I sure hope Tommy has a bigger part in the next season.

Some new Jake interviews out there but I have not had a chance to view them yet - just way too busy at work. I am so ready for retirement - next year for sure.

sass said...
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sass said...
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prairiegirl said...

I do not believe that is Sass. Sass, how come I can't see your blogger profile?

Me said...