Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Suits You

Earlier this evening Jake was seen outside the Ed Sullivan theater heading in to tape The Late Show with David Letterman.  Dave is celebrating 20 yrs at CBS and Jake has been stopping by and chatting with Dave since 2007.

And Jake came back today all trim and tailored, long and lean and ready to go. With a just  little touch of gray around the edges.

Guess you can say that clothes make the man.

This is a more causal Jake last week in NY.

Example of what difference cut and fit makes.

Jake's looks like he ready to come aboard in those boat shoes.  Maybe not  Hello Sailor!  But Family Fun Time on the Island.

And missing those baby blues?  Jake did flash them as he was leaving Dave.

Take No Prisoners Tour
Today  - The Late Show with David Letterman  11:35pm EDT  CBS

September 6 TIFF - Premiere of  Prisoners - Toronto - 9:00 pm

September 8 TIFF - North American Premiere - An Enemy - Toronto

September 12 - Taping the Queen Latifah Show - Culver City CA

September 19 - Inside the Actor's Studio - BRAVO

And we can't forget about this Tall Texan on a Two Wheel Tuesday

When is Parkland screening at TIFF?   Friday  September 6th at 9:30 pm



destiny said...

Beautiful suit and great shirt color.

Special K said...

Here's a clip of Jake on tonight's show.

Dave, Jake and the Dart accident

Special K said...

Jake is working the black and blue.

the real m said...

Really cute story. He seems more relaxed than usual. I'm betting that the blue in that shirt really brings out the blue in his eyes. I am taping for viewing in case it does not appear in full before I hit the sack.

We saw Blue Jasmine yesterday as it rained much of the day in normally sunny CA. I would be most surprised if Cate Blanchett does not show up as an Ocsar nominee this year. She gave a great performance and was in every frame of the film.

prairiegirl said...

Holy moly, can you say AWKWARD.

He is floundering without a life raft.

LOL, was that first segment loaded or what? BWAH!!!

prairiegirl said...

What's that song called, let me see. By a gal named Fefe Dobson.

Oh oh oh oh oh, ey ey ey ey ey, oh oh oh oh whoa
Yeah you're stuttering
Oh oh oh oh oh, ey ey ey ey ey, oh oh oh oh whoa
Yeah you're stuttering

prairiegirl said...

Dave is funny tho. Loved the whole Diana Nyad Top Ten.

prairiegirl said...

I tease Jake most affectionately. That interview was totally fascinating and will be fun to discuss when it's been watched by all.

Radar said...

It is weird how at age 32 Jake is still questioned like someone just out of their teens, questions about his childhood, etc. why do you think that is? Seems strange to me.

prairiegirl said...

Good point, Radar. Yeah, I know I don't have an answer to that question. The interview last night opens up a big question for me though, in that aren't the celebs given a heads up as to what the line of questions will be? Aren't the interviewers told what is off limits and who is not to be mentioned?

Case Point A, the beard was not brought up, right? Dave had to have been told no questions about A Miller. But a possible as well as simple topic as 'what did you do over the Labor Day weekend' , I just would have thought Jake would have been more prepared than he was. That plus what did he do this past summer - well, Jake pretty much openly refused to answer those two questions.

'Nothing.' 'Things.' What kind of answers were those? LOL. How hard was that? Name something. Unless everything that immediately comes to mind sounds odd for a single guy like say... potty training a toddler.

What did he do this past weekend? I thought according to US Weekly, he was supposed to have been at Seth Meyers' wedding on MV on Sunday? That could have been a great answer.

Which opens up a whole other can of worms because he has now gone on record as saying he spent the holiday weekend in NYC.

prairiegirl said...

And if Jake indeed spent the holiday weekend in NYC as he stated, kind of interesting to ponder who he spent it with, don't you think? Because he also went on the record to say his sister, brother-in-law, and two nieces (notice how he counted the roll call off on his fingers for verification), were in London because Maggie was filming.

And of all the 10,001 tweets and FB sightings of him in the big city over the weekend, not one mentioned the girlfriend either. (Although that out-of-the-blue wedding had a guest roster which listed Miller as Jake's guest - so where was she the rest of the weekend?


prairiegirl said...

There's several other interesting aspects from that interview but that opening line of questioning was by far the best. When Dave asked him if he had spent the Labor Day weekend in NYC, I found it interesting that when Jake answered yes, he did not look Dave in the eye. His gaze dropped.

LA Premiere said...

Hollywood Helper ‏@HollywoodHelper 2h
Prisoners premieres at the Regency Village Theatre in Westwood on 9/12 at 6:30! Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, cast & filmmakers attending!

prairiegirl said...

And you know what, I tease Jake once again this morning, but I tell you what, I enjoyed the interview and I will take The Awkward over the 'expected and programmed' answers we have received over the past several years.

Imagine, buddy, if you had been free to tell Dave what you really did this summer. Imagine the freedom.

And Management had better not tighten that choke collar on him either. Leave him be.

zzzzzz said...

When Jake was Kristen and Reese he never talked about them when he was doing promo nor was he asked check the Ihj arvhives. So it would make no sense for Letterman to bring up Miller.
That Meyers guest list has been revised so much that I saw one with Jimmy Kimmel missing among others. The original list was who was invited then revised to actually showed up. Sounds like the wedding was last min. invite.

I did see a fb sighting of Jake over the weekend and mentioned he was with a girl and a tweet of him asking for two . I assume it was Miller both times.

zzxxxxx said...

That should be a table for two

we see you said...

Good morning PR

Rant said...

Jake was trying too hard to be funny, and the exaggerated laughs were making me cringe. I thought the dart story was plodding and likely made up or terribly embellished. Why are relationships off the table? (Well I know why - so celebs can keep up the appearance that they value their privacy, then go and call the paps the very next day). But seriously, it's okay to then tell personal stories about Maggie's small children? And although it was Dave that brought up Jake's childhood, he was about to move on and Jake carefully kept the interview on that topic for another few minutes with that stupid dart story, running down the clock. If Jake wants to be taken seriously as an adult actor, he needs to act like one. The movie he's promoting is very serious, and he comes across as a twenty-something in a permanent state of arrested development.

grow up said...

I don't agree with most of the Jake talk on this blog but I totally agree with you ^Rant^.

Jake will soon be 33 and these lame storys about childhood antics are diversions and seem odd. I don't believe the dart story at all. Remember the pissing on a person stung by a jellyfish and the stealing speedos from the mall? Man those are early 20 somethings kind of talk about childhood. And, there begining to sound "Made Up"!

Jake, Grow up and be yourself. If you are gonna parade a "beard" or girlfrined around, you should be able to talk about her. Or, at least talk about something grown up. The movies you're promoting are about adult situations, just as your real "current 32 yr old life" should be......

destiny said...

I thought it was a very strange and awkward interview.

Not a thing about him as an adult. It was all about his childhood and Maggie's family.

The topics that are going to be discussed generally get worked out ahead of time. Jake may have given longer answers to the one about his childhood, cutting off the time for other questions. The one about Labor Day was probably out of the blue, but Letterman probably figured it was a safe one to ask.

If he'd been to a wedding you think he would have said so just to have something to talk about.

prairiegirl said...

Exactly, Destiny. A celebrity wedding should have been a great conversation piece, you would think.

One of my favorite parts was in the beginning when Dave took Jake up on his proclamation that he was there for shock and value and told Jake to go ahead and shock everyone. LOLLL! Jake bent backward in a guffaw but man, that dare of Dave's was absolutely loaded.

Don't tell me Dave doesn't know about Jake's secret life. That dare was a real winky wink.

Anonymous said...
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covering for 7:51 said...

Anonymous said...

Why was it so hard to tell someone what they did over the weekend and what they did this summer? How awkward the first part of the conversation. Like he was trying to hide something or he really lives a boring life.

September 4, 2013 at 7:51 PM

Special K said...

Just a reminder. Here at OMG there a no Anonymous comments. They will get deleted, and there's not always going to be someone to cover for you. So when you comment put a name on it. Make one up for one comment, or for that day, or maybe as something permanent.

the real m said...

Now that I've seen the entire interview, must agree that the questions are odd. More about his family than about him and for a grown man, they should be about his own life experiences. Not his mother, sister, nieces, nephews, father etc. Other stars are not asked about their family. No one asks Rashida Jones about Quincy at every single interview. They ask her questions about herself. And what it is about those ratty shoes. Must be good luck shoes.

I think the beard is history now. We have not seen hide or hair of her for weeks. And when you love someone, you cant stop talking about them. You want to say their name 100 times a day. I cant tell you how many affairs have been revealed for exactly that reason. People cant help themselves. Like Austin rubbing up against Jake in that Day After movie. Could not help himself.

My husband says he felt the whole thing was rehearsed and written ahead. Sure Dave has guests prepped first, but this was way more scripted than most.

prairiegirl said...

Another clue the contract is up I think, m, is the re-growth of beard. Mgmt had him shave clean so that the grey wouldn't show and he looked closer to her age. Now the beard is coming back, one more clue that it's over.

That was one of the worst executed bearding fauxmances I've seen published.

prairiegirl said...
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