Wednesday, September 4, 2013

La Dolce Vita

Earlier this evening Austin tweeted this:


Yup in all caps.  You think there was a fire in his belly about something?

Could it have something to do with this?

While Jake did nothing to endorse the "faux" persona and the summer fun that he was supposed to be having, there seems to be something missing in his chat with Dave. Yes, he was funny and charming.  But there was something missing.  Jake's life now.  Not his past or his sister's family.

And hey he has every right to have a private life he doesn't need to share the minutia of his life, but it seemed if there was something missing from his chat last night.    It was if he wanted to say more, but constant cut himself off.

 Jake's a happy guy, a nice guy, and you want to be happy.  You to see his eyes brighten, see that grin, and see him glow.  You want him to have that happiness and joy that sweetness of life.  And the joy being able to share that out without complication or hesitation.

And today of all days.  It all comes to together.    At sundown this evening was the start of Rosh Hashanah, the beginning of the Jewish Year 5774.
A common greeting on Rosh Hashanah is shana tovah u'metukah, Hebrew for "a good and sweet new year."

Austin might translate that thru movies and Fellini and say La Dolce Vita. The sweet life.

That's what we want for Jake and for Austin, and for all of them, and for all of us.  A sweet year ahead. 

L'shanna Tovah!

Happy New Year!


prairiegirl said...

One more big clue that the fauxmance is most likely over besides the oh-so-obvious signs given through social media?

Some of our 'new' interested OMG commenters disappeared as soon as the contract was fulfilled. There was no more 'relationship' to discuss and their job was over. Mission unaccomplished, of course. We're a tough sell here.

prairiegirl said...

Austin needs to simmer down a little bit, I think. He's capping, he's capping, Mom!!

lol. Shhhhhhh. Everyone has responsibilities and duties in their private life as well as their professional life. That makes Jake just like every other red blooded American, no? We all have to create a balance in our 24 hour days. But how many have two totally different personas that they are trying to sell to people?

Whether it's a different persona through interviews, through photos, through the clothing that we wear, through DM's sent to fans. Through our behavior at work, through our works of writing, through the charities we may participate in.

We're all just trying to make it in this world, right? But don't people like someone to just be them self, to be confident in who they are. They want to know who they're talking to. The two personas should not be so far apart that you've got two totally different people. I think at that point, you've reached the point of deception and when is deception the road to take?

I don't expect deep, dark secrets. Heck, keep it all inside. But one should remember this. Whenever you're in the business of selling and taking money from people, you immediately develop a responsibility for how you present yourself. Doesn't matter who you are, doesn't matter if you like it or not. It's all about trust and good business as well as people/human relations.

It's just the way it is - part of being a responsible person.

Radar said...

Could be a clue the bearding is over, could be a clue that it's still on but the comments on Just Jared's post about Jake on Letterman today were full of Alyssa mentions and reminders. Either his PR or hers. Definitely one of the two as there is essentially zero interest in them as a couple from civilians/fans. Lead balloon.

prairiegirl said...

I'll agree on that one about the comment section, Radar. The comments on that post were a bit much and obviously manufactured.

destiny said...

If the contract really is up, then that makes me think that it was tied to his trying to get the Batman role--trying to show he'll beard if he gets it. And if it is over, they may want to coast a bit until Prisoners promotion is over.

destiny said...

Happy New Year to everyone who celebrates Rosh Hashanah.

prairiegirl said...

Happy New Year indeed to those observing and celebrating Rosh Hashanah.

prairiegirl said...

Man, this day was the pits for this individual who doesn't observe Rosh Hashanah. I could have used some of that Happy New Year sparkle. It's exhausting trying to get ready to go on a vacation. Then when you return, you're exhausted all over again. I cannot wait to see how many emails I'm going to get. My laptop just might explode. And now for a little bit of pre-packing preparation and piddlying around. Tomorrow night oh probably starting at around 2100, I will probably commence to getting serious and putting some things into my suitcases.