Saturday, September 28, 2013

Where in the world?

Last week and weekend you couldn't miss Jake, he was everywhere.  This weekend it's like he vanished off the face of the earth.  After Jake's appearance in London on Monday, it was like poof! he was gone.

 And after Monday a strange thing happened.

 The movie became  a Hugh Jackman movie, not a Hugh and Jake movie.  The promotion in Europe became about Hugh's movie, and there was no mention of Jake.  It was all about Hugh.   And where did Jake go?

Case in point - Hugh "taken 'hostage' as he's mobbed by army of screaming female fans while promoting new movie Prisoners" (source) is all about  Hugh promoting in Spain. There is a noticeable shift in promoting this movie in Europe and it all about Hugh.

But where did Jake go?

Although it does prove a point that Jake can slip away quickly and quietly.


prairiegirl said...

Ha! Bulls eye question, Special. Indeed. He has a way of dissipating into the air, doesn't he?

And you know, the same question could be asked of his partner in crime, Mr. Austin Nichols. Donde esta Señor Austin? I thought he was the Hollywood bar make-out bandit, striking bars everywhere with uncontrollable demos de amore with his new lady love?

Talk about adirondack chair bearding, huh. What an easy gig!

Methodical Muser said...

Speaking of bearding, it dawned on me that the timing of Austin's latest incongnito fauxmance was not just planned to predate Jake's Prisoners premiere but, by giving Austin a supposed new L.A. Lady (sorry Elton), right before Jake starts filming Nightcrawler in Los Angeles, he now has heterosexual cover, just like Jake. I mean we can't have these two guys in the same city for an extended length of time, without them both officially being smitten by women of the female variety.

Methodical Muser said...

Oh, this is too funny. I posted the above speculation early this morning, then approximately two hours later this splashy US Weekly article appears for Chloe to clarify that Austin and his new “girlfriend” are really not dating at all. Interesting timing, don’t you think?

Bennet suddenly remembers she’s not dating Austin Nichols. Even though she’s keeping mum on the relationship

prairiegirl said...

What is that about, anyway? Who knows. What in the heck.

So you do this huge launch of Austin dating this TV actress (and it was huge, without any doubt). That story was catapulted like one of Homer Hickham's rockets and the sparks landed everywhere. Big time bragging about these 2 making out atop of bars or whatnot, he was finally over Sophia, off the market, etc.

And now how many days/weeks later the new GF says there's nothing to see here.

What PR teams do this? What kind of keystone cop kind of nonsense was that? It was a big waste of gigabytes, that's what it was.

lol. Man oh man. I don't know, maybe she just ended up being a tad too old for Austin - wasn't working.

Oh, timpani. Can I get a timpani on that?


prairiegirl said...

Maybe Austin being in L.A. at the same time as Jake is going to be too close now for Hugh, Warner Bros. and WME's comfort level?

Maybe the G-N homebase is going to have to be the Big T with Austin being shoved out of his own surfing backyard. Gotta pack up the bags now and get bumped to Texas. I hope I'm wrong.

I think he got bumped out of Toronto for the TIFF and this was followed by being shunned from professional view at the LA premiere for Prisoners.

That's why Austin was at the premiere dressed in civilian clothes. That's the only way he could attend. He had to be on the other side of the ropes, a part of the crowd and looking upon his husband from 10 feet back.

So now I can't help but think LA is going to be off limits for him and the kids at least until award season is up next spring. The road for that Oscar trophy seems to be the only destination Jake & WME are headed for.

Could be a lot of HE Butt tweet sightings in the near offing for Austin!

pixels and ink said...

What PR teams do this?

All of them them. The "they're dating"... "no, they're not" is just a fauxmance ploy for pixels (formerly ink) in the world of celebrity gossip, and gets everyone a new "rumored" name attached to their "Who's Dating Who" profile. Keeps names relevant. For chloe it is all about the launch of her new huge network show. For Austin... who knows. Could be Jake, could be he's auditioning for something and needs to demonstrate he can get ink, could be he's trying to just ride the coattails of another big TV show.

I don't think any of this has anything to do with Hugh Jackman. I doubt it has anything to do directly with Jake either, who is safely bearded up at the moment.

prairiegirl said...

What affects Austin, affects Jake. They're involved and they share kids together.

They have everything to do with each other and Jake's management has proven it so many times for the last several years, it isn't funny.

kansas said...
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prairiegirl said...

I love it when the truth strikes gold.

: )

Special K said...

Interesting about the Chloe denial. Well the kind of denial, talk about CYA story for both sides of the fence.

It would be interesting to see if Chloe has the same agency as either Austin (UTA) or Jake (WME)

Repped by said...

Chloe Bennet is repped by CAA, Fellas Entertainment Group and McKuin Frankel. However, there is a Michigan connection between the two because that's where Fellas Entertainment Group is located. Specifically, Oak Park, which is only 65 miles from Jackson, MI. The town Austin was arrested in and where some of his family reside nearby.

the real m said...

testing as my last comment got lost so before I retyp want to make sure it works this time.

the real m said...

OK, Not sure why the last comment disappeared - a google issue I am sure. And I just had a Bloody Mary so cant remember exactly what I said. Getting ready for Breaking Bad finale and Homeland return.

Anyway, I am sure that the denial is not the result of Jackman, but was related to Prisoner promo and the need to make it clear that Jake is straight and so is his boyfriend. And jackman too as long as we are at it. But now that Prisoner promo is history, things can go back to normal and Jake owes Austin some TLC to make up for the bearding and promo.

the real m said...

I do want to give jackman credit for getting jake to smile more during the most recent promo tour. Jake had been looking pretty dour in most photos lately and I think Jackman told him to lighten up - he is on and working so look happy and smile for the camera.

prairiegirl said...

If indeed Austin is shipped back to Texas from now until next awards season, I definitely believe Hugh would be part of the reasoning behind his being shipped out.

Obviously judging from the mile long epithet issued on PG at 15:38, I may not have been that far off base with my comment at 13:40. I bet I just might have hit more than one nail on the head.

Common sense tells me this. I see no reason why Austin couldn't have been at TIFF. Remember he was going to go to TIFF in 2010 for Prayers for Bobby but he "missed his flight". Remember that one? He didn't miss his flight. That was over the time of the birth of BT #4, that's why he "missed" his flight.

Look at what Jake has done so far for Prisoners promo. He is throwing everything but the kitchen sink out the window for this film's possibility for awards.

And that means absolutely no flub ups which means Austin cannot be seen with him. That meant no TIFF and no visibility at the LA premiere.

And yeah, I think Hugh has a lot at stake as well as Jake. I bet Hugh wants that Best Actor so bad, he can taste it.

So I can see Austin being shipped off to Texas for awhile.

prairiegirl said...

And it's not just Austin not being at TIFF and Jake's LA premiere.

It has never been more apparent how much is at stake when you see the overreaction to that North Carolina tweet which we posted here.

It has never been more apparent how much is at stake when you see the off-the-rocker levels the G-Haal family has stooped to for Jake's bearding assignment.

It has never been more apparent how much is at stake when you see the depth to which Prisoners is being pushed/promoted for Oscars on Twitter and Facebook.

This is more than just about Jake being with Austin or the BTs. This is about the stakes for Oscar wins.

And if Jake and Austin were to somehow "screw this up" for Warner Brothers, WME and Hugh Jackman because of some big damaging tweet sighting, there could be repercussions for Jake down the line in his career. I really would not be surprised if this were the case.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

How 'bout those Chiefs