Wednesday, September 11, 2013

When I Grow Up..

I wanna be a ......

Austin talks about what he could be when he grows up courtesy of MIT

and also gives us the first pic of him in Parkland.

His first tweet was all about the possibilities:

You can train at MIT to become a pirate, tested in archery, fencing, pistols and sailing. ----------Adios film and television. - AUS10

You love to shiver those timbers, don't you Austy?

Just so you know MIT does do drama and musical theater too.  (MIT putting on Cabaret - the memory is forever branded on this brain)

And now everybody can go to MIT, Harvard, Berkeley and even UT -Austin and without leaving your house. And for free!

  How?  EdX

"EdX a non-profit created by Harvard and MIT brings the best of higher education to students of all ages anywhere in the world via the internet with free MOOCs."

And hey buddy you can do it totally topless. 

We missed Austin at TIFF, but he tried to soothe the loss with a pic and what he role plays on that fateful day in November.  And he didn't disappoint this time.

Here's a still from PARKLAND. Protecting soon-to-be president Lyndon Johnson. Heavy day. - AUS10

Somehow Secret Service fits doesn't it?

And what's Jake up to? It's no secret (well some of it)  Check the list!

Take No Prisoners Press Tour

Sept 12 - Jimmy Kimmel  11:35 EDT - ABC

Sept 12 - Taping Queen Latifah Show (Culver City CA) The show will be on the week of Sept 16th.

Sept 18 - Live with Kelly & Michael,  Check local listings for times and channel  - Request tickets here

Sept 19 - Jake will be taping the Katie Couric Show at 9:00 am- New York click here to request tickets for the taping

Sept 19 - Inside the Actor's Studio - BRAVO  8:00pm EDT

Check back here for further updates

And Austin only a little over a week till Talk Like a Pirate Day! September 19th.

One serious moment, today is a day all of us will never forget.

Twelve years ago today, the world forever changed.


the real m said...

Austin looks great there. Looking forward to the movie. As I mentioned before, JFK was a huge moment in my lifetime and the story line is a whole new aspect of the incident. Sounds interesting.

Special K said...

We used to say that Austin could have been on Mad Men, because he had the look, and it's true looking at that picture of him in Parkland.

the real m said...

He would have been great in Mad Men. But Tommy in Ray Donovan is not a bad second.

Catching up on prior comments. How naive to think that within any movie that a carrot is a carrot. Film makers thrive on sneaking in homo eroticism. Something for everyone.

New commenters would fare better here if they expressed opinions rather than by arguing with others. Especially when they argue the same point endlessly.

The beard posting personal photos further supports her being a beard. Does anyone seriously think private Jake would sit still for that. Must have been written into her contract that she gets publicity and attention from the deal.

my comment said...

People don't want him with Austin. People don't want there to be children. There's been plenty to be excited about for the past 12 months. But no one's been on here except the Old Faithful, personal attackers

That's not it PG and you know it's not. Some Jake/Austin fans think they are still together and some don't and don't care.
Most fans don't think they're married but maybe still good friends. Some think, maybe.

The trouble is, you happened to think they're married and anyone that does not agree with your mantra gets the heavy-handed shout down from mostly you on this site. No, there is no discussions of opposing views, logical thinking, questions to be debated. Only following PG's lead of what's in her head as it pretains to Jake and PR, Jake and Austin, J/A and children, how many children, marriage etc.

These are all definites in PG's eyes/head. Nothing else!
There is no more discussion! Disagree with her, and there's an immediate shut down and troll comment. Then M&M or the Real M(?) sanctions her every word like the amen chior.

This was never a site called the Jake and Austin marriage with family site.

And just so you know and don't forget it, No, some ToothyTile believers and Jake/Austin fans don't believe they are married with Children.

It's almost as if in her eyes you can't be a Jake/Austin TT believer unless you believe all her beliefs. They also don't believe everything that Ted wrote about TT/Jake.

I don't!

Special K said...

There is space for discussion on OMG, yes there will be differences of opinions. In doing so please be mindful and respectful of others. But if I see someone who is dedicated to making mayhem here, they will be deleted. There are limits, and without them there would be anarchy.

That been said - we don't need to continue to single one person out anymore.

It's said, it's done, it's over. Let's more forward. If it someone continues this calling out after being asked nicely to move forward, their comments will be removed.

The Wrap said...

Positive buzz and good reviews for Gyllenhaal’s other collaboration with Denis Villeneuve sparked multi-day auction

UPDATE 5:29 p.m. PT: Lionsgate is not in the running at this time, as this post had previously indicated. The story and headline have been written through to reflect that.

PREVIOUS: A three-way scrum for Jake Gyllenhaal’s buzzy Toronto title “Enemy” is under way, TheWrap has learned — with a deal expected to close by Wednesday night.

A24, The Weinstein Co. and Focus were nearing the finish line on a deal in the low seven-figure range. Positive reaction and reviews touched off the multi-day auction that began after its weekend premiere.

Based on the José Saramago novel “The Double,” the thriller from Canadian director Denis Villeneuve (“Incendies,” ”Prisoners”), “Enemy” finds Gyllenhaal playing a college professor in a mundane life – until he spots his exact double playing a bit part in a movie. He tracks down the small-time actor (also played by Gyllenhaal), sparking a mutual obsession.

LOL said...

There is space for discussion on OMG

... as long as you agree with Special K's insane fiction about Jake, Austin and kids!

Special K said...

I have never said you had to agree with me. I know there are people who don't agree with what I think here, and even friends I have made on OMG over the years haven't agreed with me on somethings. And guess what we are still friends. So you're argument is moot. But anyway- have a great morning.

Special K said...

If anyone has any interested you should check out EdX. Lot's of great classes offered year round. This fall I am taking two classes.

prairiegirl said...

Interesting, isn't it, that Austin never tweeted one word about Parkland during the run of TIFF. Instead he says something after the coast is clear.

Unbelievable day yesterday. We were no sooner on the road when we got to see a black bear down in a stream. Then, a mere minute later, we saw what looked like a grizzly in the trees across the street. He blended in so well into the landscape but he was huge. This was followed by elk, bison and buffalo. We saw a coyote too but well, I've seen coyotes at home, altho still cool to see him loping around in a field as opposed to dead on the side of I-35..

You can't compare seeing a bear in a zoo with seeing one in its natural habitat. That grizzly looked so big, even at a distance. These are grand creatures and thank heavens for our natural parks where they are safe and protected.

I cannot get over the beauty out here. The waterfalls, the mountains, the numerous streams and creeks where I listened to the sounds of rushing or bubbling water only previously heard through a display I-Home alarm clock at Bed Bath & Beyond.

I don't know if residents here are blasé about their surroundings from seeing them everyday but as a first time suburbanite visitor, I think they're some of the luckiest people on earth.

some thoughts said...

I've been following this Toothy story since about the time of Prince of Persia and I have to say I've gone back and forth about Jake in a secret relationship with a man and being a father.

What changed my mind about the health obsessed "single man" image... the guy who wondered aimlessly around the streets of LA and/or NY not doing much at all, was when Jake's movie making started to dwindle to practically non existent, post Reeke. Jake's done an okay job trying to make it seem like he's constantly working, but in actuality, he rarely does. Which is in complete contrast to his high production of work from 2002-2005. As we know, 2005-2006 were the years that the rumors started of Jake with the boyfriend and by the beginning of 2007, Ted was writing about the couple having a baby together and getting "domesticated."

Last year, for example, between January-July, Jake worked for about 5 weeks and this year from January-August he worked maybe 6-8 weeks on/off because Hugh Jackman was constantly leaving the set for Awards season. Yet, Denis said he had to constantly shoot around Jake's busy schedule. When you add how old Jake looks now, and all the other suspicious tweets of him being seen with kids starting really around 2010 (no cover provided by Reese any longer), and then him popping up in LA when celebrity sites and tweets are placing him firmly in NY, I think it's pretty apparent that he is deep in the closet and has kids. WME is waging a campaign to make it seem like he is out in the real world, active and on the go. A single man obsessed with sex. But, the truth is he is a recluse. I agree with those who believe the girlfriend thing now is probably for awards season. If Prisoners didn't have any buzz at Telluride or Toronto, I bet we never would have seen Miller again. It's really sad he has become just one more casualty of the Hollywood closet.

Jake seemed early on to be different and did interesting projects. But, now he just seems to gravitate towards roles where he can scream and bash people around. Obsessed with making people think he is manly and tough. A ladies man.

I read last night where Jake said again in an interview that he has no responsibilities so he can do what he wants. That he is obsessed with movie making. That must be the third time I've heard a variation of this quote. If he so excited with making movies, why doesn't he work more? I'm convinced he's living a double life and that is what attracted him to Enemy. Looking at Prisoners, notice how the character of Loki appealed to him because he is mystery. Oh, and also since about 2011, we constantly hear about all these movies Jake is attached to, yet nothing ever happens with them. This tells me it is part of the campaign WME wages to make people think Jake is in demand and working far more than he does.

Florida Tom said...

No surprise some thoughts. Jake father told us exactly what Jake was going to do right before reeke started. It disgusts me that his mother has probably lead the charge for him.

some thoughts said...

I have to say, I agree, Tom. His mother is the one who stayed with the children. Lives with Maggie and is constantly confirming Jake's fake girlfriend like the last photo op where she went along on his "date." She is one of the masterminds behind this lie they are selling to the public and instead of Jake just shutting up and living a quiet life, he blathers on about his independence and bachelor status (but notice only in written interviews like someone pointed out on another thread). He almost seems like he enjoys fooling the pubic. Or, is it WME who is taunting the public, because Jake can't say much in interviews without tripping over his tongue talking about children.

Let freedom ring said...

Now that I think about it, how odd is it (because i definitely think it is) that interviewers keep wanting to ask Jake about children and having a family? No one talks about having a girlfriend and marriage, settling down, which is the usual line of questions for a "bachelor." I think that peculiarity goes a long way in supporting the idea that Jake is hiding a family because he and his PR team keep setting up situations where he can deny the allegation.

SuckAPuck said...

I have been away, it is nice to come back and see all these posts about Jake and Austin's projects.

Personally, I cannot wait for Parkland, I hope Austin's career will take off.

Secondly, I find success of Prisoner's and Enemy bittersweet. On the one hand, I am incredibly happy that Jake's career is back on track. It must have been tough for me. However, it also means more mainstream media popularity and as a result more lying. If his career does resurect, do not expect him to come out. Ever.

For those of you interested in the media circus. Lady Gaga fakes her arrival at Heathrow when she visited London.

Special K said...

Great comments and discussion today.

Nothing to see here said...

LOL of course you'd say that - they're pro your POV.

Like a bad penny said...

Maybe Special liked the discussion because people were respectful. Opinions were stated, points of view were given, then the posters moved on. Unlike you who can't help but ridicule and be sarcastic. So very predictable and tiresome.

Special K said...

Reminder Jake is on Jimmy Kimmel tonight!