Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Big Busy Day

It sounds like title of a little kid's book.  But this is no child's play.  It was definitely a busy day for Jake. 

Jake taped his appearance on not one but two shows today, and fit in a premiere to boot, and that's not including any other print interviews, meetings, or just the day to day things that Jake does.

Earlier today Jake headed over to Culver City to tape the Queen Latifah show that will air next week.

By 5:00 he was heading to visit buddy Jimmy Kimmel to tape tonight's show.

From there Jake headed to the LA premiere of Prisoners. (Maybe that certain self-confessed cinephile got a chance to enjoy it tonight)

Jake continues to get great reviews for both his films with Denis.  With more Oscar buzz  from  critics.  And coming off the success of Enemy there is a now a bidding war for the US distribution of the film.

With only one week left before the release in the US, it is an all out PR push for Prisoners. Look for Jake to be back in NY this weekend and busy busy busy right up until 20th.  Then it's back to LA and back to work again on the streets of LA.

Take No Prisoners Tour

Sept 18 - Live with Kelly & Michael,  Check local listings for times and channel

Sept 19 - Jake will be taping the Katie Couric Show at 9:00 am- New York click here to request tickets for the taping

Sept 19 - Inside the Actor's Studio - BRAVO  8:00pm EDT

Check back here for further updates


prairiegirl said...

Secondly, I find success of Prisoner's and Enemy bittersweet. On the one hand, I am incredibly happy that Jake's career is back on track. It must have been tough for me. However, it also means more mainstream media popularity and as a result more lying. If his career does resurrect, do not expect him to come out. Ever.

I have already accepted this, Suck A Puck. Like someone said on the previous post, I too had seen the VMan interview. When I saw his regurgitated sales pitch in that interview, I said my goodbye.

I echo your words here. I was very excited last week but that pride in him quickly melted when I saw that he had not grown at all. He's going after that Oscar and that pursuit is a great thing in itself, don't get me wrong. The striving to be your best for the love of your craft is an admirable and wonderful thing.

But the way he's doing it, I see no end in sight. No, he and Austin have taken a very permanent road. They have made their choice. Jake is hell bent on a mission.

I never thought he and Austin would hide forever but it looks to me like that's the plan. We will never see those kids, at least I won't. Austin will forever be the forgotten and buried one. Heck, who knows, if Jake wants that Best Actor, maybe he'll enter a fake marriage in order to get it. I don't put anything past him and his mother. Because there's your team - Jake and Naomi.

Even though my heart and spirit have left Jake and Austin, I will not leave OMG, so Management doesn't need to kick up their heels. I remain hell bent myself -hell bent on helping to disclose and reveal the lies from these two men.

So be it.

prairiegirl said...

I don't want anyone to think I didn't want success for these two. I would have bought every DVD, watched every interview, gone to see what movie I wanted to or could have within my tolerance (lol). I would have encouraged and praised like a proud mom in the audience to the point of irritation.

I would have cheered every step taken towards the best careers possible.

But some of the practices involved in achieving these goals and dreams are not, I just can't tolerate anymore, or can give a "well, it's just for one time. They'll get back on track. It's for their career. It's fake so it really doesn't matter."

There is no end in sight. They're gone.

prairiegirl said...

Well, not sure what tomorrow holds. We took a break from our wildlife safari ways today and took to my natural habitat, which is the land of cash registers and debit cards. BWAH!!!

We're on the downhill slide of time here in Wyoming and I will cherish the remaining days looking at these incredible mountains. It has been a dream come true and worth all the overtime hours that helped pay for it.

inside actors studio said...

Jake Gyllenhaal Talks Gay Rumors, What Turns Him On

Acclaimed actor opens up about personal life and iconic roles on Inside the Actors Studio.

Jake Gyllenhaal has won a BAFTA award and been nominated for honors including an Academy Award, a Screen Actors Guild award and a Golden Globe award. So it was about time the critically acclaimed actor sat down across from James Lipton for an interview on Inside the Actors Studio to open up about his craft—and how his personal life affects his work.

In the Q&A, which airs Thursday, September 19 at 8pm ET/PT on Bravo, Gyllennhaal talks candidly about everything from growing up in Hollywood family (and being bar mitzvah'd!) to his close relationship with his Brokeback Mountain co-star Heath Ledger. Watch a preview clip below.

Gyllenhaal talks about teaming with Ledger for the landmark film about cowboys who fall in love, revealing he'd met his co-star before the pair were cast.

"Heath and I knew each other for years before that because we had both auditioned for Moulin Rouge together," Gyllenhaal says. After experiencing Ledger's brash, loose sense of humor in person, "I remember thinking, 'I like this guy.' He's just like, super lovable," Gyllenhaal recalls. He later admits Ledger's death hit him extremely hard: "It felt like losing a family member, and it still does to this day."

Gyllenhaal also addresses the gay rumors that came following Brokeback, but he says he wasn't rattled. (That portion of the interview will be featured in the full episode.) In fact, "It's a huge compliment," he says. And as for what turns him on, Jake says his tastes are simple: "Tits and ass."


Special K said...

I think the T&A comment is an answer to part of the questionnaire Lipton does at the end of the show.

I want to see the whole thing and see the context and mood of the entire interview not just lifted comments to entice people to watch.

;) said...


Nervous muck SK?

? said...

I think the T&A comment is an answer to part of the questionnaire Lipton does at the end of the show.

what changes for the sense of the answer?

Florida Tom said...

Jake is the one who should be nervous. One day the truth will come out.

prairiegirl said...
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ho hum said...

what changes for the sense of the answer?

Nothing changes. But Special wants to wait to gauge Jake's mood, whether it's said jokingly, under duress, what his body language is, whether his eyes look shifty.

norwegian girl said...

tits and ass...well, what belongs to a girl, i presume! we always longed for photos to prove we were right. a bearding-relationship would most of the time result in photos because the "Clear evidence" had to come through. not anymore i Guess. Jake`s pr-team are not dum. they know every step jake fans on the internet take. they could have had some credibility, had they know how to stop. but... so private at TIFF, and still several People watching the same scenario, jake cleaning her mouth. wow! it just takes a second or two. why were all eyes on them at that point? ok! they were there to report, of course. the typical romantic scenario... blahhh...but it sells, can you even believe how stupid some People are? sorry,...though i mean it ;) they know where to og to when they want to be seen, and they know were to og to when they dodn`t! jake knows all the Places, i bet.

norwegian girl said...

og, not og. sorry

norwegian girl said...

when i post the correct, it gets wrong either way, sorry again for my computer

norwegian girl said...

i still have hopes for jake to come can happen suddenly. like he Wakes up one day and want to come out, he might want it for his kids or maybe becuse he fnally falls in love...With austin again, perhaps, as finally seeing it, or With someone else. but i do believe he is With austin today, exclusive? i really don`t have any opinion. i think he loves austin. but they were Young when they i think they both have had at least some crushes. but i think jake is gay, not bi, i don`t think he ever was really With kirsten dunst. and i hope jake and austin will work it out together. they were Young when they met. some majore issues to work trouhg is or was invatibale. you cant avoid them. jake and austin will have been together 11 years this year? or am i wrong?