Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Texas Tweet Treat

A little Tuesday Texas treat courtesy of twitter.


Austin at a home on Lake Travis

Now when will there be the back in LA tweet?  Stay Tuned.


Florida Tom said...

They sure keep us and everyone confused don't they. Probably what they want. I cannot keep up with where I think they actually are or live. I change my mind every other day. I know actors have to travel but damn this is crazy.

New blogger pic. Another example of Nadal and his beautiful ability to be intimate with other men. I love it.

prairiegirl said...

Nice picture, Tom! :-)

One word - vagabonds.

Nah, I don't know if they move around as much as they want you to think. Just think of it this way.

Austin is Mr. Mom, has been Mr. Mom since Jake returned to filming. And when Jake has finished his latest work business trip, he returns to his family roost.

north south east west said...

Where is that family roost exactly?

prairiegirl said...

Wherever Austin and the children are.

That's where.

It's called mobility. They're called suitcases and nannies.

prairiegirl said...

**looks at watch**

Probably about time for Austin to whip up another few "OTH" fans in Austin TX at a restaurant or grocery store to pose with, I think.


sass said...

hi again, will check my blogger profile..i did not shut it down though i joined that + google thing and they changed my old user name and are using my actual name on youtube etc. i finally had the no he isn't with him experience...very strange to be in the middle of such a discussion...and like u here i have no anger issues with either man.

sass said...

hi again...will check it out. I joined google+ and they use my actual name...facebook copy cats...arr

Special K said...


Sorry your comments got deleted last night. We just were looking out for you. We don't want anyone using your name and account if it's not you.

the fakery said...

No comments on those Facebook photos??

Five clear-as-day shots from a mobile in a coffee shop with Jake, Alyssa, Naomi, Maggie and the two girls. They get posted on a Jake Gyllenhaal fan's facebook page. And no comments?

This is the biggest PR faux-paux in months!

Clearly a plant. Even if they'd been posted to some random person's account, not a Jake fan, they would still be a plant. Celebs know when their photos are being taken on cell phones, and they would not let anyone get all the way to five of them. Plus, the shots are all crystal-clear. We're lucky to get one single clear shot of Jake from a creeper, let alone five. From a person sitting right by Naomi. Unreal.

prairiegirl said...

Aw Sass, I'm sorry, I blame myself! You hadn't been around in so long and when I clicked on the avatar picture to check the validity of the account, it took me to a dead-end instead of your blogger account.
Sincerest apology - it's wonderful to see you here. I've been very worried about you.

ya think? said...

Try again @the fakery,those photos were taken from a Chinese girl on vacation in NY, and reposted from a Japanese girl who understood the language

prairiegirl said...

No comments on those Facebook photos??

I'm not sure why it's expected for us to react to something. lol.

You took care of the reacting, fakery. Muchas gracias! That pretty much took care of it! :)

prairiegirl said...

see? Let them blab. Sooner or later the water will run clear.

I'll just watch the show, thank you!

the pics... said...

... just continue the narrative. Damn, Maggie could not freeze her out any more, huh? I sense "disapproval." Back to the drawing board, Jake! Once again, Maggie will take the fall for the breakup. SUCH a protective sister.

Also, please, this is not a real couple.


destiny said...

Jake is staring straight at the camera in that photo. Not the work of someone who is photographing on the sly so as to not be noticed.

rolling eyes said...

Jake is staring straight at the camera in that photo. Not the work of someone who is photographing on the sly so as to not be noticed.

What an idiocy