Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Go Tell on The Mountain

It looks like Jake is going to do Everest.  In a recent interview with GQ.comUK Jake talked about the future project.

You're next working on Everest. Did your experience with Bear Grylls on Man vs Wild help you prepare?
With Everest, it's a story that I've always been fascinated with - even as just a metaphor. The idea of what is seemingly unattainable, but the reasons why people go there and try and as they say "conquer" a mountain. That is a fascinating turn of phrase. That somehow getting to the top of it is conquering it.

 As someone who is quite active is that something you relate to? The adventurer's spirit?
I like the idea of the adventurer's spirit. I think that is very much what a man searches for, in a certain way. But where I find myself getting caught up is where that spirit doesn't meet discipline. What I loved about the process of researching Everest is just what a science it all is. You can believe in the sense of adventure, and you can create nostalgia based on some lofty idea of it, but ultimately to conquer that mountain requires great discipline - using your critical, analytical mind - as well as that spirit we all talk about.

Pre-production mentions have said that Everest will be filming in Iceland. If  indeed it is Iceland and with Iceland being so close to the Arctic circle - it is doubtful that the movie will film  in 2013 - with only 5 hours of sunlight available a day by the end of November.  So if the Iceman cometh won't be until Spring 2014.


What? said...

Wherever Austin and the children are.

That's where.

It's called mobility. They're called suitcases and nannies.

You really need to stop this. You should. Why not put, "My thoughts are", or "In my opinion"?

You continue to act as if you have real insight into these guys life, but you don't. Nobody here or should I say the regulars continue to let you muddy the waters with your know it all attitude /theories, but in reality PG, you're hoping, wishing and speculating just as the next person.

I think it's fair to say that you really want J/A to be married and whith kids, and that's alright to a certain point. We all have our wishes. But you truly sound like someone who invest too much time into this and Need it to be real at all cost. Now (that's) not good if you know what I'm talking about.

So how about talking about what you really know is factual? And that would be mostly about PG.

Telling said...

There are a lot of facts out there, but you refuse to acknowledge it. Stop badgering posters. It's individuals like you who are too invested in this blog. Constantly, professing you are open minded when, in fact, you are here to convince everyone that OMGers are a bunch a loons. The fact you continue to read and then jump on what is observed is pretty telling on many levels. You love to disguise yourself as a casual observer, but you are anything but that.

the real m said...

Someone who really needs to stop this is the troll who keeps coming here trying to change our opinions and who has become totally obsessed with the people here. You know what this blog is about and if you don't agree with it, visit your own kind. There are other Jake blogs out there. It's flattering how obsessed you've become with us and our every word, but not healthy.

prairiegirl said...

You really need to stop this. You should.

Bite me.

Glad I turn you on so much because it's never been more obvious until now. You must dream about me at night.

Sorry, I've got other fish to fry.

;) said...
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in MY opinion said...

First poster, are you serious? Have you ever taken a debate class? Do you know nothing about persuasion techniques?

Perhaps you do, and that is why you are dishing our shitty advice.

You never start an opinion with "my opinion is..." unless you want to lose. Yes, it is the diplomatic, polite way to express an opinion. But it is not the winning way. It is the first thing women are told to drop in a negotiation or debate course.

Also, go away if you don't like the regulars here or the topic. This is a niche blog on a very specific topic, not for everybody.

Variety about Everest said...

According to Variety (Sept. 2013), EVEREST starts shooting in November (when the 24 days shooting of NIGHTCRAWLER completes)

“Everest,” starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Jason Clarke and Josh Brolin, will be the first title covered by the funds. Lensing begins in November on the film, with Working Title producing and Universal handling the release domestically.

Not in Iceland though:

Director Baltasar Kormakur is preparing to shoot Everest, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Josh Brolin.
Kormakur's film comes from UK production powerhouse Working Title Films, with Nicky Kentish Barnes among the producers. Filming begins early November with the shoot encompassing the UK, Italy and, of course, Nepal.

have you guys seen this? said...

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Special K said...

It makes no sense to film in late November there is not enough daylight to shoot for shut a difficult outdoor set up. And Nepal, that is just kind of crazy - because you won't be climbing that late. The prime time to climb Everest is MAY, and even then it is a small window. They may shoot some scenes in the story of them getting ready to climb in Nepal in Nov. But there is no way they are climbing then.

prairiegirl said...

Did you know that they are filming a Dumb and Dumber Two? BWAHHHH! I liked that movie. lol

Man, those 2 guys were sooo stupid. I don't know if they can top the first one, but it'll be fun to see them try.

Last night, I was watching some of Sister Act. You know, I liked that one, too. Why don't they make funny, light movies like that anymore? It was an original concept and the language wasn't bad at all. It's timeless, as funny now as it was back when it came out.