Monday, September 2, 2013

What's in a name?

Nothing is by chance when you make a movie, even the smallest detail is careful thought through, and some as important as the name of the one of the main character is chosen with much thought and reason.

That being said -  Why the name Loki?

Loki is is the wily trickster god of Norse mythology. What does that have to do with Prisoners' storyline?

 "Loki, the Trickster, challenges the structure and order of the Gods which is necessary in bringing about needed change." " He can change in both shape and sex."

In the Prose Edda Snorri Sturluson writes that Loki:
is handsome and fair of face, but has an evil disposition and is very changeable of mood. He excelled all men in the art of cunning, and he always cheats. He was continually involving the Aesir in great difficulties and he often helped them out again by guile.
 He is dynamic and unpredictable and because of that he is both the catalyst in many of the myths and the most fascinating character in the entire mythology. Without the exciting, unstable, flawed figure Loki, there would be no quickening pulse, or no change in the fixed order of things.

In the clips previewed  you're not sure who's the protagonist and who' s the antagonist.  Is Jake's character a flawed protagonist or is he  really the antagonist?

 Take No Prisoners Press Tour
Sept.4   The Late Show with David Letterman  11:35pm EDT  CBS


From WDW said...

Get tickets to watch Jake Gyllenhaal on the Queen Latifah Show - and bring your specs! Plus Letterman tonight
Very exciting news this morning!

The producers of the Queen Latifah Show have been in touch and invited Jake Gyllenhaal fans to attend the recording of the show on 12 September. If you're over 18 and can get to Culver City, then apply for tickets here. Mention that you're a huge fan of Jake's in your request headline. They are also asking audience members to bring any pairs of reading or prescription eyeglasses that you could donate to Jake's charity New Eyes for the Needy that day. Mention in your request if you're planning on bringing any and if so how many.

If you're able to attend the recording be sure to come back here and tell us all about it!

oh my said...

A new crime thriller in the pantheon of acclaimed favorites like Zodiac, Se7en and even Silence of the Lambs has arrived. And it's surprisingly as great as those films. It has been a few years since Aaron Guzikowski's kidnapping screenplay Prisoners earned a top spot on the industry Black List. After changing different director's hands for years in development, French-Canadian filmmaker Denis Villeneuve (of Incendies) got the job to bring the story to life and has delivered a very chilling, Fincher-esque, visually sleek mystery-suspense-thriller. Boasting one hell of an ensemble cast, and running almost three hours, the riveting plot in Prisoners truly deserves the adjective "brilliant" for all the twists and turns that lead us to the final moment.

Special K said...

What a great idea of asking for Jake fans to bring pairs of old eyeglasses to benefit New Eyes for the Needy.

Jake is not a great supporter of their group but an advocate of their mission.