Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday Twist

While Jake is East does that make Austin West?  Or is he taking a bite of the Big Apple?

We know he loves NY.

It's Tuesday and is Austin sitting around twittering  his thumbs?   Nope he's tweeting with them. 

Austin was getting serious tweeting about the recent events in Washington DC today.

My heart is aching. These mass shootings make me so sad and angry. We gotta figure this out y'all. - AUS10

There is a lot to figure out and it's done by one, or  some, but by all.

While Prisoners seems to be the only new release on Friday, it might have the ultimate competition.  The Wizard of Oz restored and in 3-D opens for a limited release of just one week on Friday as well. 

 And keeping everyone in the loop.
Take No Prisoners Tour

Sept 17 - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Comedy Central 11pm EDT

Sept 18- Good Morning America.  ABC  7-9am EDT

Sept 18 - Live with Kelly & Michael, Check local listings for times and channel

Sept 19 - Jake will be taping the Katie Couric Show at 9:00 am- New York click here to request tickets for the taping

Sept 19 - Inside the Actor's Studio - BRAVO 8:00pm EDT

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Methodical Muser said...

Here's the whole article about one actor's coming out story:

I have been genuinely surprised by the attention my “coming out” has received. What, at the time, felt like a casual mention of my sexual preference in an interview about my latest stint on Broadway in OUT Magazine, quickly grew into a multitude of blog and internet reports on my official status. Funny thing is, I had assumed that it was common knowledge, and that no one would care in the first place. It doesn’t get much gayer than Broadway, and the general rule around these parts is that you’re gay until proven otherwise….

The closet I came out of, over 13 years ago, is a distant memory. If you know me, you are quite adjusted to the news that I am gay. You’ve probably met my amazing and supportive parents. You’re likely friends with my boyfriend and have noted how easily affectionate we are with one another. You’ve maybe heard my actual coming out story, which took place, typically, during the seismic shift of college life.

Truthfully, before this week, I didn’t consciously consider my sexuality to be a significant factor in my work as an actor. I viewed life and work as a separation of two entirely different entities and felt quite justified in talking exclusively about my work in any interview I’ve been fortunate enough to give.

I also heeded the advice of well-meaning advisors in the business, who didn’t want my opportunities to be limited by any stigma. An actor’s ambiguity can often be his power. So, I decided to keep my private life, by omission, private. I even turned down an opportunity to be one of OUT Magazine’s “Out 100” a few years back, scared of what it may do to my still developing career.

I have played a range of characters - gay, straight, and indifferent; and I have never failed to find my way into a heterosexual character’s head or heart, or groin, for that matter. My job, after all, is to relate to the other.

But, that’s not the point…

The realization I’ve suddenly come to, as obvious as it now seems, is that being gay is the core to my success in the first place.

Generally, the cliche assumption is that gay actors are “limited” in range, but further examination will reveal a particularly helpful dichotomy in the gay experience. You are forced into a deeper self examination by virtue of your otherness, but equally necessary is a keen observation of the world around you. Being born into a society that has unspoken rules you instinctively fear you won’t be able to follow, you must meticulously observe, question, imitate in hopes of survival, struggle through the endlessly troubling prospect of being different. It mimics the exact contradiction at the center of the actor’s art - you must dive deeply into the self while simultaneously becoming someone entirely different.

I have made a career out of investigating people very much like myself - outsiders who have struggled with finding their place in the world. I have always been attracted to characters who are in search of some kind of truth, because truth is something that anyone born outside of a norm must define for himself.

[con't next post]

Bobby Steggert

Methodical Muser said...

I must also admit that holding on to the residual shame of being gay, by not living with total openness and self acceptance, I have felt even more effective in my work. It has been a chance to expose my own personal struggle under the relative safety of a public mask. I have told myself that my quiet struggle was worth it, a kind of subversive civic duty of sorts, if it kept resulting in a validation that I deemed sufficient enough to replace the self doubt and sadness that I have always carried with me. I was convinced that this turmoil was the gas which powered my artistic motor, and always wondered what I would be without it.

I have done myself a disservice by failing to reconcile who I am with whom I project to the world. I have often felt like two very different people as a result of my engaging in a job that is so entirely personal, while denying the personal source of my experience. I was cowardly, I now believe, to think that my shame was the only thing that made me interesting.

It is with a sense of brand new transparency that I write this. There is a genuine freedom in this honesty, because I now realize that my only chance at happiness, actor or not, is to fully embrace the wonderful gifts that being gay has afforded my experience in this life, and to look forward to the many opportunities that have nothing to do with being gay.

Our brains have a magic way of alerting us to stimuli, but only until they become so commonplace that we are no longer aware of them. I am ready for my homosexuality to be the noise in my head that is so normal, so typical, that I can start hearing all the various sounds that join it in the cacophony of life.

The ultimate benefit of coming out, then, if your job happens to be a public one like mine, is not the attention, the heroism, or the props. It’s simpler and much more important. It’s the final step in integrating the person I actually am with the person that walks onto the stage every night, and in trusting that this new authenticity will free me to concentrate on the multitude of new stories I hope to tell.

And as for the practical “fall-out” of an actor’s decision to live transparently, I would argue that if people don’t want to hire you because of their altered perception of your sexuality, they’re probably not the people you want to be working with in the first place. They lack imagination. And isn’t imagination the point of it all?

I forgot that happiness is entirely contingent on our ability to walk through life with pride and integrity. Perhaps I willfully ignored it in my quest for “success.” Yes, you could argue that I was already out, that the people who actually count have always known, that random strangers don’t matter one way or another; but I know deep down that they do, and that hiding in any way, large or small, has resulted in an insidious shame that persisted ever so quietly in the shadows.

It is the desire for authentic happiness that resulted in these thoughts, in the impetus to share them. I hope that it might inspire other artists to consider, not only the potential power of transparency, but the personal possibilities in a free and unencumbered heart.

Bobby Steggert

Twitter said...

alyssa james. ‏@alyssalynn__ 7m

A guy that looked like jake gyllenhaal ate at bluewater today and I came home and jake was on the TV ������

10:51 PM - 17 Sep 13 from Wilmington, NC Details

Location of Bluewater restaurant - Wrightsville Beach NC

prairiegirl said...

This possible sighting of Jake in the Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach, NC area (if it was him) would make this the second sighting since July. Direct flight time from Wilmington airport to NYC? 1.75 hrs non-stop. When is the Daily Show filmed? 17:45 with guests needing to report an hour earlier than taping time.

prairiegirl said...

You would be very hard-pressed to find an airport sighting of Jake arriving in NYC for this week of Prisoners promo work.

Methodical Muser said...

Or, departing from Los Angeles after the Prisoners premiere. I mean don't we normally get 1,000 pics posted on IHJ? Or, is that only when he gets caught being somewhere he's not supposed to be?

prairiegirl said...

I remember when there used to be a lot more pictures of Jake leaving/arriving at LAX. Now I don't know if paps hang out at NY airports - they may not. But he's been in LAX enough times this year and yet it seems like the only times we've had airport arrival pictures of Jake have been the couple of times he's gotten caught in L.A., like M&M pointed out.

I think this is because Jake doesn't want it known when he's coming/going anymore.

Here we go again said...

This possible sighting of Jake in the Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach, NC area (if it was him) would make this the second sighting since July.

^^^ Of course the "possible" sighting of Jake anywhere near Ausin is always looked at as the truth. Any sighting with others and "you know who" and there's a rush to dismantle the story (sighting). discredit it!

Over and out said...

Special K, please make them stop. This over the top bile toward Jake is just too much. I'm outta here.

Special K said...

I didn't get a chance to comment after the interview on the Daily Show last night but I wanted to make sure I said something this morning. Jake was great on The Daily Show. He looked Jake. And he was on, bright, charming, confident and funny. It is nice to see Jake back speaking and chatting in interviews. You can see that part of Jake we know shine through again.

He got a comeback on Jon last night. Right on the money. And I think he's been hanging out with that Texas badass a little bit. (Watch the interview if you haven't seen it) And you could see Jake's confidence talking about acting.

I think all the great reviews Jake is getting for Prisoners are well deserved. While the movie is not my usual cup of tea, I can't wait to watch Jake from what I read of his performance.

Here's a link to the interviews

Jake on The Daily Show

Special K said...

Happy Birthday Methodical Muser! Hope it's a great day!

prairiegirl said...

Oh please, over the top bile? There weren't any comments but one on the blog all day long yesterday. OMG was not on moderation at all, it was an open board, available for anyone's use to discuss or point out anything they desired.

But where was anyone? Where were the round tables of enthusiasm and positivity? Nothing - all day long. It's hard for me to take the whine like that at 07:20 seriously when that same very person is not seen on OMG taking advantage of an open board to share all the rah rah they are seeing. I'm not seeing the beef. 'Outta here'? I seriously doubt it.

That being said, I would say last night's interview was pretty much free of the bull**** Jake has been touring with thus far. I don't have anything negative to say about it whatsoever. It was a very very short interview; but all in all, a BS-free one.

prairiegirl said...

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear M & M
Happy birthday to you

Hope it's a very nice one for you today.

prairiegirl said...

More questions, more questions...

Isn't it interesting that a new picture of Jake has emerged on IHJ this morning. One solo picture posted today (the 18th) but dated that it was of an event yesterday (the 17th).

• isn't it interesting that the picture is of Jake "returning to his hotel"? I thought he lived in NYC? Why is he picking up dinner/lunch and taking it back to a hotel to eat it?

• isn't it interesting all of the shadows in that 'return' photo, almost as though it were taken later in the evening last night or early this morning? Looks like it was pretty sunny yesterday, although cool in temperature. I just find the heavy shadows intriguing. Do the buildings and trees block the sun from reaching NYC streets all the time?

• Interesting that Jake has on a black polo shirt in this "9/17" photo, very similar (if not the same) to the black polo he is wearing in a picture taken with Mike Tyson backstage from the Kelly/Michael show this morning. Oh, I'm sure he could own several black polos, not saying that. But what I also notice is that he changed clothes because when he's onstage for the show, he's wearing a grey dress shirt and black tie beneath the suit.
lol, I'm just sayin'.

• And I just find it interesting that once again, Austin's twitter account has begun to act up again - When? This morning.

Ashley Nussbaum ‏@AaNuss 4h

@AUS10NICHOLS I can't dm you back because you don't follow me but of course my answer is yes I'd love to be your hobby.. Is this real life?

6:12 AM - 18 Sep 13 · Details

^^^ eye roll. Typical "Austin is a horny guy only after young girls" tweet which seem to ramp up at the most curious times.

Side note: This account only very recently began following Austin on Twitter because he's the last account listed on her Following and Twitter lists your most recent followings at the top of the list. She follows 172 people and she has 14,530 tweets to her name so it's not like she's new to Twitter. No, she's amassed some mileage and yes, she just did begin to follow Austin.

• Just a casual observance. In the 'return to hotel on the 17th' photo, Jake doesn't have his hair slicked back. I thought this was how he wore his hair now all the time?

Whether or not that was Jake in Wrightsville Beach we will never know. The tweet is not a 100% "def" sighting. I'm not trying to sell that it is. I just posted it because this is the second mention of Jake with Wrightsville Beach in a tweet in a matter of two months when we've never had any before.

And I can tell from Jake's bearding re-amp and the lack of evidence that Austin didn't go to TIFF, that until Prisoners is long released, Austin and the kids are poison for Jake right now. They're kryptonite to his Superman.

And so I could see a closer availability being set up while Jake had to be in NYC this week.

That's all I'm sayin'. Just one lone innocent tweet posted and look at the reaction already this morning from both men's camps.

: )

Morning Show said...

It's Michael Strahan not Mike Tyson.

Mike Tyson's Twitter said...

Mike Tyson ‏@MikeTyson 2h

Back stage @KellyandMichael with @GyllenhaalJake
No it's Mike Tyson
9:45 AM - 18 Sep 13

Look I'm in Staten Island too! said...

Maybe someone is NC really, really looks like Jake.

Methodical Muser said...

Thank you for the Happy Birthday good wishes. I can feel the love. Fall is in the air, one of my favorite times of the year, with all the festive holidays just around the bend.

Florida Tom said...

Happy Birthday M and M. Enjoy your day and many many more :-)

destiny said...

Happy Birthday M and M. Hope you're having fun and celebrating big time.

A good friend of mine saw Prisoners last night and said it was really good. He also warned me that it's complex and that you really have to pay attention.

destiny said...

PG, buildings do block a lot of the light in NYC, and on some streets you may only get a few hours of direct sunlight, depending upon the time of year (fall and winter the sun is down low in the horizon, and you get more shadows), and depending upon the height of the buildings around you. So the photo of Jake really could have been taken anytime during the day, but based on the fact you can see some sun hitting the sidewalk through the trees, probably sometime between midmorning and late afternoon.

I would be really surprised if Jake was in NC with all the interviews he has scheduled. I also wonder if the reason he wasn't at a hotel is because he is doing publicity there, plus it wouldn't be the first time he was put up at a hotel while making the rounds of the talk shows. Probably a privacy issue in case he gets followed after leaving a show.

Methodical Muser said...

Thanks, Tom and Destiny. Appreciate it!

innocent bystander said...

Jake must have been in North Carolina yesterday afternoon having lunch at that Bluewater eatery. Get a load how I Heart Jake posted one photo of Jake this morning and then JUST JARED provided the "story" later on this morning, to let us know what the photo was actually saying, (i.e., Jake had lunch in NY yesterday). Wow! Wow! Wow! I know you guys have talked about this kind of thing happening before (i.e. Jake getting caught with his pants down and then PR covers up the next day), but I've never experienced an incident in real time. This is amazing stuff and he shows how folks like JJ are in the pocket of the large agencies.

prairiegirl said...

Good to hear, Destiny. I have no doubt it's a good movie - it really does sound like it's pretty good and I have no doubt Jake does quite a credible job in it. I won't be seeing Prisoners and adding my money into the Jake/Hugh HW bearding coop, but I'm not going to say it sounds like a bad movie when it doesn't sound to be at all.

Now, this is just too funny not to share. Like sands through the hourglass, so do the reactions of one lone tweet continue. Here is Just Jared clarifying just when this new picture of Jake took place yesterday.

Jake Gyllenhaal makes a call on his cell phone as he returns to his hotel after getting lunch at One Lucky Duck on Tuesday (September 17) in New York City.

Just so there's no doubt

Bwah. Posted at 13:45PM. Now here Jake has been on Jon Stewart last night, Good Morning America as well as Kelly&Michael this morning, yet Just Jared does a post on this lone single pap picture from yesterday the 17th, about Jake carrying his takeout back to the hotel.

the old one, two punch said...

I was so excited, I forgot to post the I Heart Jake & Just Jared links:

IHJ pic posted early this morning

Just Jared providing an alibi for Jake

prairiegirl said...

Hi Innocent Bystander! Cool to see you. You've caught on. I didn't mean to duplicate what you had already observed. You're watching, that's awesome to see.

See? See how they've reacted ever since late last night? It's as plain as the nose on your face.

And now they've just killed it by doing that ridiculous Just Jared post on his "9/17 lunch" takeout instead of focusing on his Jon Stewart or Good Morning, America appearances.

Thanks, Mgmt. You've just convinced me.

See, we don't know when Jake arrived back in NYC - he just appears on Jon Stewart last night and IHJ doesn't post this Lucky Duck pic until this morning.

Bluewater opens at 11:00 in the morning. Jake had plenty of time to have lunch at Bluewater and then get up to NYC in time to do the show, who knows maybe even via private plane. It's an hour and 45 min. from Wilmington to NYC.

@alyssalynn__ only says she sees someone who looked like Jake at the restaurant "today". She doesn't say she saw someone who looked like him 'tonight'. She said 'today'. I think that's kind of important.

She adds some heart-filled eye smiley faces at the end of her tweet and I can imagine her thinking there was no way it could have been Jake because what on earth would Jake Gyllenhaal be doing in Wrightsville Beach NC? And then she says she comes home and there he is on her TV screen.

Can you imagine? I would wonder if I had been seeing things as well.

Methodical Muser said...

LOLLLLL! That is hilarious. We have seen this kind of "clean up on aisle 9" too many times for it to be a happy coincidence. Just Jared has provided real time "explanations" for inconvenient Jake Gyllenhaal truths for years. And, I'm not talking about global warming either. I think Stephanie over on IHJ is just someone PR uses to post the pics they want. I doubt she's involved in any grand conspiracies (Unlike the on payroll "insider" Jared Eng,) but they use her site to promote their propaganda.

Modest Management also uses Eng repeatedly to heterosexaulize Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles, as well as provide PR sanctioned "stories" about the boys when uncomfortable situations/coincidences occur (like the boys' matching tattoos).

innocent bystander said...

Hi Innocent Bystander! Cool to see you. You've caught on. I didn't mean to duplicate what you had already observed. You're watching, that's awesome to see.

No problemo. You people are the experts. I was just excited that I finally observed one of WME's cover ups. Or, attempted cover ups, I should say. Because this was an epic fail if you're paying attention to Jake's whereabouts.

prairiegirl said...

I was just excited that I finally observed one of WME's cover ups. Or, attempted cover ups,

You did see it unfold in real time, you weren't seeing things. And that's when you know. You know, the tweet was found late last night shortly after the Jon Stewart show and overnight (just like the last two L.A. sightings), Mgmt has time to regroup and act, or should I say 'react'.

Don't anybody tell me we're not watched like a hawk because we are.

Another indication photo is staged said...

How come there are so many lights on in the stores behind Jake? Doesn't look like 12 noon to me. Also, wouldn't the streets be incredibly crowded during the lunch hour rush? There's no one around on the streets or in the stores/businesses you can see over Jake's shoulders.

prairiegirl said...

Yeah, I thought that, too, another indication. Almost like they did the IHJ picture this morning.

That's why I found it interesting that Jake has on a black polo shirt just like he does in the photo taken with Mike Tyson, taken within minutes of being on Kelly & Michael this morning. I'm just kind of curious about the changing of clothes.

He has on a black polo with Tyson just like the black polo that he has on in the Lucky Duck picture. I'm sorry but they could have done that photo op in the daybreak hours on the way to the GMA or the Kelly/Ripa show.

Notice the glimpse of a black SUV in the right side of the Lucky Duck photo. Look at this picture of Jake being chauffered in a black Denali. Now in the picture, he has on the dress shirt but w/o the tie. Not sure if this picture was actually taken this morning, though, but the time of the tweet is interesting. Notice it's dark in this picture as well w/o a lot of strong daylight.

kt (@KEW042)
9/18/13, 8:46

Jake Gyllenhaal Was this taken this morning?

prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
prairiegirl said...

No way of knowing, all kinds of possible scenarios; I don't want to get too carried away. I'm not even sure exactly when the picture was posted on IHJ but it was done this morning, I know that. And I don't know how quickly one could do a quick photo and get it published like that. That'd be some pretty quick tap dancing, but you know, when you need to stomp out a fire, you have to act fast. The internet provides blazing speeds.

But it's fun to wonder, isn't it.

All I know is, something smells. I'm not sure how they always do these things but all I know is I know cover up when I see it.

To My Eye said...

And, I think what's telling is why did Jake's team want to cover up him having lunch in North Carolina? Seems innocent enough. Except for the Austin Nichols connection. That tells me Jake is still with Austin and Jake's people are doing everything to eliminate him from his life. Otherwise, an innocent lunch at a Marina is no big deal. As has been pointed out, it is funny that there were no airport sightings. No one knows where Jake flew to after the LA premiere on Thursday.

This may be nothing, but I find it interesting that Jake is walking past that black vehicle, which is obviously his chauffered black Denali. He is trying to give the impression that he is just strolling down the street after having picked up lunch when, in fact, he was dropped off for a photo op.

SuckAPuck said...

One of my best friends knows about my obsession with this website. So she tells me that a Spanish A-Lister called Hugo Silva who has been outed by the press. He is not famous outside Spanish speaking countries but over there he is a proper celebrity who gets photographed all the time and has had a string of beautiful girlfriends. And so on.

Guess what.

Turns out Mr. Silvia also has two children with his partner. That's right, he kept his TWO children in secret for about 4 YEARS. Strangely, before he came out he claimed they were his nephews whenever he was spotted with them. How funny is that?

This story is HUGE in Hispanic countries now, because nobody knew that he was gay, let alone a father, let alone a father of TWO! This is not one of those annoying blind item, nor a malicious rumor, nor a stupid tabloid story. It's 100% factual and proves that if you have the money, no matter how many paparazzi follow you, you can get the media to protect you.

Special K said...

Great job about Jake and the Lunch in NC. Kudos Kudos Kudos.

I can see Austin investing some of his money in a condo while he was down in NC. And Wrightsville would be perfect It's got everything they both want. Beach for Austin, it's on a peninsula which is less traffic, less people, and it has a similar feeling like MV for Jake. The area is used to private and charter flights with small executive airports and it's only a 90 minute flight to NYC.

Again - great job!!

Special K said...


Wow! Thanks for sharing this with us.

Methodical Muser said...

Thanks for the info on Hugo Silva. Participants on this blog have said for years that you can hide children with the right contacts, money and influence. And, there is no doubt that Hollywood has a vested interest in keeping actors, who happen to be gay, in the closet. Without a doubt, Jake has a vast amount of resources available to him at any given moment. Along with an already established network of cooperative media types who make their living playing the game too.

I was reading on Blind Gossip today that they knew all about Zac Efron's alcohol abuse and cocaine addiction since last August (2012), but no one said a word. Apparently, Efron's publicist tried to arrange an intervention for him and Efron fired the guy/gal when he got wind of it. His CAA agent, however, who was going to let him crash and burn, is still employed. You can see why there aren't many squealers in Hollywood. Being a do-gooder or a truth-teller is not welcomed.

prairiegirl said...

That's an incredible story, Suck A Puck, thanks for bringing it here. I looked Hugo up on Google Images; he's nice looking! You cracked me up with your "obsession" mention, lol.

Something interesting. IHJ has posted new pictures from the Sirius studio visit. Look at Jake's beard growth in those pictures. Do you guys find it significantly thicker than in the Lucky Duck picture? It looks more dense and widespread in the Sirius photos. So maybe the Lucky Duck wasn't taken today or last night, but even earlier.

Methodical Muser said...

Do you guys find it significantly thicker than in the Lucky Duck picture? It looks more dense and widespread in the Sirius photos

Yep, you're absolutely right, PG. Look underneath the lower lip. Not the same beard at all. So this is even worse. PR is using IHJ and JJ to push what they present as a current photo, but is actually a pic of Jake having lunch from a previous time. So wonder the lighting is off and nobody is around during lunch time rush in New York City.

Methodical Muser said...

Hey, Destiny: Did you hear that Matt Bomer has been confirmed to play Montgomery Clift? Sounds promising.

Matt Bomer in 2015 Biopic

Move 'em On Out !!!! said...


Excited to watch my bros Maroon 5 rip it tonight in Austin, TX.

6:01 PM - 18 Sep 13 · Details

Florida Tom said...

You can bet Jake will be spotted in NYC tonight.

Florida Tom said...

Nice to actually see a gay man play a gay man in a movie. Tired of seeing str8 men get Oscars for those parts :-)

the real m said...

happy Birthday M&M. Sorry for being late but I had a busy day at work today. I loved reading that article about the coming out of Steggart. Very well written and heartfelt.

I agree Special. I thought Jake was great on The Daily Show too. His first couple minutes were obviously rehearsed, but then he started to answer questions like he really was thinking and speaking for himself.

Book Of Mormon is coming to SF again and I finally scored tickets after missing out the first time it was here. A long wait till its here, but I am looking forward to seeing it and we will make a mini vacation and xmas shopping trip around it.

Florida Tom said...

I think there is a lot of covering up for Gay Spanish man. There are a lot more people than me who think Nadal's gf is a beard.

C'mon Austy, at least give us a big thumb-aroo said...


My bros are shredding!!
But where are you?
7:51 PM - 18 Sep 13 · Details

Seaweed said...

So sorry to be late with greetings for your Birthday M&M... so hope you've enjoyed your day.

I've been around and trying to stay up-to-date as time permits. It's not like I've been working, working, but it's just a lot of family stuff as my parents have moved close by and my sister and I have been trying to get them settled into their new place.

We're so fortunate to still have them with us in their mid 80's and happy to do this for them, but talk about "role reversals".... it's been quite an adjustment for all of us.

Watching all the ducking and diving when it comes to the promotion of Prisoners and all the interviews etc. Wish I could have been around Toronto for TIFF.

Special, your great pictures of Austin always manage to do great things for my viewing enjoyment and when you mentioned Tom and I a few days ago I was having such a good laugh. Really enjoyed your posts, but friggin loved the Austin pictures.

So glad to hear that you had a great Vacation in the Grand Tetons PG. Will have to catch up with you sometime soon.

Cheers to all.

Methodical Muser said...

Thank you m and Seaweed! I had a lovely birthday. Thank you for the shout out.

delusion x 1000000000000000000000000000000 said...

You still pretend that Jake didn't move from LA to New York last year?