Saturday, September 7, 2013

There are no words

After last night's premiere, the cast of Prisoners had a busy day with more interviews, a photo call and press conference this morning.

At the press conference, Jake was asked a question, well let's say resulted in response that Jake has never had before:

When asked how a film like Prisoners makes him feel about starting a family of his own, the actor was rendered speechless with Villeneuve exclaiming, “He’s not ready!” and co-star Maria Bello jokingly offering to babysit. “That is a loaded question if I ever heard one,” Gyllenhaal sheepishly responded, “and for the first time in my entire career, I am entirely blank.”  - The National Post

Huh.... imagine.  Wait you don't have imagine that.  It happened.

Interesting who jumped into the conversation? The director who has was quoted last week about working with Jake's schedule, when Jake didn't seem to have a taxing schedule for a single guy, and co-star Maria, who was in that movie a little while ago, what was that called?  Oh yeah Beautiful Boy,  and who was that guy who played the reporter?  Oh yeah Austin.


the real m said...

What a strange response. Jake has been asked about having a family and never hesitated to say he wants one before. Does he think the kids are old enough to be watching by now and wont understand. I have not had the patience to watch the videos out there and am heading on the road for another business trip next week. Too many chores to finish up. But I clcked on one I came across for about two minutes and thought it was cute when Denis tried to kiss Jake. Lots of smiles with all those sexy men around.

PG, not sure when you depart but have a spectacular vacation.

Florida Tom said...

Sounds to me like they were looking out for Jake. Maybe they know that that question is hard for him to answer finally. He has brought the no kids of his own up statement in the past.

I agree m how could a kid ever understand a father denying their existence. Very cruel.

As Jake's career gets better I would still not put anything past him. I am just not sure what he is capable of.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

Good morning, everyone! Coming to you Liiiiiiiiiive from God's Country, the state of Wyoming! Because this has to be God's country - w/o a doubt one of His best Works, one of His crown jewels. I have never seen such majestic beauty in all my life. Although I haven't been to Alaska yet, lol.

I'm somewhat close to you, m! Sort of a hop and skip. You guys must see these Tetons someday. You cannot in your wildest dreams imagine to be surrounded by endless evergreens on huge mountains. Well, maybe you have, esp. Destiny who has been to Colorado. I was just overwhelmed yesterday.

And you step outside, and I kid you not, it's like being at a Christmas tree farm; the smell of evergreens or pines (whatever it is) just fills your nose. It's incredible! Breathe in. Aaaaaaaah.

prairiegirl said...

I'm very behind on my searching but I am very glad of Jake's response and you bet his friends were jumping in with life preservers. That's a tough one to answer on a podium in front of the world and I'm sorry but you have to wonder why reporters keep asking him this theme of questions. They're reporters and columnists, of course many of them are now aware of the rumors of Jake's secret life. I'm sure many have been snooping and Googling as whispers of 'Did you know" began to spread at TIFF as they all search for something new to ask.

And you know what? It's going to get tougher when and/or if Jake's career gets a big revival from the high profile success of Prisoner and the spread of word that it is one of Jake's best works. Source Code was successful but it wasn't an Oscar contender by any means. Jake has been in relative obscurity these past how many years while raising that family from infancy and now, he's back to earnestly re-entering the workforce.

That spotlight is only going to get brighter and it could get even tougher to hide those kids.

But again, notice how everyone looks out for Jake. As someone pointed out to me, this is why he takes risks sometimes like getting tacos in LA when he's not "supposed" to be in LA yet. Because he knows someone will have his back, whether it's Anne Hathaway during LAOD promo interviews or his management or Denis V. In a Q&A. And during tough spots in interviews, his co stars and peers look out for him and intercede to deflect and distract so he doesn't have to be put on high focus.

Video said...

TIFF press conference

The question about starting a family starts at 19min 45sec

Quick transcription said...

"I have a family that I love deeply already, and I've children in that family that I care about with everything that I have"

prairiegirl said...

Thank you very much, 08:25 for providing the time on that clip.

Good for Jake. He handled that one very well after being caught off guard. And while he stumbled a bit, he quickly recovered and gave an answer which did not deny his own children. A big step for him, keep it up, buddy. I'm proud of you.

prairiegirl said...

Actually I shouldn't be so naive to think he hasn't already thought about what he would say. I'm sure the answer has been thought out and talked about.

I am also intrigued by Jake's answers regarding shooting such a difficult subject movie. He phrased it in a way that appealed to someone even like myself. I'm still not persuaded, LOL, but he gave a very thoughtful answer. It really does sound like it's a very good movie.

Boy, Zac Efron looked hot as heck at TIFF. He looked great.

I see it different said...

Most of the cast who was asked the question about the story line relating to them and their children/family were thrown off guard when asked.

I can see how some here think that Jake is playing it safe when the question was asked (because we all know that Jake, his people and some fans and Not-so-fans have heard of the rumors), but he was taken aback with the question wheather he has children or not. Just someone asking the question about the movies subject matter and relating it to your children can tilt anyone off guard. If you have children or not.

So No, I didn't see that as Jake having to think off the cuff and quickly to hide anything. But the "rumors" coupled with the question that most people would try hard to find the right answer being that you are promoting a movie that tows the lines of a violent act the most parents can't fathom considering the recent kidnappings that has happened in real life. You want people to accept and see your movie so you try to keep it about working together, the technical aspect of making the film etc.

They are deffinately towing the line with this movies subject matter and the cast wants to be poliically correct so to say is how I see it.

Kind of, "it's a great movie done well with a twist and with great characters and great actors.
Selling the movie!

And asking one about the subject and how it pretains to you and your children if you had some or do NOT have them can get anyone of the actors mumbling and stumbling to NOT destroy the promoting of the movie. A thin line to cross IMO

ISID said...

^^^ Politicallly Correct.

And NO, I don't think Jake is hiding or has any children yet.

Me again said...


Also, if Jake is gay or bi, which I think he is, the line of questioning of children and family pretaining to his personal life puts the spotlight on you tremendously. So, not being married and not having children, you then pivot to speaking about your extended family who you are close with neices, nephews without calling it what it is.

Yeah, everyone there with a mind knows what he's doing, but so goes the "in the closet gay/bi male" who's not married to a woman and has children.

At almost 33yr old the questions of marriage and children become odder and perplexing from others.

Jake knows this!

I say said...

At almost 33yr old the questions of marriage and children become odder and perplexing from others.

we are no longer in the fifties

and the same argument holds, then for Gosling or Franco

london tb said...

Verrrry interesting, and a nice look exchanged between the co-stars, who did seem to be looking after him.

Jake is looking lovely too.

Special K said...

Here are the pictures of Jake at the premiere of Enemy tonight at TIFF, courtesy of IHJ.

Enemy Premiere At The Toronto Film Festival

Special K said...

Great reviews for Enemy

At the risk of blatantly repeating ourselves, Jake Gyllenhaal and director Denis Villeneuve are on the cusp of a banner 2013 that is about to hit its crest. Their first-unveiled collaboration, the harrowing, Fincher-with-more-emotional-resonance crime thriller “Prisoners” has already bruised audiences in Telluride and Toronto (read our review here). But if “Prisoners” is the grimmest studio film you’ve seen since “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo,” then “Enemy”—chronologically their first collaboration—is the equally dark but more experimental and arty cousin. And a terrifically haunting one at that.

..."Enemy” is a transfixing grand slam that certifies Villeneuve as the real deal and one of the most exciting new voices in cinema today. [A]

Indiewire - The Playlist

WOW! said...

Gyllenhaal obviously carries the entire film on his shoulders, and he delivers with a smoldering internalized performance of torment that is easily his finest work. The conflicted men are distinct, but it’s the nuanced, strange similarities between them and their own personal agonies that make for a remarkably committed turn by the young actor.

Special K said...

I think Jake doing the play last year made a difference in his acting.

Doing live theater creates a discipline and I think that combined with Jake's natural abilities and finding great working partnership with Denis has created some great performances.

Methodical Muser said...

Good morning, everyone! Coming to you Liiiiiiiiiive from God's Country, the state of Wyoming! Because this has to be God's country - w/o a doubt one of His best Works, one of His crown jewels. I have never seen such majestic beauty in all my life.

Sounds wonderful, PG. Can't wait to hear more about the area. With you gone, I guess I'll have to provide a timely Safety Moment for you. Bears!

Traveling in Bear Country

9:02 PM said...

Special Jake made ​​the film Enemy before the play

the real m said...

Early review of Enemy is good, but I am skeptical. They have not been able to land distribution for quite some time. Maybe too dark for the general audience. Critics are professionals and see 100s of movies, so something different is a hit. Audiences want entertainment of some type depending on the mood. Still, for Jake's sake, I hope the films both do well.

What is with his hair though. Why such a greasy look? Is it an element of the films?

Special K said...

I still think Jake doing stage work has made impact on his acting. If you remember Dustin Hoffman told Jake he needed to do stage work, while making Moonlight Mile, I think Hoffman could see that Jake had a great natural ability but he needed more discipline. One of memory of BBM was about how Jake like to play around with the scenes, searching and discovering while filming, while Heath came into the scene with a plan of what he wanted to do. I think working on the stage taught Jake some of that discipline of having a plan.

Methodical Muser said...

The fact that Jake was immediately caught off guard with a fairly unimpressive question, particularly given how many times the topic has been explored in the past, and the subject matter of the film, leads me to believe even more than I did before that post-Reeke printed interviews where Jake is supposedly being asked spontaneously about having children and/or being a father are written by PR.

Let's be clear, despite all of his deceptions over the years, Jake is still a pretty bad liar when it comes to talking about his personal life. On the other hand, he's also a notorious bullshitter. His answer about Canada and the arts being a classic example of using a whole lot of words and pretty much saying nothing at all. In fact, he’s quite the expert about waxing on and on about practically nothing.

Still, back in June 2006 Jake gave a very straight forward answer to People Magazine about whether he wanted to have children. Demonstrating that even at 25, he had already thought about the matter enough to have a confident response. In other words, not even a question of if he wanted children, but how many.

"I want a lot of kids. Two or four. Not six. It's torture after four."

Then in December 2010 he said:

"Children are really where it's at," says Gyllenhaal, who turns 30 next month, on Dec. 19. "That's what I feel turning 30, more than I ever did."

"Family is ultimately what I want. That's all that matters to me in the end."

Now, we are suddenly supposed to believe that he's somehow rendered speechless “completely blank” when he's asked how a film like Prisoners makes him feel about starting a family of his own. Never mind the way in which folks immediately jumped in to “save” him (deflecting with humor)while he seemed stunned by such an innocuous query. Definitely, another clue that people felt Jake needed rescuing when asked about fatherhood.

After all, the question seemed quite serious. One that did not merit joviality, yet that’s what we got from both the Director and one of his fellow cast members. Humor. A common defense mechanism, which allowed Jake time to give the vague, but intriguing answer about how he already has a family he loves deeply.

prairiegirl said...

Well said, M&M. I will say that Jake answered the question this time quite truthfully and in fact, he answered as closely as you could get without spilling the beans, which we all know he was not going to do and isn't going to be doing anytime soon.

The person asked him about starting his own family and Jake answered with the truth - he already has his.

And no, it is not Maggie and Peter's family. If Jake wants his own kids, why is he content to fulfill his family wishes by hanging with Peter, Maggie and the two girls? What person practically moves in with their brother or sister just so they can experience diapers, nap time, play time, and bottle feeding to get that hands-on, paternal high? Oh no thank you, I don't need to get serious about anyone. I'm not looking to get married - even though I do love kids and I would like to have my own. Why should I? I have my sister and her husband's kids - I'll just sponge off of them and get all those fuzzy feelings. It's the next best thing!

That's asinine. The answer that he gave spoke volumes because nowhere in the vicinity of his answer did he specifically name his sister, bro-in-law or nieces like he has in the past. Not this time did he hold onto that life preserver and that is why I give him more credit now. If he has to take steps like he's building a Lego House, then hey, whatever it takes.

This time, his answer was different.

open secrets said...

I think Jake's response was odd too. He definitely did not identify Maggie by name and frankly, even if he did, I've never bought that song and dance that because "I came from a family, I don't need to have one of my own." I don't think the human race would last very long if that was everyone's attitude on the subject.

Never mind the way in which folks immediately jumped in to “save” him (deflecting with humor)while he seemed stunned by such an innocuous query. Definitely, another clue that people felt Jake needed rescuing when asked about fatherhood.

Which tells me that people know about Jake and his family. Everyone just keeps quiet about it.

9:29 PM said...

Jake had already worked in the theater in London and had also won a prestigious award

prairiegirl said...

Oh they know alright. The circle grows.

And I bet a lot of journalists know. As I said before, Jake & Austin's secret is the kind that people love to dish about. "Hey, did you know? psst! psst!" Remember, Ted once said in an AT that Hollywood's celebs loved to ask him about Toothy Title back in the day. People love a good story and they love a "secret".

All you have to do is Google these 2 guys and despite Mgmt's extreme attempts to change Google searches, you can most definitely still get "Austin Nichols baby" or Jake and Austin baby" to pop up. From there, you can still get the stories and OMG posts on the subject.

So all these journalists and paparazzi have to do is Google and they know. And it could be the reason this line of questioning keeps coming up about Jake and starting a family is because maybe these journalists are hoping for one of those wrestler moments when Jake just bluntly answers the question. Not that it's going to happen, but I'm just wondering if maybe they could be trying for one of those frank, 'casual', coming out answers. It's possible.

Agree said...

Jake had not worked in theater since 2002. And he was on stage for maybe a couple of months before he left This Is Our Youth in April. After that, Jake's technique was what might be called a, "fly by the seat of my pants" approach to movie making. That is until he did, If there is...last year. I think the point about discipline is a good one. Jake has said in several interviews that he liked to make things up on set. Try different things to see what worked. Not a very disciplined or prepared approach to a character. Returning to theater as well as growing up has probably had a positive effect on his subsequent performances.

prairiegirl said...

Dammit, but I wish he would stop slicking back that hair. I would lay $50 that that hairstyle is to de-pretty his looks. That's what that is all about. De-pretty, un-pretty, whatever you want to call it.

He looks like a perfect little doll in that brown corduroy suit tonight on the red carpet but that Vitalis hair is killing it.

lol, dangit but it just makes me cuss. It just gets ya right here.

destiny said...

What a strange response indeed to that question.

PG I"m glad you're enjoying your trip. I've been to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone and other parts of Montana and Wyoming, and I think it is stunning up there, even more amazing than Colorado. If the weather wasn't so bad in the winter I'd think about moving there.

prairiegirl said...

LOL Destiny, I feel your pain with blogger.

It is amazing. It's majestic - that's the only word I can think of. Everywhere you go, you are surrounded by these humongous mountains. They're just so big and the trees so lush and thick and tall. Just gorgeous.

We've been trying so hard to see a moose or a bear - no luck so far, but still plenty of time left. We stopped at one spot inside the national park, but people said we had just missed a moose. OH! But we did see some fresh bear scat. LOLLLLL!!!! Everyone was coming over to see it.

lou said...

Dammit, but I wish he would stop slicking back that hair. I would lay $50 that that hairstyle is to de-pretty his looks.

Yeah that's what it is, except not. It's for his next role. He said it somewhere recently.

prairiegirl said...

So he's wearing it that way for Nightcrawler as well as Prisoner? Because the style has not changed since he began filming Prisoner, even during the break between.

No, I think the style is to de-pretty his looks and toughen his appearance. All you have to do is read his quote from tonight's TIFF interviews about a "search for masculinity" and that just sounds like a man who has all kinds of issues going on.

I thought when Jake was filming Brokeback, he sounded a little more open than how he sounds now. Is this what the closet does to a gay man? Is it giving Jake issues with who he is or wants to be? Does he not like that part of himself which is soft and sensitive?

Is this why he is obsessed with playing "bad-ass" cops and suspect head slamming detectives? The hard rap music? The excessive swearing? The repeated photo shoots of the cig smoking?

I don't profess to know at all what's going on inside but that is an odd quote if I ever saw one. I'll provide the article where this quote comes from but I don't have my IPad keyboard right now so I'll provide the link tomorrow.

There's all kinds of nonsense coming out online with this Enemy tonight.

To M&M and PG said...

M&M, PG Jake's comments still did NOT say I have children of my own. And I'm not one to believe that all of Hollywood is out to save Jake nor helping him to lie about 5 to 6 children. They're gonna lie and evade and throw smokesscreens for someone hiding and denying 5+ children.

Not at all.

Many a people want children and maybe lots of them, but, they don't go thru the trouble to have 6 children by surrogate then tell the world I don't have children. Sorry, no bet. Believe want you want.

prairiegirl said...

And someone correct me about what the closet can do to someone or about doubting and searching for masculinity. I don't want to offend anyone but I just speak as honestly as I feel or the questions that I have inside?

This ├╝ber masculine path Jake is taking with the subject matter of his movies is intriguing to me. The success of them is not relevant to my questions or thoughts. My questions have to do with Denis V's quote about Enemy being about Jake's subconscious.

It makes me also think about the violence exhibited in that Shoes video and now the mention of the "animalistic" sex in the movie Enemy that a writer spoke of.

Is there a lot of anger in Jake now? What does this penchant for violence mean or say about Jake's inner goings on? Why so angry? Why so rough? Even his dirty, scuffed up shoes with the stylish suits, what is that? All kinds of head stuff.

prairiegirl said...

01:02, I'm sick and tired of your repetitive badgering. You say the same crap every time.

Stop capping at posters and go find another blog. You have no business here except to troll.

Methodical Muser said...

Many a people want children and maybe lots of them, but, they don't go thru the trouble to have 6 children by surrogate then tell the world I don't have children. Sorry, no bet. Believe want you want.

All you have to do is look at the roles Jake has been attracted to post-Reeke and his search for identity, and exploration of uber masculine personas, and it's pretty obvious that Jake has huge head trips about his own identity. If you haven't noticed, there's a real duality to Jake. There's the more authentic Jake who loves to cook, is domestic, gardens, collects tea cups, loves children and is soft spoken. Then there's the professional Jake who is obsessed with violence, full of anger, smokes with abandon, and rewrites scripts to give him ample "animalistic" bed time with women. So yeah someone with that kind of sexual confusion would hide his children from the public. Insiders know because it's Hollywood that perpetuates the closet. People who work with Jake know. Heck many of them are gay too. They just may not have as many hang ups as Jake.

prairiegirl said...

Well, it's awesome because moi doesn't have work tomorrow. Now that is exciting. Had a beautiful fire tonight in the fireplace. 54 degrees and a search tomorrow for a moose or bear.

Austin is not forgotten on this end. It's sad that he has to be hidden like this, kept far away. It's interesting that Denis V is this round's Michael "Mike" Pena. This weekend's Marcus Mumford. This month's Brian O'Byrne.

It's always somebody, isn't it. Who will it be for Nightcrawler?

Methodical Muser said...

Notice Jake never bonds with women. He never spoke glowingly or gushed about Anne Hathaway either, even though they had all those sex scenes together. If anything, Anne seemed more like she was annoyed with Jake by the end of the LaOD press junket.

USA Today said...

Wentworth Miller

Prison Break star Wentworth Miller, who revealed last month that he's gay, says he tried to commit suicide "more than once" when he was growing up because the pain of coming to terms with his sexual orientation overwhelmed him at times.

Miller made the comments at a Human Rights Campaign dinner in Seattle on Saturday night. TMZ posted video from the event.

Miller, 41, says his first suicide attempt happened when he was 15 years old, Us Weekly reports.

"The first time I tried to kill myself I was 15," he said. "I waited until my family went away for the weekend and I was alone in the house, and I swallowed a bottle of pills. I don't remember what happened over the next couple of days, but I'm pretty sure come Monday morning I was on the bus back to school pretending everything was fine."

He also says he hid his homosexuality from the public for a long time because he feared it would harm his acting career.

"I had multiple opportunities to speak my truth, which is that I was gay, but I chose not to. I was out privately to family and friends. Publicly, I was not," he told the audience.

Miller made headlines in August when he opened up about his sexuality in a letter rejecting an invitation to a film festival in Russia. "As a gay man, I must decline," he wrote to the organizers of the St. Petersburg International Film Festival. "I am deeply troubled by the current attitude toward and treatment of gay men and women by the Russian government."

Russia's recent crackdown on homosexuals has drawn international condemnation as the country prepares to host the 2014 Winter Olympics.

the real m said...

I'm sure glad Wentworth was not successful in his suicide attempts. We'd have lost out on a talented man.

Even if jake was about to start a new role, there would be no need to grease up his hair. Its been that long before and never greased up. He seldom smiles anymore in photos too. I think another attempt to play down his looks. The leading romantic man role did not work out for him so its just as well. More serious roles.

And its so obvious that he has minimal interest in women. He telegraphs his feelings, like all good actors do and one of the reasons he cant be seen with Austin. Look how he interacts and smiles with Hugh and Denis. Not quite as intense and glowy as when he is around Austin, but noticeable.

On the raod the next 5 days so will be keeping up as best I can till Saturday.