Friday, July 23, 2010

Another piece of the puzzle

Remember how it seemed that Austin flew out earlier than well....the great recycler.

Remember the sardines and his menopause moment?

June 30th
Delta 737. Sardines. I think menopause has found me.
about 1 hour ago via Twitter for BlackBerry

Well it looks like our favorite Texan was in MI not just for an appearance at a wedding with the official plus one, but took the opportunity to have headed up for a few days of family fun.

"A Titan Sports Blog investigation took place and it was determined that the photo was taken on July 2, not by TMZ on Rodeo Drive, but at a family get-together in Michigan where Nichols is from. Nichols is the first cousin of the Dever triplets, student-athletes at Westminster who were the subject of a feature story a few months ago. We then contacted two of the Dever siblings and found that the hoodie that Austin is wearing belonged to Patrick Dever and it was a gift. Tyler Dever also revealed that he was cold that day." - Westminster

Funny how he was the only talking about flying on the 30th. Unlike the great flying text heading to NC and shoulder rub. And then that phone being lost and suddenly being found after the wedding.

Just another thing J&A have in common. Family in PA. And Westminster is just a little over an hour from Pittsburgh. Wonder if they saw a Sasquatch in the area last fall too. I mean who would go and see their cousins, and hey and why not check out Pittsburgh too.

All things connect.


Stubborn TB said...

Interesting tidbit you found there, Special.

So I guess Austin wasn't bullshitting after all when he talked about being on the plane.

And like you said, Sophia despite tweeting up a storm during those days leading up to the wedding never mentioned a word about flying anywhere.
Such a difference from live-tweeting the flight we got the time they were actually on the same plane.

I am shocked - shocked I tell you!!! - that they were appearantly not even in the same state during the days that they pretended to be watching various games together in a bout of "supporting your man"...

Atticus said...

Daddy Jake said Austie was at the Westminster Dog Show picking up a bitch for me?? Liar.

Bad Twitter said...

So can we offically say the sophin duo have been offically caught in a big fat Twitter lie. Oh my.

not so fast said...

Is there any indication she wasn't with him on that family visit?

NO... said...

No...She could have been there as well!

Too quiet said...

Prove that she was. I am sure that would have been Tweeting away.

Stubborn TB said...

As has been pointed out before: Their other trip together had been recreated blow-by-blow.

Sophia was tweeting about completely different things at the time that Austin was talking about being on the flight to Michigan.

And like "Too quiet" said, she would not have let the chance to mention that go by. Why would they talk about watching the game together, but not mention that they're holed up in a hotel together and had just spent the day with Austins family.
If you think they'd pass up on that opportunity, you certainly haven't been around to see "private" pics being "stolen" from Sophias facebook over and over again despite her constantly talking about there being people who are stealing her pics.

And on a somewhat related note, German tv totally agrees with Austin that Jake comes before Sophia.
I was switching channels today when I caught a scene I thought was from Rendition, so I checked. Well, what else would be on than "Rendition" followed by "The Hitcher". I thought that was kinda funny.

Keep grasping at straws said...

Why lie about his whereabouts, if they were together. The whole point of the bearding tango and the recently launched Traveling Twittering Twins, is to deceive people into thinking they are a couple. Don't worry, if she were there, they would have been posting photos all over fanpop and giggling about how Sophia missed her last menstrual cycle.

destiny said...

Personally I do not care whether Sophia was with him; what I care about is whether he's spending any time with Jake. Don't think Jake snuck to Michigan.

Jersey Tom said...

But Destiny I think Austin snuck to Pittsburgh.

thomas bros said...

Maybe they met in Poughkeepsie.

Ha! said...


prairiegirl said...

Coming to you liiiiiiive, from the big F. As in Fairway KS. Practically to the Plaza and next door to Mission Hills. I went to doggie stop # 1 and spent some QT with them. Still picked up Lincoln Logs. This happened after I started packing up my stuff. This visit was just kind of met with alot of little canine attitude. Then, I loaded up the car, stopped at the ol' Jimmy John's for the #9 and then sped on down to Doggie house # 2.

Home of Barks and crazy little Maizie. Maizie who now wears a fluorescent pink collar because they had to put in an electric dog fence because Maizie has just escaped many times. And Maizie is on a digging kick. She keeps digging at a big tree in the backyard and I've had to do a paw spongebath once already.

Seems like all is quiet now, though. Nice thing here is they have two baby gates that keep them in the sunroom. They also have wood floors so whatever mess is made is not torturous to clean up. So I anticipate a minus interruptus sleep tonight. Oh, I forgot what that was like.

Inside tip: Ch. 3 going up 1st thing in the morning! It was ready yesterday but alas, no internet for my laptop.

Gee, I wonder if it's kicked in yet to Lindsey Lohan that she's really incarcerated now?

My sister goes to see Sir Paul McCartney tomorrow at the Sprint Center. I have yet to go see that place. LOL, I may never see it. I really don't anticipate being willing to let go of my $$$ to see any more concerts in my lifetime.

Unless indoor soccer makes a comeback...

Methodical Muser said...

Okay folks, I'm at the Warfield, waiting for Adam! Wooohooo.

I really don't anticipate being willing to let go of my $$$ to see any more concerts in my lifetime.

So I guess I'm not going to run into you tonight, huh. You don't know what you're missing, PG. It's chilly here, but I'm warming up really fast.

Methodical Muser said...

Gee, someone already passed out and Adam hasn't even come out on stage. Don't see Jake and Austin, yet but you never know. *wink*

destiny said...

LOL M and M. Have a great time, and don't you dare pass out, I want a full report in the morning.

lol said...
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Sonia said...

That's not very "christian" of you prairie girl.

prairiegirl said...

Don't throw that at me, sonia, it won't work. This is going to be quick because I don't have time to mess with the likes of you this morning. I have a chapter to put up.

Did I say I "hated" you? No. Did I say I wish you harm? No. Did I curse at you? No. Did I say anything in stone that you couldn't participate here or be welcomed here? No.

But let's not play games here. You are trolling. I know what you're selling and I'm not buying.

And that doesn't mean I can't love you. It means I don't have to like or spend time reading what you have to say regarding Austin. Or Jake. Or who knows, perhaps even sexuality.

And now, you can blow wind all you want but we will no longer share a two-sided conversation because I'm done.

prairiegirl said...

M&M!!!!! Are ya sleeping it off?! Are you in wonderful, la-la dreamland?!!! Can I piggyback off of your dream? LOLLL!!

C'mon, up & at 'em! UP & at 'em! It's a sunshiney day. Everybody's smilin'! Sunshine Day! Everybody's singin'! Sunshine Day! So happy together

I've got Barks at my feet and little Maizie is, I would imagine, probably fixed in front of the windows, looking out. I had to bring her in because she was barking.

It's Saturday and it was just after 7 and I'm sorry, but people like to sleep. Nothing more annoying than to be awakened on a Saturday after a 40+ hr week of work by some yipping & yapping. Huh? Right.

Okay, I cannot mess around on here; I have to put up my chapter and that always takes me about an hour. At lunchtime, I go to get reacquainted with Maicie. I think that's how it's spelled. Maicie is Chloe's new sissie. Because Chloe lost her brother, the Major. The Major passed away last year and Chloe took it very hard.

Maicie is called Maicie which is short for emaciated. Maicie was a rescue dog and Jane said she was very emaciated when they got her. I'm sure she looks nothing now like how I saw her at Christmas last year. If I know her mama, she is living the good life now, lol.

And when I stop off at the house on my way to Chloe & Maicie's, I am picking up my cable so I can put up some pictures of Curley which I promised to someone. And also rotten little Jingles, the little Prince of Badness. I believe Barks & crazy little Maizie are already up on my blog, but I'll check. And also grab my recordable dvd's which I forgot because I have to see if I can do this burn a dvd thing. Something new!!

destiny said...

Sounds like you have a have a full day of work ahead of you. Just went to the Farmere's market and it is already blazing out there. Supposed to feel like 110 this afternoon!

prairiegirl said...

Hey Dest! Ugh. I just spent 1 1/2 hrs trying to put up my chapter to no avail. Grrrrr! I hate LJ.

I'll love LJ later, I'm sure. But right now?? pow!

Maybe there's somewhere else to put up stories. Surely it cannot be that hard. I don't know what happened but something's gone wrong there. It never used to be so hard. I don't have 1 1/2-2 hrs to spend on those things, though, I know that. That's ridiculous.

See you all later. Sorry for the no-chap.

Special K said...

Talk about the differences.

Makes you think doesn't it. Hmmm.

Austin's tweets from yesterday.

I just wanted to thank all the OTH fans who sat out in the heat today and waited. I hope everyone got pics and autographs. We owe yall!! about 13 hours ago via web

You are the most loyal and amazing fans alive!!! We are so lucky to have you. Without you... there would be.... auditions :)
about 12 hours ago via web

Sophia's tweet from yesterday

@lunerheart23 as soon as I get the OK from the crew I will! Our trips out have to be well timed so we don't waste a minute of shooting time!
about 20 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

:) said...

Sophia went out to the fans at COB and Austin went out later while they were filming at Cape fear! They were both really nice.