Monday, July 26, 2010

Brow Beat This

Another accolade for Jake, more specifically his brows. Another Top 10 list.

The Best Week ever has put together the Top 20 Luscious Celebrity Eyebrows and coming in at number 10, behind such brows as Martin Scorcese, Noel Gallagher, Susan Boyle and Peter Gallagher. Must agree with many commenters who asked where was Andy Rooney and his enchanted unicorn brows. (Oops almost forgot RPat's did come in ahead of Jakey's too)

Even illustrators make them a feature.
Eyebrows can be used to convey emotion, and also frame and highlight the eyes, and these brows have some beautiful eyes to frame.

Now the au natural masculine "they just grow this way" brows of lusciousness you see today, weren't all ways that way have taken years of careful pruning waxing primping crafting. Take a look.

Baby Brows

Brows Au Nautural

They started as Scorcese.

Then someone found the tweezers.

No one will notice I've over plucked.

Were these to bond with the all female cast?

Jake's 80's Brooke Shields brows doing their best tilde

Mommy Dearest! Check out those arches.
Girrrllll.... You've got McDonald's beat.

Like two little whales playing chicken

Who has time to pluck when your hot thang is being eaten by wolves?

Knitting a new pair.

Half Dunaway Half Groucho
Is this a Marine Faye Marx? or Bad Victor/Victoria?

Zen balance of brows and 'burns.

Heavy with secrets

Muppet Moment

Boy Scout Brows

Fallen Angel. Fallen Arches

Straight and closing the gap.

Brow Now Pal, the arch is coming back.


Special K said...

Jackson plays Jamie, Nathan and Haley's son, PG.

Congrats Destiny. Hey all things connect - universal reason you were running late - found you right were you were supposed to be at the right time.

Methodical Muser said...

And guess who I just "ran" into on my way to work leaving ABC's studios (where Regis and Kelly film)this morning--Bomer!!!

That's great, Destiny! The cosmos was on your side, today. I remember having a, ahem, discussion with someone recently about Bomer's height and I said that I would be surprised if he were over 5'9". Actors misrepresent their heights all the time and often use 6' as the yardstick of what a typical man should be. On the other hand, I keep hearing that Adam Lambert is only 6'1", which surprises me. He looks much taller than that to me. Don't know why his height would need to be "officially" reduced, however. Unless, of course, straight men might be intimidated by his latitudinal essence. *smile*

destiny said...

Actually, I was joking about the running late (hence the cough), I guess I was being too obtuse, lol.

I knew he was going to be on the show, and the studio is only about a mile from my apt. (and, depending upon my route, on the way to work), and I did hang out for awhile before he came out. The "pros" told me that he ran in late into the show, but promised to sign when he was done, so I knew I'd get a chance to get an autograph.

As crappy as New York can be at times, it definitely has its advantages PG.

Now if I'd only had the nerve--and a discrete way--to tell him how much I appreciate his not bearding, instead of the stock "love your show." ;)

Dastan said...

We make our own destiny, I see. Congrats! :)

destiny said...

M and M, you must be a mind reader, because I kept imagining Adam next to Bomer, he would dwarf him! Maybe 3 Bomers to one Adam??

I think Adam looks taller because he has such a large body frame. And Bomer probably looked shorter because he has such a slim build. I have rarely seen a man Bomer's age (32) with such a slight build.

destiny said...
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destiny said...

Very funny post. I never knew his eyebrows took on so many shapes. I really don't like that next to last picture of him from his POP filming days, never thought about the fact that part of my reaction is probably to the straight brows.

Annie Wilkes said...

So destiny when can I come over and have sex with Bomer? Don't drug him up too much before I get there as I want him to be at least semiconscious and hard as a rock. And don't keep the ropes tied too tight. Red marks on wrists and ankles are very distracting.

Monday moaning said...

Actually, I was joking about the running late (hence the cough), I guess I was being too obtuse, lol.

So you were late because you were planning on stopping by the show?! I must have sex on the brain because I thought you were late from doing something else this morning heh.

destiny said...

LOL Annie and Monday moaning. Have to confess that on Monday mornings usually the only thing on my brain is "I can't believe the weekend is over already and I have to haul my sorry ass to work again.".

pathetic said...

Mine is "I need to win the lottery. Buy some tickets on the way home" but I always forget and here I am again just another faceless ant in the bigworld farm.

Jersey Tom said...

Cool Destiny. I was thinking about you when I saw the Regis and Kelly show this morning. Bomer is a cutie.

destiny said...

I always dream about the lottery and forget to buy tickets too Pathetic. And it's not even a case of not liking my job, I am just tired of working and not having as much time off as they have in Europe.

Tom, have not watched the show itself yet. Gorgeous day for a change and I am sitting in the park(another reason to hate going into work after a miserably hot weekend).

Special K said...

You gotta wonder what was going on with the evolution of Jake's brows. Man were they pluck and waxed to an inch of their life early on. The arches are just killing me. But Jakey has had had them waxed plenty there is no way they could have got some of those brow without a little wax on wax off.

Seriously Jarhead he had two different shapes going at the same time.

They darkened his brows for filming PoP which which just seem to heavy lid his eye. And that heavy dark straight brow is not a good look for him, he needs a little bit of a an arch to open up and show off those big blues.

Notice when out to the Red O for Mexican, he was all 'scaped for his night out. Makes me think that he and Austin revived their date night out before they would have to be apart for a few weeks. Like they use to do at Jar be when they were both working at the same time and before the kids.

Methodical Muser said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Methodical Muser said...

Ahh, yes, the Friday night (June 25th) "date night" when Jake was walking into Red O, with his casually opened blue shirt tucked into the front of his pants to reveal that eye-catching belt buckle and nicely toned waistline. Lookin' good for someone and I don't mean the serious, all business escort, providing the cover.

By the way, a friend of mine went to Red O last week and he said it is a very romantic restaurant, great ambiance and has an impressive selection of Tequila, which they are known for. Hmmm, who else do we know who is a connoisseur of Tequila and loves Mexican?

He also mentioned that it is extremely difficult to get a reservation and that he had some kind of braised pork shoulder with homemade chorizo and said it was out of this world. His companion had enchiladas and said they were spectacular too.

the real m said...

Jake has had some unfortunate ups and downs with those brows. It's a real challenge to make them look natural.

Destiny, I am so happy for you to have run into Bomer. I would have guessed a slight build from how he looks on White Collar. A dream come true and glad it was such a positive experience.

Jersey Tom said...

Destiny Bomer mentioned buying a house in LA. He didnt mention who he lived with but I got the impression he was trying to come off as single and gave no impression that he had a family.

ted said...

Dear Ted:
If you were to reveal every B.V., which one would have people most surprised? Which one would be the most devastating for their career? And which one would have people shrugging their shoulders in indifference?

Dear Grand Viceroy:
Way to put me on the spot there, champ. Your first two questions garner one answer: the closets! Whether it's Crescent Kumquat, Jackie Bouffant, Nevis Divine or even age-old Toothy Tile, it's always the closet cases that shock. But gosh, I wish they would realize their careers wouldn't be devastated, only different—and maybe for the better. It's a new age. Fake à la Ferocity would, without a doubt, suffer the most career damage if her personal activities were known, and if Morgan Mayhem‘s identity were revealed, I think people might actually yawn.
Bitch Back

lovey dovey said...

karalopoyda: @Calvertam2 I thought I'd be most excited to meet @SophiaBush since I've been a Brooke fan since S1, but @AUS10NICHOLS left me breathless.

Sophia: @karalopoyda @AUS10NICHOLS has that effect on people ;)

Austin: @SophiaBush leaves ME breathless
about 16 hours ago

They really deserve each other...

Methodical Muser said...

Breathlessly, gagging.

destiny said...

You got that right M and M.

I thought Lohan had already admitted to being Mayhem?

destiny said...

Tom, I think Bomer is in a glass closet, and as someone on wft2 said, he makes sure to Windex it so you can see in. Still have not seen the Regis clip, my dvd messed up and my gf commmandeered the computer last night. But he talked about house hunting on Leno. Yes he uses I, but meanwhile he is wearing a wedding ring, and talking about how little time he has in LA, and made it clear hora made such trips on a regular basis. The eing clearly means not single, and why would someone with such a hectic schedule make trips like that, and why buy in LA when he works in NY?

My guess is that USA does not want him to talk about it, but otherwise he is as open as he possibly can be. Sort of like Adam while Idol was still on.

destiny said...

Another thing Tom, in case you do not know. It was a friend of Bomer's who told either Boy Culture or Queerty that Bomer is any out gay man, and revealed that he was with Simon and raising kids with him. The friend was identified by name, someone who does web work for Quinto. I think that was deliberately done to get the information out when maybe Bomer cannot talk himself.

It also would not surprise me if leaking the kissig picture that lead to that statement was also deliberate.

I also sometimes think of him as being out on the internet (and clearly out in his personal life), where the audience is younger and largely doesn't care.

Methodical Muser said...

I thought Lohan had already admitted to being Mayhem?

There was a rumor that circulated at the beginning of this year that Lohan was tweeting on New Year's Eve and supposedly texted:
“Wishing everyone a blessed new year in 2010! Everyone get ready for more (but positive-LOHAN MAYHEM!!!!!!!!) Thanks for all of your support!”

Now that I think about it, maybe Lohan and Sophia (the twittering twins) should get together? Sophia-poo might actually get "lucky" for once.