Thursday, July 15, 2010

Color Me Austin

"I just looked at a box of crayons. Plum and sepia??? When I was a kid, it was purple and brown." - AUS10Nichols

Austin and crayons. Who's got crayons when the have only been back less 3 days.

Yup, that's first thing every 30 yr old guy does is go out for a crayon run. "Forget the beer, I need the whole 64 baby"

So here's the Austin' s Top Ten Crayola List

10. Aromatherapy for after a long day of acting in front of and behind the camera.

9. My new medium is crayons.

8. After being apart, he wore the the Spidey suit and I brought the Razzmatazz.

7. They taste just some of the snacks Jake buys but no calories.

6. Was trying figure out if I was a Spring a Summer or an Autumn.

5. Practicing staying in. (the lines)4. My house is Home for little colorers.

3.Took Which Crayon Color Are Youu?? quiz, and came up Turquoise.
"You are turquoise! You tend to be a little bit different than the common, and your originality makes you beautiful!"

2.Got the Prince of Persia Coloring book and just couldn't wait.

and the number 1:

Starting a twitter campaign to get a new crayon named Grey Goose.


AUS10 said...

If I could get all of you to donate just ONE DOLLAR, we could raise 24,000 for the gulf.
5 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

CMW said...

Arent' crayons the most beautiful thing? :)

destiny said...
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destiny said...

Great news about Argentina!

I love looking at the pictures of crayons, there's something so beautiful and appealing about seeing all those colors.

Special K said...

Austin's profile on Crowdrise.

Austin Nichols


HOME: Austin, Texas, United States

PERSONAL WEBSITE: austinnicholsonline



When the rig exploded and we found out about the leak soon after, I was out for blood. I have been a competitive water skier most of my life. And when I moved to the coast at 18, I left all the lakes and rivers behind for the Pacific Ocean. So now I spend a lot of time surfing, paddling, snorkeling, fishing. Anything that I can do in the ocean, sign me up. So the utter disrespect for our Gulf by British Petroleum made me want to kick some ass!! That's how I landed here.


I have no idea why you should vote for me. I don't care if you do or not. Just give me a few bucks to help us get humans off dirty energy. It's like a bad habit. Tobacco. All kinds of wonderful things happen when you quit. Trust me. I smoked for 8 years. Just send a dollar or ten dollars. Thanks!!!!

CMW said...

Here's what I got when I took the Crayola crayon test:

Carrot Orange

You are carrot orange. You are different and a little bit strange. Your style is your own and you don't like to follow the mainstream.

Ha! :)

no go said...

Crayola crayon test:

Did anyone else not go to page 2? I click the link to next page and all it does is take me to the top of the same page (page 1).

another bruckheimer bomb said...

In the midst of a crowded mid-summer season at the multiplex, it may have escaped your attention that Disney’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice opened yesterday at 3,385 locations. Don’t worry. It escaped a lot of other people’s attention as well. Early studio estimates give the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced pic a first day total of just $3.7 million. That is just over one third of what Bruckheimer’s last would-be tentpole, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, brought in on its first day back in May.

tweet said...

Saw new commercial in AllStar game. When did Jake Gyllenhall become the new spokesperson in Grecian Formula commercials? 11:17 PM Jul 13th via TweetDeck gravytrain

gray matter said...

Grecian Formula commercials

I don't get it. ??

destiny said...

There was a pretty funny bit in the NYT review of The Sorcerer's Apprentice. The reviewer said he asked a colleague why the Sorcerer and bad guy were chasing each other all over the place in cars when they have special powers and can fly, and the reply was because it's a Bruckheimer film.

With two bombs in a row, JB should come in for a lot more of the blame for POP failing.

outside activity said...

Someone needs to give BT sidewalk chalk.

prairiegirl said...

They showed a preview for the Sorcerer's Apprentice before PoP and I could've told anyone that thing didn't look good at all. For one thing, the old cartoon classic never appealed to me.

Nicholas Cage looks like a very, very old Chad Kroeger of Nickelback. The previews were awful. There wasn't one thing funny in them at all. I was left scratching my head and there was no reaction from the audience either.
I have no idea why someone would choose to remake that movie. These producers need to do some good old fashioned noggin-thinking and try to come up with something original instead of re-making every single TV show & movie from the 60's, 70's and 80's.

There are some classics you just cannot and should not even try to remake. Gilligan's Island being one of them and for anyone to even try to top Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau was nuts.
Hmmm, well, Gilligan's Island isn't exactly a classic. I guess in my mind it is. That kind of slapstick just can't be redone.

destiny said...

My crayon color is bright yellow.

AUS10 said...

Lo siento. Es muy facil para donar. Encuentra alguien que habla ingles para ayudar con web. about 2 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

@BuWilJa ayy mierda. Es muy facil. Encuentra alquien sue habla ingls. Is posible? Muy facil para donar!!! about 2 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to BuWilJa

Follow me on facebook. This is the real Austin Nichols page. I just started a great thing to donate money to the...
about 3 hours ago via Facebook

Please go to Donate just 5 or 10 bucks for gulf relief!!!
about 4 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

about 5 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Special K said...

Got Carrot Orange too.

prairiegirl said...

Chapter 1 just went up !! We are off on another adventure.

Re: crayons. I always wanted the box of 64. But the best & "sensible" choice, besides being the one that was on the official "list", was the box of 24. **sigh**.

I wanted that pencil sharpener so bad. lol. Don't ask me why. Don't ask what on earth having that pencil sharpener was going to do for me later on in life. But I wanted it, darnit!!!

Thanks, Special & the rest of you. You've brought back rather traumatic memories for me.

no go said...

Did anyone else not go to page 2? I click the link to next page and all it does is take me to the top of the same page (page 1).

No answer/response? Sadly I'm not surprised.

Special K said...

Didn't have a problem, were you using Explorer? Had no problem with Firefox.

CMW said...

I love the idea of a new color called Goose Grey. :)

m said...

My favorites are #4 and #2. Have not taken the test yet, but I will do that next.

At least Sorcerers failing will take some heat off Jake. I liked Nic Cage in Leaving Las Vegas, but he's become too creepy for my taste in recent years.

for gray matter said...

Pete Rose for Grecian Formula

prairiegirl said...

I use Internet Explorer and I didn't have a problem.

I did the test but I'm not telling my color, you guys wouldn't believe me.


prairiegirl said...

I've been having mental nudges of a mini summit. Is anyone up for a Chat sometime this weekend? Even in the a.m. Because even on Sunday, I can make it back here by 9:30 am if I take care of my breakfast needs the night before. LOL. I have to plan these important things ahead, you know.

I have nagging issues. Namely one big nagging issue. lol.

It's time!!!! **sigh** Here I go. Telling people what to do.

Stirring up the sh*#.

Telling people what to do.

Stirring up the s)#t.

Have a good Fri. I gotta go. I'm going to Starbucks on my way in & treating my Big Buddy and our morning whse mgr. They need it this week.

ted said...

Dear Ted:
I have been an avid reader of your column for years, yet can't help but think lately that something is off with your reporting. I know that for as long as the Toothy saga has been going on, it must be hard to keep track of everything you have written on the subject, but I don't understand how Baby Tile can even exist. Especially in light of the fact that both TT and Grey Goose are back in the darkest recesses of their respective closest. Are there grandparents that take care of this child? Are Toothy and Grey even in the child's life to a significant degree? How on earth does this unusual arrangement work?

Dear You Must Be Joking:
That's like saying no marriage contracts or secret affairs or drug habits exist in this town. Darling, stars have their secrets, especially when they want more than anything to protect them. Case in point: Toothy's kid.

Bitch Back

Li'l Cutie said...

So there is just one child?