Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Time keeps on slipping....

There was much debate yesterday about July 5, 2010, and movie time travel. That it was one of the future destinations that Doc Brown had set the flux capacitor to in Back to the Future. Now we know that it was more movie lore, spread in a new information age.

But it got some thoughts going.

Jake's never had the Delorean but he has time traveled. Not once, or twice but three times in movies, just like Marty McFly.

Donnie Darko, Prince of Persia, and soon Source Code.

Trying to put Donnie Darko in a nutshell is nearly impossible but here's a shot. According to The Philosophy of Time Travel a Tangent Universe branches from the Primary Universe. "The inherently unstable Tangent Universe will collapse in just over 28 days and take the Primary Universe with it if not corrected." It was up to Donnie Darki as the Living Receiver to close the Tangent Universe thus saving The Primary Universe, thus the world.

In PoP, Jake's Dastan has the dagger holds the power to control time, and change the outcome of what happens in their current world.

In Source Code, he's Colter, a soldier sent back to a train for the seventeen minutes before it explodes. He gets sent back again and again, always for seventeen minutes, each time bringing him closer to the answers, the truth about who he is and to prevent the terrorist attack.

Variations on a theme when you look at them. Jake is a time traveler with a mission. You wonder what drew Jake to them.

And now a little .back to the future

And spreading the heatwave because its too damn hot on the Eastern seaboard ...


Jersey Tom said...

Consider me clueless in NJ. Well maybe not. These guys just wanna appear str8. It doesnt end with PoP it has to go on. This is also about OTH. sophin is desperate for it to continue. Twitter is the only way to advertise for them and on a low scale it works for them.

Jake and Austtin wanna appear str8 as much as Michael Jackson wanted to appear white. I pray this story turns out better

Jersey Tom said...

tweet said...
Do they have a pray off?
about 4 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

What happens if methodists and baptists pray together in the religious reflections room at the airport? Do they try to blow eachother up???
about 4 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®


Why in the heck would he says this?
I sure am learning a lot about Austin from twitter. I hope to God it is not him doing it but some nitwit teenie bopper working a summer job or something. Or it could be the same nitwit who came up with reeke and convinced the world more that Jake is gay.

Special K said...

Well Baptists and Methodist they would probably get into big discussion regarding Grace, and not the one you say before dinner.

And of course a potluck dinner. : )

Austin World Cup said...

I have worked in Montevideo and Punta del Este. Me encanta Uruguay. But my blood is Dutch. HUP HOLLAND HUP!!!
44 minutes ago via web

Me encanta Uruguay.
Uruguay enchants me.


lurker said...

You truly are kidding, right? If anything Twitter in the U.S. has leveled off with only about 5% of users accounting for 75% of all activity ...

I don't know why you're posting all these statistics. My point was that Austin and Sophia wouldn't have started a twitter account "years ago," as was suggested, because hardly anyone had a twitter account years ago.

but the point about the timing (i.e. right after PoP promotion ends) is not to be so easily dismissed.

That's just your theory and I'm not sure what it's based on. Why would they have had to have waited until after PoP promotion? That doesn't make sense. If Jake was supposed to look straight for PoP promotion, and you think Austin's tweets are part of the plan to make Jake look straight, then there would be no reason to wait until "right after PoP promotion ends."

Although, of course, you would by making a fake argument about Sophia and Austin riding the crest of some new Twitter Tsunami.

You know, I've read through my posts and they're not rude or sarcastic. I'm simply being honest and direct, so I don't get the sarcasm. I don't undersatnd what's wrong with trying to be objective instead of limiting yourself only to theories that support your belief.

Special K said...

Mr. Nichols -
Have a "special brownie" and celebrate the Dutch win over Uruguay.

Double dog dare to paint yourself orange if they make it to the finals.

Significance of PoP said...

My point was that Austin and Sophia wouldn't have started a twitter account "years ago," as was suggested, because hardly anyone had a twitter account years ago.

It's pretty obvious the poster meant within the last 2-3 years, and twitter has been a popular social networking site for several years.

I kind of buy into the significance of PoP ending as being important. Before then Jake was filming in Montreal (ready made alibi). Afterwards, he was promoting PoP all around the world. Now, Jake has nowhere to be. Just like Austin stepped up once Reeke was over, Aus10 is stepping up in terms of deceiving folks as to where he is.

destiny said...

Agree M and M and Significance of POP (whew, that's a long one).

Whenever someone says it's ridiculous that they'd go to these lengths to cover up where they are, I remember things like Austin popping up at an ESPN event in LA (gee, who owns ESPN) one summer--as if a guest appearance on Friday Night Lights would ordinary be enough to get him invited to something like that.

See, the problem for pr is that it is not just a few people at OMG and WFT2 who think Jake and Austin are gay, particularly Jake. This is not so much about them being together as it is in making sure each one is seen as straight straight straight.

M and M said...

^That's very true, Destiny. I'm sure you would agree, however, that the two topics, are intertwined, for those who are paying close attention. If there wasn't anything going on between Austin and Jake, except friendship, why the need to document that one is here and the other there, over and over and over, again?

Yes, part of the script is definitely about shipping these two as being straight, particularly Jake. But, there seems to be far too much emphasis on making sure the two of them are always apart than would be expected under normal fauxmance circumstances. Unless, that is, there is something more to the relationship than mere friendship. Jake can obviously be seen with men at sporting events, bars, eateries, etc. but it's important that no one thinks he is ever alone with Austin.

babyfaces said...

They look so young in those pictures.

Jersey Tom said...
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Jersey Tom said...

Hopefully I was misunderstanding Austins sense of humor in the religious tweet. Hopefully he was being sarcastic and happy that in America there are no religious wars.

Only people whe are still being persecuted in America are Gay men. It was nice that he participated in "Prayers for Bobby" but what he and Jake are doing if what I believe is true is making things worse.

AUS10 said...

I don't have a television. I can't watch futbol or the tour de france. so so sad
5 minutes ago via web

destiny said...

Agree M and M.

The pathological fear of there being even a chance of anyone anywhere in the world thinking they might be in the same place at the same time is very telling.

prairiegirl said...

I found Austin's twitter re: Baptists & Methodists on the uneasy side of humor as well, Tom.

While Baptists & Methodists frequently poke fun at each other in good nature, the "blow each other up" line is in pretty bad taste considering the history of violence between extreme groups where religion does play a part in their differences. Myself being a member of a Methodist church, this joke about a "prayer off" also isn't funny to me. I'm not sure exactly what could be funny about a prayer off.

I have to wonder what on earth this clueless Austin will twitter next that will set me off. For cryin' out loud, he continues to just dumbfound me with his idea of a sense of humor.

Hey, I know. I could put Austin Nichols on two Methodist church's prayer ministries/chains and there can be a joint prayer request lifted up for a genuinely funny sense of humor for him.

prairiegirl said...

Gee whiz. I think it's way past time for me to take his twitter page off of my Favorites.

Oh man, now this is funny. The TBS Seinfeld episode right now is the one with Kramer's Merv Griffin set and George's run-in with the squirrel. Oh, and Elaine's encounter with "The Sideler."

LOLLLLLL!! That has got to be one of my top 5 favorite episodes. It continues to make me laugh & I bet I've seen it over 20 times.

Special K said...

I agree that it very important to them make sure they create this sense that there is distance at some points and time. But can not discount that after Jake was away for all the promotion and hoop jumping he made sure that he was see with Austin. And even with Sophia there it was a strong statement.

Remember how Reeke would ramp up and we knew it was for creating cover for what was going on. Sophin is no different, except they use the what they have to will get the most attention in order to create the diversion.

Sophia can get herself photographed, but can't pull the paps and the agencies like Reese. Same with the coverage on gossip sites, and magazines.

No covers, but could get photo (Us Weekly - just rang one of Sophin in a collection of couples pics) or mention once a month. But never will get all the press Reeke did that way.

So they were smart and went to the medium where their fan base is, online, and let their fans do all the work.

prairiegirl said...

I've got OTH on right now and I still wish Julian had gone for Alex. Alex was such a more likeable character and she loved Julian. In fact, she ended up being much more gracious and classy at the end of the season than Brooke did.

It still amazes me how the magic of Brulian from the previous season just absolutely died last season. Pfffft! Like salt poured on a slug.

Special K said...

One more thing. Sophia know that the way to get press it the red carpet, its the best way for her to get pictures, and again that's what Sophin used to their advantage.

M and M said...

Over these past few weeks, I have come to think of Aus10's Twitter Account like a celebrity train wreck from which I can't look away. Someone mentioned over on WFT2 that Austin must be great in bed...the implication being that he better be because he sure doesn't demonstrate that he has much going on in the old noggin'.

I know! Why not try something other than stream of consciousness monologues, Austin. Right now you are trying to articulate with too many syllables. How about some sensuous haiku? You can concentrate on the sensory instead of your often times infantile interpretation/analysis of current events. Perhaps something like:

Awakening love.
Sapphire daggers pierce my heart.
Trusting smile absolves.

See, that wasn't so hard, was it?

Special K said...

Here's an Austin when he used to blog on SoGoPro

"I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore!"
-paddy chayefsky -- NETWORK

"Look out music city, cause here I am and I ain't never leavin!"
-carol heikkinen -- THE THING CALLED LOVE

I am pretty in love with shouting from the rooftops.

Whether it be about revolution, career, dreams, or love,
I think people should spend more time shouting from
the rooftops.

Directors Sidney Lumet and Peter Bogdanovich nailed
it in their movies.

I have yelled from apartment windows in Manhattan,
screamed from the tops of tall buildings in Austin.

Lately, I howl like a werewolf in Los Angeles.

Usually from a balcony or deck overlooking all the twinkling
lights of Hollywood at night. My newest desire is
to shout from a tall building in every city I set foot in.

And I am urging all of you to do the same.

One time I was walking down a dark, quiet street in
Manhattan, and out of the sky, I heard...


Quit his soul-sucking job and pursue his dream?
Ask a girl to be his bride?

There was so much hope behind those words, that he inspired me.
A man I never saw or spoke to.

Maybe he just finally decided to get new drapes.

Go to the window now. Or the roof. Or climb a tree.
It doesn't matter.
Just get as high as you can and shout as loud as you can.
Whatever it is that you dream about.
Or whoever you love.
Yell it from the rooftops for all to hear.

And do it often.

And for Godsakes, do it at night.

Romance, people. Romance!!!

Somewhere in our film, Lincoln or Mona, or both,
must shout from the rooftops. I am going to shout from
the rooftops, baby!!!

And I am Lincoln Booth!!!

your faithful steed,
austin nichols

post script: what are all the other films with
great rooftop shouting scenes?

Special K said...

Another one from his SoGoPro days


By not exalting the talented you will cause the
people to cease from rivalry and contention.

By not prizing goods hard to get, you will cause
the people to cease from robbing and stealing.

By not displaying what is desirable, you will cause
the people's hearts to remain undisturbed.

Tao Teh Ching
-Lao Tzu

I have only just begun to read this work.
This is the beginning of the third chapter.

I have nothing really to say about it,
except that it has, in a very brief period,
already had quite an impact on the way I
treat people, myself, how I understand my
beliefs, concerns, and convictions.

The way I organize my life, or un-organize it,
the way I hurl myself through space, or just
let myself be hurled.

I think everyone could take away something
from this writing. :)

your faithful servant,
wild turkey

Special K said...

One more from Austin back then.

There once lived a man named Alfred.
No one called him Al.
And no one called him Fred.
But he asked everyone to call him Red.
Even though his hair was dark dark mahogany brown.

He preferred the sea to land. Spent most of his time on boats.
Alone. Throwing nets. Casting. Swimming. Diving. Spearing. Speeding. Cruising.
His hair and skin was always salty and dogs loved him. Loved to lick the salt from his skin.
He was shy and rarely spoke to girls. Although sometimes he would find
one on his boat. A young mermaid perhaps. Who had flopped up on
deck. He would spear a fish and cook it up fresh for her. Snapper
grilled with garlic and lime. Or he would dive for conch and make
fresh conch salad right on deck. The maids liked him on the sea. But
no one liked him on land.

On land, Alfred walked with a limp
and spoke with a stutter. There was a hitch in his gate, a twitch on
his face, and a fly that would follow him all over the place.

Needless to say, land lubbers stayed away. Kept him at bay. Threw him away.
Tossed him like trash. Never paid in cash.
But for some reason, when he left his land legs behind, and sailed for blue
water, Red came alive. Pirate. President and CEO of the Atlantic.
Primary stockholder of fish and wave. MVP of rigging and knots. Four
stars for bravery and a purple heart because his heart actually was

Maybe someday, the right mermaid, he may hook. Not from
any book. Or fairytale. But a real, scale and fins, mermaid. Long,
beautiful, salty hair, concealing her.... Well you know.
And when that day comes, she will take him away. He will be the Tom Hanks
to her Daryl Hannah. And finally he will get his wish. To live and
breathe among the fish.

your faithful servant,

wild turkey

Whoa! said...


I will say that you've gotta be made of strong stuff to remain a TB. I'm still here. Sigh. :)

PG that was a funny Seinfeld episode.

Tweet said...

I just read the first script for OTH season 8. There is a big surprise... Wanna know?
4 minutes ago via web


Special K said...

So we know a couple of things from these tweets.

That would be like scoring a goal for the wrong team in the World Cup. When I go back to North Carolina, next week, I would be assassinated.
half a minute ago via web

I cant tell. I would get fired. Or sued. Or possibly bumped off. Warner Brothers and CW are like Don Corleone and Tony Soprano combined. 2 minutes ago via web

I just read the first script for OTH season 8. There is a big surprise... Wanna know?
6 minutes ago via web

He knows how to drum it up with getting @300 tweets in the 6 min. since he tweeted about the script

Austin is NOT in NC yet

And he is tweeting from a computer and not his blackberry.

prairiegirl said...

Where is that Austin from those SoGo days? That's a good question. I thoroughly enjoyed those.

And did SoGo have a ten second delay or something? Because Twitter has certainly revealed his big potty mouth. I hope he watches it around his kids otherwise BT and BT2 are liable to go around calling their classmates "you little bastard" like in that Seinfeld episode, you know the one.

LOLLL! The one with Jean Paul, the marathon runner. He hears George calling the Texans "you bastard" and thinks that's the way people talk so he calls that woman's little baby, well.... you know. LOLLLL!

Remember that one? "Separate knob!"

prairiegirl said...

How can you tell he's tweeting from a computer, Special? Because it says "from the web", I guess, huh?

I just finished watching Hawthorne, a new show with Michael Vartan (sigh) and Jada Pinkett Smith. It's really good. I think they make a pretty hot couple onscreen.

Love the wet Jake picture, Special. Not a great facial expression, but hey, can't have everything. Who needs it when you have wet trail, anyway. lol.

prairiegirl said...

"Why separate knob?!!"

AUS10 said...

Haha!! I like messin with yall. That was a joke. I think about a Gabillion people saw it. Edward makes my heart flutter.
2 minutes ago via web

Eclipse. ??? Is that the name?
5 minutes ago via web

did anyone see the new vampire movie?
5 minutes ago via web

foursome said...

# It would be the most outrageous #vampire #werewolf foursome the world has ever seen. And in the end, I would devour them all. HAHA!!! 2 minutes ago via web

# well #jacob and #bella also make my heart flutter. If I saw all three of them I would ask if i could rip their clothes off 4 minutes ago via web


Special K said...

Foursome? Well clearly his not thinking about his "gf". SNAP!

Edward huh....

Sounds like he's missing his mister. Well that could be an interesting phone call later.

And yeah PG, it says from the web, not from blackberry or phone

Whoa! said...

The way Austin expresses himself in interesting, I think. :)

straighty mcstraighterson said...

There goes Austin trying to make himself look "straight straight straight" as Destiny would say. HAHA!

destiny said...

Well, I saw the latest Twilight, and its far more entertaining than most of Austin's tweets. The Twilight ones are kind of fun, but of course the old skeptic in me wonders if it was just done to get the Twilighters attention. But a three way with Edward, Kristen and Robert, I'd so pay to see that movie, even if I'm not a real big fan of either of the fellas.

I do miss the SOGO days. That Austin seems to be gone.

Agree PG about OTH and Alex. Really liked that character and actress.

And before anyone thinks I've really gone to mush seeing Twilight, tonight I balanced it out with a silent Japanese film by one of the master Japanese directors, Ozu. :-D

Whoa! said...

^^That sounds great, Dest. :)

I do like the character of Jacob, but I haven't seen the films yet, or read the books. I tend to be a vampire and werewolf fan anyway. ;)

destiny said...

I love vampires, so that's why I ended up going to see the movies.

m said...

Moonlight Mile was on TV tonight so I watched it for a bit. Jake looked so young then. The movie did not hold up as well for me this time through but I've watched it so many times that was bound to happen sooner or later. My tolerance for tearful performances has been worn thin by OTH.

You know, I do wonder if someone else is writing twitters for Austin. His writing style on twitter is so different from what we have seen before. Either that or its his way of doing what he is told but rebelling anyway. Just like Jake with Reeke. And its not the brevity. I follow some other celebs and they manage to make witty, interesting comments much of the time. You can tell that they are at least trying.

charybdis said...

Am I in the minority for thinking that Austin's tweets are kind of darling? (I don't quite know what to make of some of his racier ones....) Yes, he's kind of goofy, and perhaps not as polished as one might like, but there's an energy there that's really charming.

Whoa! said...

^No, you aren't. ;)

J said...

I agree with you, charybdis. Austin's tweets remind me of his fashion sense.

duh said...

"darling" in what way? He sounds like a moron with each successive tweet. Oh I know - a moronic darling. A simpleton.

Special K said...

Must admit I do get a kick out some of his tweets. There is a quirky, silly, sometimes irreverent, and little bit snarky something to them. Some are definitely not going to go over well with his people. (little rebel yell every once in a while) He reminds of the guy who sits in the room, and toss out little gems, not being the center of attention, but being the funny side show if you catch it.

darlin' is the word he used and that's not uncommon for a fella from texas to use

elis said...

"darlin' is the word he used and that's not uncommon for a fella from texas to use"

Why that??

unknown poet said...

" know! Why not try something other than stream of consciousness monologues, Austin. Right now you are trying to articulate with too many syllables. How about some sensuous haiku? You can concentrate on the sensory instead of your often times infantile interpretation/analysis of current events. Perhaps something like:

Awakening love.
Sapphire daggers pierce my heart.
Trusting smile absolves."

You should ask him to write his tweet, you seem so romantic and spiritual.

dig at sophia? said...

Oh shit. @aus10nichols is not nominated. Haha. :)
about 1 hour ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Vote for @aus10nichols for a teen choice award and he will ride that surfboard in real waves
about 1 hour ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®