Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hung by the Fire

(Like PG posted this morning, the Hallmark unveiled their Christmas ornaments for 2010. It's a big day for ornament collectors and while Hallmark had preview pictures, the ornaments are officially released for sale in stores for today. Do have to give big Thank You! to PG who gave me the heads up that PoP ornaments were coming last weekend.)

With pictures from LA in sweaters and shabby professional blazers (hint Austin spring for the patches on the elbows) it could be Christmas time in LA comparatively to the rest of the heat in the U.S. And sure that somewhere on some set there is snow and a Christmas special is being made.

So why not a little Christmas in July?

Of course it will be a green Christmas in a certain household, and whether they use a tree/Hanukkah bush that can be replanted, or one that can be recycled into organic gardening materials, you have to decorate it. But what with?

Homemade treats, popcorn and cranberries,, and those handmade kind from little hands that only get more precious as the years go by? Special family ornaments? Organic Candy Canes made without refined white sugar? Paper chains from recycled paper? A Longhorn ornament that some how finds its way to the backside of the tree, when it started out on the front?

Well here are some new options. Knowing a little more about a taller one recently there are a few more options like

or maybe this
...we know he's a big 'Pan fan.

Of course we know this one will be one there. Think it will be the tree topper?
One more question....does Papa Noel bring more presents when your papa's on the tree?

And Mr. Nichols now is the time to start looking for that ugly "very special" Christmas sweater before the rush.


??? said...

Austin and his niece?

Special K said...

Does look like her.

Here's the thing. How many times do you let your facebook get hacked before:

1) Do something about it report and change and get a new account?

2)Stop posting pictures on it?

And why were pictures of Austin and his family never hacked and found before he "dated" Sophia?

prairiegirl said...

I agree, Special. All of a sudden, there's these personal family pictures repeatedly leaking out involving his family.

This bearding is so different from Reeke. Sophia isn't cold & icy like Reese but she's just about as irritating. She's more self-promoting than I figured her to be. She uses Austin in a way I wouldn't think a friend would use a friend. I don't know, though.

He must not mind, otherwise he wouldn't let the pictures be put out. How else are they to let it be known that they're a "couple"?

Kind of like that compost story he told in that interview, allowing it to sound like he & Sophia lived together and composted all of their waste. tsk, tsk, tsk.

Ah, what a tangled web we weave...

These 2 are going to weave themselves into a web that even ol' Charlotte won't be able to get them out of if they're not careful. Jake gets out of it because his interviewers are told right off the bat that Reese questions aren't allowed. He never had to face the music. Must be nice to never have to take the stand, huh.

Meanwhile, Austin gets asked LIVE on the street with a mike in his face how it feels "to drive into work every day with Sophia". LOLLLLLL!!! All I can say is he & Sophia better spend less time twittering and more time drawing up flash cards & cheat sheets, devising how they're going to answer certain questions.

??? said...

Obviously Austin is allowing these pics to be "hacked" you can't blame this on Sophia, the pics are of his family.

Not only is austin behind it, he must be getting the ok from his family as well.

Austin and Sophia are both repped by the same agency.

The pics are being posted on fanpop, don't think these are hacked, more like someone is giving the person that runs the site the pics.

prairiegirl said...

Really like the post today. Love the Christmas sweaters. It makes me think of Bridget Jones Dairy and Mark Darcy's reindeer sweater.

Mom still has ornaments each of us kids made. The pipe cleaners are discolored and some of the glitter has fallen off of the little plastic cup bell and felt stockings, but they're still taken out. lol. We always have a good time laughing at them.

Soon, J&A will be making a trip to Michael's or Hobby Lobby and buy glitter, glue, construction paper, pipe cleaners, hmmm, you know there's some items on this list, no, no, no!!! lol...

They're going to have to sit at the little table and help make decorations. The ol' classic paper chain, like you said, Special. Then, after the kids go to sleep, J&A can have their own fun with the paper chain and...
lolllll! no, no, no!!

Might be a good time to go work on my story now.

Special K said...

Fanpop has been the place were many of the so called "hacked" pictures have been posted not by agencies by different people who have found them.

It's not agency, it just a place to load up pictures for a particular person, anyone can upload pictures.

Have seen pictures saved from ANJ and here posted up there. One is one I created together myself. It is the one I just posted of J&A side by side shirtless. Jake in Hawaii and Austin at ACL.

??? said...

I know the site is fan run and not an agency. Just pointing out that it was "set-up" to post the hacked pics. Of course you and others can post there as well, makes it seem like a regular fan site.

Special K said...

???, Sorry I misunderstood you

prairiegirl said...

Special, I just finished going through Austin's site on there and I saw that side by side of Jake in the black/white trunks and Austin beside him. And I saw some that were on Spooky's journal where she said please don't repost these and there they were posted by a couple of girls.

You guys are probably too nice. I'd be on my keyboard telling those gals to take them down.

And I love how one of them took one of the Jaustin Laker pictures and cropped Jake out and put in Sophia. Or else they just cropped Jake out totally.

That would hack me off big time, especially like yours, Special, where you had created the side by side yourself. They're just swiping from you guys after you've done the work and also given the photo credit.

grrrrrrrr. That hacks me off.

Did I already say that?

prairiegirl said...

So there's your proof anyway that there are some OTH Sophin fans who lurk here. And now the Toothy/Grey Goose Story has reached the land of One Tree Hill.


prairiegirl said...

Sorry for the 3 posts in a row. Where's my co-partner in crime, m & m????? Where's the Jones to my Barnaby? The Simon to my Simon? The Starsky to my Hutch? The Cagney to my Lacey????

This alex_sandra seems to be the energy behind the Sophin Train. He/She's the one who put up some of the Austin "Please Don't Re-Post" pictures from Spooky's site. I'll have to see if they're also the one who put up the Austin/Jake side by side from Special's post.

They're on a real Sophin Mission - putting up all these personal pictures of Austin & Sophia.

Methnks I smell a rat.

Austin has no problem with bearding said...

I'm so lucky. My lady supports all my sporting habits. I love you!!!
6:00 PM Jul 2nd

Kissing Sophia

Massachusetts said...

At a BBQ with Jake Gyllenhall. Uhh. Hello. How are you. Never mind, say nothing, act cool.

Anyone still in the mood to try to spin "Jake and Austin have spent the last two weeks together" fiction?

:( said...

poor hausfraus can't pin jake and austin down in the same location.

? said...

"devising how they're going to answer certain questions."

what questions?

blame Austin said...

They're on a real Sophin Mission - putting up all these personal pictures of Austin & Sophia.

Does that matter when Austin is tweeting love for his lady, going to Hawaii with her and saying things like "It is really nice to have someone there that cares about you" or "We shall see (about engagement)"?

AUS10 said...

First mountain stage done at #thetourdefrance. my legs feel good. My spirit is strong. I feel pretty good about my last place finish.

40 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry

holidays said...


"Ok, now I'm in the eggroll line @ West Tisbury Farmers Market behind Jake Gyllenhal. Hiding behind a bushy beard, this guy is everywhere."

Jake really seems to enjoy his holidays - good for him.

Special K said...

Jake loves his farmers markets, doesn't he. And the egg rolls at WT Farmers market are raved about.

RE: Austin's tweet. Don't think he has a problem being in last when he's cycling with Jake.

Back of the pack

Look at what he has to inspire him

last shall be first

prairiegirl said...

Yeah, I'm glad it sounds like he's having some good R & R on the MV. That must be a great place to hang out. **sigh** great seafood.

Meanwhile, hubby has to work. Has to work at this internet-fabricated fauxmance that's being put on.

Well, there are several names that have done this lifting/swiping of pictures from Spooky's Journal. It's like they just went through and "saved as", "saved as", "saved as", and "saved as". Because they're posted all over this fanpop site with no credit given whatsoever. There's the one of Austin on the swing and Austin on the ladder specifically that Spooky said "Please Do Not Repost This Picture" and there they are. Clear as day.

This is unbelievable.

Interesting how it was one name in particular on the van, sophia cheek kiss and the bar pictures and now all of a sudden, they say that they were submitted an hour ago by packerfan. And now the van picture says it was submitted by TeamBrooke.

I wonder how that works. 3 different fans can submit the same picture?

Anyway, the point is that Special is right on the money. Since when have we had such a plethora of personal (and I mean personal ) family & friends pictures with Austin but since he started bearding with Sophia?

This van picture is very personal.
Some of these pictures look like family outings, personal times inside a bar. Because these aren't pap photos. Paps don't follow Austin & Sophia around to the lake and inside a van on a family outing, okay?

They're lucky to get their one photo op a month on JustJared. And even that's because the guy is crushing big time on Sophia.

This fanpop site is flooded with an obscene amount of private pictures of Sophin. And not just Sophin, but of Austin's family. Does Austin's family know they're being pimped out like this on the web? That these pictures are getting linked to WFT2 and OMG and who knows where else now? Does Austin care? Is this with all of their's consent?

alex_sandra, mcewen_girl, TeamBrooke, and packersfan, etc. are 1) personal friends? 2) cousins? 3) Fan Club presidents of several chapters? or 4) just rabid fans of Sophin?

And if it's 4), then how is it they get ahold of these pictures? Like Special said, they are the hackers? Then, again, just like Special said, how is it these kinds of pictures keep appearing on someone's Facebook or whatever so that they can be lifted and keep being posted on the Web?

It has to be with Sophia's approval or knowledge and she just does nothing to stop it.

Does anyone else know of another star who puts up these kind of personal family & friend photos?Inside a friend's wedding? Inside a van? And what is with the little kid on the driver's lap in that van picture, anyway? Surely they weren't driving with the kid in the lap and none of those little kids being strapped in.

That's a whole other ball of wax. So they all piled in the van to break a Guinness record and this picture is taken. And given to Sophia as a personal momento and she pimps it out where? So that it can be put up on fanpop? Does she have permission from the parents to put these little kids' pictures up on the web?

I don't put pictures up of my niece & nephew on the web. I just don't. They're both beautiful kids and I'd love to brag on them but it just makes me nervous.

Sorry for the rambling rant but this whole thing is blowing my mind. It's all very strange and if someone wants to buy the whole kittencaboodle, go ahead. But it seems way too strange for a "celeb couple" to be doing such a two person parade touting a relationship via personal Kodak moments.

prairiegirl said...

Man, I'll never order another plain cheese quesadilla from Taco Bueno again. There's some little seeds in there that is making this thing hot.

(c) said...

Re the pics lifted from Spooky's site - was she the owner/photographer of those pics? Didn't she, too, lift them from someplace as well? Unless they're copyrighted, once those pics hit the internet they're fairplay.

prairiegirl said...

Spooky gives credit for her pictures. If she says "Please Don't Repost This", there is a reason for it.

And the fact that someone would ignore it, post it, and not even say where they got it is not at all good internet etiquette.

I see you don't have a blogpage or a livejournal page. If you did, you would know about this. When I first started out, I didn't fully understand copyrights and just plain etiquette. There are some early pictures on my story where I didn't keep the name of the site where I got it from.

But I make sure to get it now and I figure I will always take it down should the owner ever see it somehow and ask or tell me to.

The point is on the post, it is requested by the blog owner to please not repost the picture.

There is a reason for that request.

And it was ignored.

That is lifting. These aren't any old paparazzi photos. These are part of photo shoots. I haven't seen some of these pictures anywhere else but on Spooky's site.

Until now. Now they're all over fanpop.

snap said...

^picture taker

snap said...

^That was meant for 3:06

(c) said...

The reason Spooky requests the "Please don't repost this" is because she got the pics in a sneaky way and wants to cover her ass and the way she can do that is by keeping nicked pics in a locked journal with a "Please don't repost this" tag. And guess what - there's no such thing as internet etiquette anymore. It's the wild wild west out here, kids. If you don't believe me, go take a look at comments on any news or opinion site. It's a free for all and that includes photos that Spooky didn't take herself.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
when jake's away said...

@reeselasher cactus taqueria # 1. Vine. South of santa monica. Best tacos in la. No!! Earth.
10 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to reeselasher

Dos tacos de carne asada. Y dos de pastor. Y una horchata. Comida ideal!!
32 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Jersey Tom said...

I wonder who the little blonde boy is that is sitting on the man's lap in the middle seat drivers side? Any answers from our visitors.

Jersey Tom said...

I think I will pass on the PoP xmas ornament. Hopefully they sell a few in Europe:-)

Jersey Tom said...

If those pics are on the internet you can bet they where meant to be seen.

ohboy said...

That's obviously BabyTile, Tom.

prairiegirl said...

You know, I'm not going to call out those names again online but for that previous post. That one I'll leave up because that's a shoutout and it's not a yoo-hoo!! kind of shoutout either. I don't appreciate what was done.

Special, Austin's speaking Spanish again. Something about a grilled meat something or other. And mexican style drink.

Special K said...

Hey someone else posted Austin's tweets this time. But yeah PG, it beef tacos, pork tacos, and horchata to drink.

carne asada - marinated beef tacos

de pastor - pork taco

Horchata - refreshing cold drink made of rice, almonds, cinnamon (canella), lime zest and sugar.

Jersey Tom said...

ohboy said...
That's obviously BabyTile, Tom.

Thought that may rile somebody up.

prairiegirl said...

lol, Tom!!

prairiegirl said...

reeselasher? lol.

I can't believe I'm missing the Heat Miser song!!

technically said...

Carne asada is grilled steak

prairiegirl said...

Oh yeah, you're right, thanks!

LOLLLL! And I'm Mexican.

LOL. grilled meat something or other.

AUS10 said...

The dutchman in me is getting very nervioso. Cause espana is fuckin bueno!!!
about 1 hour ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

jfc said...

@aus10nichols I just found out that John Monad tweets! The internet is big. Will he follow me? I don't know Butchie instead. ☮☮☮
27 minutes ago via web

@innerfire22 I got my eye on you!!!
3 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to innerfire22

no ostriches said...

oliviagraham: 2 alpacas + jake gyllenhall at farmer's market nbd
about 6 hours ago

m said...

Well I must confess I sprang for a Heath Ledger/Joker figure, though it was only $8.00 or so. I really liked how it looked. But I will pass on the POP figure. I doesn't look enough like Jake to be of interest to me.

I would not be surprised if Austin and Sophia take the bearding as far as a pretend engagement. It seems to be par for the course for the CW network stars, plus this is their last and desperate final season of OTH with declining viewership. And, since it is just pretend anyway, no harm as they will not actually go through with it. Again, they are playing parts. Its not real life.

As for Jake and Austin being apart, that's what telephones and email are for. Until the charade is over anyway.

duh! said...

Showmance is more important that family. Telephones and email are the best way to raise kids!

^^^ said...

than family

what family? said...

As for Jake and Austin being apart...

Jake isn't working, he could be with Austin, but Jake prefers to be somewhere else.

Sophia about OTH filming:
@RebeccaAzzi We start back July 14th everyone! No shooting on weekends. And we'll end in Dec. if 12 episodes, or March if we go for 22!
10:41 PM Jun 25th

Digusted said...

No ophia. You been working for months pushing your phony showmance down everyone throats.

austin the tool said...

So have I!

destiny said...

I saw The Kids are All Right last night. Great movie. More than it's about a gay family it's really an honest look at what it is like to be in a marriage for many years. That's something I've rarely seen in a film. And it's a very adult film in a way you just don't see anymore.

Everyone is really good in it too. I love Mark Ruffalo, it's a shame he doesn't work more.

Tom, waiting for your review of Howl.

tweet said...


Start at bottom, read up

# revelations (or gossip) we ended up having sex, nothing major, a long bj while I sat on his face & he worked on my ass, loving it, then he 1 minute ago via web

# loved the script so much he did it anyway - clever move! He said that George Clooney is bisexual, and so is Travolta!After all this exciting 2 minutes ago via web

# my american followers know all about this :) He said that his agents advised him not to do do Brokeback as its too close to home but he 4 minutes ago via web

# they met on set of The Day After Tomorrow & that it isnt a big secret at all, just not out as Hollywood stigma attached to gay actors. Maybe 5 minutes ago via web

# asked him about some big name actors & he said that Jake Gyllenhaal is gay & has been dating Austin Nichols for some time now. Apparently 6 minutes ago via web

# project, meeting Madonna (difficult) and Susan Sarandon (difficult too - surprisingly I thought as she comes across very pleasant). Then I 9 minutes ago via web

# Terre D'Hermes :) We had a long chat about his best moments of his career, like meeting SJP in NY for dinner 2 yrs ago talking about a movie 10 minutes ago via web

# help him get over both. He smelled of Clinique Happy For Man, a fresh fragrance I myself used to wear some years ago before I discovered 12 minutes ago via web

# look at, one of those people who just blend into the background. He is recovering from a stomach ulcer & a broken heart so he thought I'd 13 minutes ago via web

# just down the road from me. He is some big name movie producer, done lots of TV stuff and films. Nice guy, late 30's, nothing special to 14 minutes ago via web

# DD, do I have a bit of a juicy story for you, not so much sexual but concerning some famous names. I just met a client who actually lives 15 minutes ago via web

reader said...

then he

Don't stop there!

Austin said...

We start back July 14th everyone!

Whut? That's Bastard I mean Bastille day. Hump Day too. I'll be on set July 15.

prairiegirl said...

lol. Don't stop there. lol

Okay, could be another non-accomplishing day for moi. lol. It's raining. Again. And there's just so much going on. I can't stay focused so I'm jumping from event to event to task to task.

Well, I reckon everyone else is out & about, doing all those summer things. And probably watching the World Cup, which I don't care about so, I am. But I have been busy! And there's not enough time nor enough room for all my open browsers. lol!

Alot of people just taking advantage of this marathon of non-Jake action, but I bet still checking in and lurking when you can. So I'm taking advantage of wide open kilobyte space and going to bring some items to the table. This meeting is now open and there is no time limit. Somebody please take the minutes? lol. Did anyone bring snacks? And I'll make a fresh pot of coffee. This could be an off & on all day meeting.

prairiegirl said...

Okay, so the "big" wedding guest, parking validation ticket, I mean picture has been put up on fanpop. now added to my Favorites, along with a few new ones.

Just like One Tree Hill fans are lurking here, I'm putting it out there that I'm lurking on several of their sites because they have some active message boards.

Sophin is no different from Reeke. For anyone who thinks Sophin is mild? Is harmless? Is innocent play?

It is my strong opinion that one maybe ought to think again. Sophia & Austin are playing some hardball, you guys. I think Austin watched Reeke & learned. Heck, he had a front seat. He had a box seat. Orchestra seat? That's about as close as you can get, right?