Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hard Day's Life

You have the same shot as Jake or Austin to be in a Ridley Scott movie but you have to do it quick. (half a day left) Right now producer Scott and Acadamy Award winning director Kevin McDonald are asking for people to capture whatever they are doing today July 24th on video and submit to be a part in Life in a Day a user-generated documentary film. It is an experiment to capture a single day on Earth. Check out Life in a Day Channel on YouTube, and their FAQ.

It makes you wonder what they would capture for Life in Day.

Now would Austin's most recent co-star would film themselves on a Saturday dumpster dive mission?
Just a tip there some tough angles. You know 'cause does anybody look good with their head in the trash and the butt to the camera even if it is wrapped in Herve Leger? Well some may have that self confidence. Most Little Voices wouldn't, but then they're are just little voices aren't they.

Back to feature films.

IndieWire was suggesting movies for the upcoming Toronto and Venice film festivals is suggested LaOD for Toronto. So could we Jake back in the Great White North in September?

Jake has enjoyed his times at TIFF, well except for the whole hotel room mix up thing that one year. He's gone to support his family's, his friend's, and his own films there. And Toronto has given him a great reception too.

And since IHJ has been taking a trip in the way back machine with some of the pictures its been adding here's the way back via Toronto.

The word of the day is separate.

It may be a little bittersweet for he and Annie to go back this time.

Interesting is that even back in Sept 07 at Toronto,
Jake's now often seen bodyguard was on the red carpet with him.


Special K said...

Don't think I'm not about recycling and doing things for the environment.

This is one of the coolest things I seen using recycling 2L bottles and creating your own little farm to table or more like WindowFarm to table.


Special K said...

Gotta say that if the celebrity I follow referred to their fans a "little voices" I wouldn't be a fan anymore. Because my voice is not little it is as loud and strong as anyone else, including theirs. The part they play on TV does not make their voice louder or better than what I have to say.

Methodical Muser said...

Whew! Pitch me, I'm in heaven. Alright, I'm here for my Adam On Location Report. I don't think I've had so much fun at a concert in the past 10 years. Adam's voice was in great form and the crowd was almost as fun to watch as my man. (Not really, but you get my point.)

As anyone who knows Adam's versatility would appreciate, his performance style was movingly stripped back in some songs, and rockin' the roof off in others, without missing a beat. A sweet reminder of how that boy can sing and emote every feeling in the crayola rainbow box of colors (that was for you, Austin)!!!! The dancers were in fine form, the laser show visually appealing and Tommy was back with the band. He had briefly left the tour because of an illness in the family, so it was great to see him where he belongs. There was a blue glamstick flashmob tribute to Adam during, "Whataya Want From Me," which created an appropriate moody ambience and I believed I saw a tear or two, from Adam. Oh, and I forgot to mention that Adam did a licking kiss with Tommy that was over the top, deliciously yummy.

Best moment....hmmmm. He rocked the house with a Whole Lotta Love, Aftermath was beautifully sung and Fever was hot, hot, hot. Let's just say after the event, I felt sexy and empowered. So, overall, that's what I will remember most. Adam's honesty and sweetness shines through all the razzle dazzle of showmanship, as well as his courage. Now that's entertainment and laudable. A double whammy.

Anyone whose interested, you guys are in luck. Suze526 was there and she is a megaqueen when it comes to providing video of Adam's GlamNation concerts. So here's the link. Adam's terrific performance is right there for all to see, and the sonic quality is pretty darn good too. So enjoy the show. Drum roll. Here's Adam!!!

Glambert Glow

ha! said...

Well then, Special, it's a good thing you're not a fan and don't follow Sophia Bush! I've a feeling most of her fans aren't old and jaded.

Not a surprise said...

That's because most of Sophia's fans are gullible, mindless sycophants.

teehee said...

old and jaded

yep, that describes the posters here perfectly

Youthful and well-adjusted said...

yep, that describes the posters here perfectly

Trollys love to talk to themselves, don't they? Let's see: posters of the trolling persuasion, are craggy, sexually confused and monotonous.

All Hail, Adam said...

Thanks for the wonderful links to Adam's concert in San Francisco, Methodical. It's almost like being there! He is beautiful, isn't he? And, so incredibly gifted.

notice said...

Special never said it was Sophia. Sophia's fans assumed it was.

hehe! said...
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destiny said...

Thanks for the review M and M. Glad to hear Adam is still in top form after all this time on the road, and sounds like you loved the same things I did. And the flash mob for Adam, awwwww. Nothing like that at the show I saw.

Sorry to hear your work day has gotten even longer PG. I wouldn't even begin to know how to load something like that.

destiny said...

The windowfarms are cool Special. I don't think I get enough light to really grow anything unfortunately.

Special K said...

Hey new pics of Jake at IHJ.

He is in LA. Jake at Organic Grocery Store

But it looks like he's got people to feed, he is hustling out of there with a spoon and fork in hand and couple of bags of food.

Now Sophia spilled it before they started filming that they don't film on the weekends.

And not a peep from Austin all day today(16hrs). Wonder if he is grabbing a couple days at home? (With an ensemble you don't shoot everyday, and it sounds like yesterday was a long day of filming day for him)

And yup Comcast was back again today.

^^ said...

"But it looks like he's got people to feed"

Doesn't look like he has a heap of food there...

No doubt said...

He's definitely feeding more than one, and in an hurry.

Special K said...

The "people" don't have to be big, they can still be hungry.

He's bveen in L.A. since wednesday SK, keep up! said...

And the spoon and fork indicates take out, I bet the 'groceries" are all prepared food.

Sophia didn't spill anything, few if any TV shows film on the weekend.

Wilmington NC has such beautiful beaches, for a water lover like Austin I would think he would spend the weekend surfing, etc in NC. I remember the pics from last year of Austin teaching some girls how to surf in NC while there was a break in filming.

A break in twetng could be that he has nothing to tweet about, Sophia seems to be more into it, and has more interests.

Ha! said...

...even if it is wrapped in Herve Leger?

LOL, you are very funny Spesh. :)

Love the song of course, and the windowfarm info! :)

Ha! said...

Oh, after Special's beautiful post on Crayola crayons, I bought a box of 24 and decorated a birthday card, and I never had so much fun. What a sad world it would be if there were no crayons and coloring books. :)

Home is where the heart is said...

Wilmington NC has such beautiful beaches, for a water lover like Austin...

So does Malibu! And, I bet the view in California in much more appealing. In more ways than one.

hmmmm said...

And not a peep (tweet) from Sophia in 16 hours....

ma bell said...

maybe she "lost" her phone again

you are over 40 Sk, grow up said...

Poor SK, jealous of Sophia...

qwerty said...

He's definitely feeding more than one, and in an hurry.

or just himself for the next few days

Special K said...

Back Jack? Just can't stay away or stop sharing.

Special K said...

Good observation Notice. I didn't say who it was, but wow, everyone seemed jump to conclusions and say who it was.

the real m said...

We had a power failure last evening that lasted about 1 hour. Not sure if it was from a brown out or not, but it sure messed up my schedule. We went outside to avoid the heat inside with no air conditioning and spent the rest of the night enjoying the balmy evening so no web surfing. I'm a bit out of the loop but will catch up today.

Jake being back in LA just illustrates how easy it is for him to take ferrys, planes, cars etc in high profile locations and not be seen during the process. He can hide when he wants to. I wonder if Atticus is back home too?

easy to figger said...

Spesh, it doesn't take to much investigative research to read Sophia's tweets. You know, where she calls her twitter followers "little voices". Who else could you possibly mean? Who else gets that much hatred and vitriol from you?

Special K said...

All this chatter doesn't distract from Jake looking like a Daddy in a rush coming out the grocery store.

prairiegirl said...

A break in tweeting could be that he has nothing to tweet about; Sophia seems to be more into it and has more interests.

Give me a break!! I've been checking her boring twitter sight. Believe me, this girl spills squat.

It's either recycling, boring Did You Know's with regard to Green, some personal tweet back to someone that no one else knows or cares what in in the heck they're talking about, Recycling, constant scientific green-oriented, recyling (oh, did I say that already?), green-oriented fact (Oh, did I say that one already, too?) or it's merely the words, "Me, me, me, me" or "I, I, I, I, I".

Has more interests. Get serious.

Looks like the OTH fangirls are trying to have a little party here. Well, one of the guardians is back. Might be time for a little scrapbook trip through time to discuss some past mano-a-mano history of Mr. Austin.

Starting with an all-day marathon in a filming trailer.

prairiegirl said...

LOLLLL! Boy, am I glad I didn't go on my rant about watching the type-os after looking at my own post. LOLLL!

shakes head

And everyone has waited how long to see this guy???? And look at his Hotness.

LOLLLLL. I just took a look at IHJ. Check out Jakey. Man, I don't know. I think these kid(s) have done a number on him. On Austin as well, although Austin doesn't seem to have them hardly at all compared to Jake.

Oh my dog. Jake looks like he needs to do laundry for one thing. And he looks like he's getting ready to go work a 7-3:30 with 4 hr of OT shift at the local union production line of Acme Mftg.

Austin! You better talk to your long distance husband and tell him you signed that petition to ban plastic bags!

prairiegirl said...

Speaking of whom, I see he still has the Austin Chastity Belt on.

Jake has turned into one big BORE!!! lol. Prime, and I do mean prime example of what happens once someone gets hitched. And has kids.

They start looking like that. And their lives pretty much turn into borefests. Not to them, though, mind you. Most of them either love it or they're too busy being run ragged to notice they don't like it.

It's just boring to those of us who are still single. But we see the signs. You know when your friends get married. You don't see them as much anymore. They start looking a little rough sometimes when they come into the office. The kid spilled something on their clothes. The moms cut their hair short because the babies grab it all the time and they just don't have time to take care of it anymore. They start driving big honkin' vehicles and vans to hold those car seats and then when the kids get older, to haul all their little friends around after sleepovers and to soccer practice. They're always going to the grocery store. They're glued to their cell phones. And they know more about PBS, Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel characters & shows than some kids.

Do I need to go on?

Boy, gone is the ol' $100k custom made suit. The nanny must be off and he's on his own.

Jake said...

They start looking like that.
Jake has turned into one big BORE!!!
these kid(s) have done a number on him.


destiny said...

I don't think having a family has to turn you into a bore. But for whatever reason Jake sure seems to be playing up "dull" as if that was a pr strategy.

I know people here are not Bomer fans, but this video of him and his White Collar co-star Tim DeKay dancing to one of those dance games at Comic Con, along with a kid (looks like there were others dancing that are out of the frame) is funny and adorable.

Bomer and DeKay dancing to Ke$ha

prairiegirl said...

lol! Sorry, buddy!

destiny said...

M and M, love your new avatar, I just noticed it!

prairiegirl said...

Yeah, I think it does very frequently, Destiny. Things don't change in this regard.

And I don't think Jake is running to Whole Foods and Farmers Markets all the time to look single and available. Or to look straight. Or to look hip. Or to catch the eye of some filmmaker.

He's going simply because he needs to. He needs food. Constantly.

And look at him. He's sure not eating it all. So who is?

Ha! said...

Cute dance video, I love the kid in it. :)

prairiegirl said...

I saw that video on JustJared and well......I wasn't going to say anything but since it's been linked here, I can go ahead and give my little arcade token opinion.

That guy can't dance worth a lick.

LOLLL! Don't hit me, Dest!! But he can't!! He doesn't have any rhythm either.

Chap is up!!!! Chap is up!!! Yesssss!!! Good has won over bad!!! It was gonna be the chap or it was gonna be LJ. And it certainly was not going to be my chap.

I can go eat now.

Methodical Muser said...

M and M, love your new avatar, I just noticed it!

Wickedly cool, don't you think? Thanks!

It's true that parenting doesn't have to equate to boring, but Jake's whole lifestyle and way of presenting himself to the world have definitely radically changed since 2007. He looks like he's being run ragged and is always aware of that camera on him as if he is the prey trying to escape the enemy. Where's that toothy smile he use to display so generously? And, that sexy aura that once wrapped around him like a glove. Oh, that's right, the hedgehog doesn't want to be noticed anymore. He's nesting.

Methodical Muser said...

^Or burrowing to complete my metaphor. *grin*

destiny said...

Once again you've hit the nail on the head M and M.

You're right about Jake being caught just doing everyday things, and he has to shop, but he used to have that sexy aura as M and M calls it. I don't see why he doesn't still have it. Age? Lack of confidence? Fear of being caught? Tired of it all?

It's probably not fair to judge shopping photos like these, but we don't get any of the others we used to get. I always think of that one of him coming out of the restaurant with the black shirt that almost looks see-through, and he has that sexy, I'm hot and on top of the world vibe going on. Thought we'd see the return of that post-Reeke, but so far I haven't seen it.

destiny said...

PG, it's all right, you can call Bomer a bad dancer, I won't sulk, LOL. Not sure I agree with you, although I do think DeKay does a better job.

I've never tried that game, not sure how hard it is to follow the steps and have some rythem. It looks kind of fun actually, especially with a big group of people.

destiny said...


Methodical Muser said...

I always think of that one of him coming out of the restaurant with the black shirt that almost looks see-through, and he has that sexy, I'm hot and on top of the world vibe going on. Thought we'd see the return of that post-Reeke, but so far I haven't seen it.

You're reading my mind, lady. That was exactly the image I was visualizing as I typed my initial post. He was so hot, I thought he might self-combust that day. Although I have to admit it would be hard to duplicate that particular kind of perfection, I can easily recall 1,000s of other gorgeous photos that come to mind as well. Even his cover boy shots have become dull and lifeless, like his recent GQ shoot for PoP. For a guy who keeps trying to convince everyone that he just wants to have fun, I'm just not feeling it, Jake.

Reality said...

One spoon and one fork. Looks like dinner for one.

check said...

Grown up food needs a knife.

illiterate said...

LOL. Destiny, if you can't spell it (wrong twice), you obviously don't have it.


prairiegirl said...

Welllll...could it be Jake has that "been hooked up with the same one for so long, I'm not all about looking hot to shop anymore" syndrome?

Important observation: no longer with Reese. And still looking a little worse for wear. Half put together. Preoccupied.

It's called, helloooooo!, being a parent of a toddler! Or two. Man, if it's two and there's just a year between them?

Exhibit A = Jake

What other explanation can there be?

1. Well, he's 29 and therefore he's over the hill and sex is boring to him. No need to look good for anyone. Trojans? Not in his cabinet.

2. He's trying out for the new remake of Grizzly Adams.

3. He's going to audition for a reformation of ZZTop.

4. He's going to become a branch manager of a Whole Foods.

5. He's going to go into farming.

6. He's given away all of his used-to-be-hot clothes to Goodwill. It's now only sweats, track pants, big nylon homeyboy shorts or ragged T-shirts for him now. All with elastic waists (well, except for the T shirts, lol).

7. Austin has banned plastic razors from the house. He has no choice.

8. Austin's never home anymore and so he's lost that eau-de-just-had-sex air about him.

9. Austin has banned all energy-using appliances in the house so Jake's cooking over an open campfire in the backyard. He's wearing the dark glasses because that's lighting fluid in one of those sacks. Don't let Austin see!!

10. This is the new hot-sex-in-the-back-of-an-SUV look, also known in the Urban Dictionary as Blue Collar StudMuffin.

man of the house said...

I always think of that one of him coming out of the restaurant with the black shirt that almost looks see-through, and he has that sexy, I'm hot and on top of the world vibe going on.

He also used to walk with his shoulders back and his hips more forward. He was in no big hurry and could take his time to look like a runway model. Nowadays he hunches over looking more like he's doing a 50 yard dash to hurry and get home so he can resume the never-ending always-changing job of keeping his loud, demanding, temperamental boss satisfied. If the boss is fed, occupied and happy, everyone is happy.

Special K said...

Jake does look like he does have somewhere to get to, he looks needs to get home. Could be couple of tiny texans tearing it up or possible dutch rebellion.

He also may just want to get home to enjoy all of that excitement. Because what would be more fun, that or aimlessly shopping for stuff you don't need?

the real m said...

Yeah, Jake has not been dressing to be alluring for quite some time, though he does tend to clean up when Austin is around. I think Ted said it well several years ago when he said Jake's heart is taken. End of story.

I saw the clip of Bomer dancing and I doubt that is a fair representation. He was imitating, not doing his own thing. He showed just enough moves to make me think he would be fine if he did his own thing.

Season 4 of Mad Men starts tomorrow. I can hardly wait. PG, I finished that lengthy slash story I mentioned and am ready to get caught up on all the recent stuff.

Jack McFarland said...

Boner can't dance, Austin gets his hair wet in the ocean and Jake is a sloppy dresser and has bad posture. Are you absolutely sure they're gay?

lol said...
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Jersey Tom said...

What site did IHJ gets these photos from? Was it Just Jared or some other site? Sometimes I wonder if the pics were actually taken on the date it says they were taken. PR may def want folks to think Jake is in LA this weekend. These photos could have been taken months ago. Who knows?

Special K said...

jj want's to know why he has to make a "winner" poster for @AUS10NICHOLS when he says: quote` "I like Jaime better" LOL @JMHaughey
about 8 hours ago via web

Only Tweet from Austin since Friday:
@nicoledimas jj does not have to make me a poster. Its fine. These tears will dry. This depression will pass.
about 8 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to nicoledimas

From nicoledimas

@AUS10NICHOLS tears? Depression? He only said it cuz hes "familiar with him" u'll get the rock'n poster!!

@AUS10NICHOLS not sure how u want it. We can post it tomorrow by twitpic by the ay I told him who u were and he gave a BIG SMILE! about 8 hours ago via txt

@AUS10NICHOLS Now we just have to make the poster bigger, maybe even bring out the permanent markers! oooohhhh!!!!!!
about 8 hours ago via web in reply to AUS10NICHOLS

@AUS10NICHOLS jamison said "he's the man from the wolf movie" (day after tomorrow?) he's got a memory like that! ha ha...there were wolves?
about 8 hours ago via web in reply to AUS10NICHOLS

Jamison/JJ is her son, her Crowdrise pagefor him and to bring awareness about Tourette's

Sophia tweeted to Perez about a burger 2 hours after Austin's tweet to @nicoledimas

Jersey Tom said...

I would just love to know how IHJ gets the pics. I also would love to know if PR sends them directly to IHJ. It would be sad to think that the girls at IHJ are being used to help J and A live their lies. Because I am sure IHJ means well even if they want to belive Jake is str8.

Jersey Tom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jersey Tom said...

Well I don't see these photos in the usual Jake spots. Not on Just Jared and not on X17online.

Interesting. Seems like the last photos of Jake in LA were from June.

I dont see Austin flying back and forth to LA every weekend fron NC. Jake most likely is a lot closer than to NC than LA. Sure funny we get a pic of Jake in LA the first weekend Austin is off. Hilary sure said words that didn't make PR happy. Austin dissappears on the weekend. The mystery man. Maybe Im wrong and Jake is in LA. Just seems funny.

prairiegirl said...

Yeah, there are some things that become disjointed anymore, Tom.

It seems like it's fairly obvious that Jake has been in hiding. And before someone says "Well, he always vacay's in MV in the summer", while that seems true to me, he's also been seen alot more during summers past. So just taking a gander at IHJ through the ol' archives, it seems we've had in terms of Jake's past summer pap photos:

2009: Jake paparazzi photos throughout June, July & August in D.C., Brentwood, L.A., Beverly Hills, Philly, then MV in Aug., and Venice CA.

2008: Santa Monica, Hollywood, then of course, London, Paris, Morrocco. No pap photos from MV in 2008.

2007: May, New York City throughout June, L.A. in July and then M.V. in August.

2006: L.A., Westwood, L.A. NYC throughout the rest of June, L.A., Malibu, Hollywood, W. Hollywood, L.A. West Hollywood, Malibu, New York City, and then M.V. in early Sept on what was probably Labor Day Weekend, then B.H. with Austin on Sept. 5.

2005: L.A., Hollywood, Beverly Hills, L.A., Maui, B.H., Hollywood, wherever Urth is, wherever Sunset Blvd is, 8 more Holly./L.A. with KiKi in July, 3 outings in NYC with Kiki in late July, Hollywood, L.A. Hollywood, HW, Malibu, HW, HW, Malibu, HW, LA, HW, and W. Hollywood.

2004: couple in LA in June, one in Beverly Hills in July

2003: B. Hills, West HW, LA, NYC, Bev. Hills, wherever Newsroom Restaurant is, London w/Kiki in July, NYC and Manhattan in August.

prairiegirl said...

It is easier to try and analyze/discuss things when you put them down in a timeline like that, seems to me. I look at that ^^^ and it brings up these questions/observations:

1. So when did his family buy their place in M.V.? I thought it sounded like he's been going there since he was a child. Did they just recently start allowing some photo's there, then?

2. Wow, what happened in the summer of 2004? lol. Because even in 2003, he was alllll over the place. Him & Kirsten were papped like crazy throughout the summer.

3. In the past, Jake has had no problem being seen & papped not only during his summers, but in general. Most of them centering on eating out and shopping. Shopping & eating out. Eating out...well, you get the gist.

4. Looks like he tends to make a point to go to NYC in his summers, several times in later July's?

5. In the years of this amateur timeline, it looks like Martha's Vineyard always came in August.

Jersey Tom said...

PG PR can def manipulate times and dates and even locations they want Jake to be. ITs all a bunch of PR BS. Yeah Jake could have been in LA this week for some business. He has a movie coming out later this year and promotion plans could be underway. But the pics from IHJ could have been taken during the week. We have no way of knowing when they were taken or for that matter where.

Jersey Tom said...

I certainly am much more suspucious when pics are on IHJ without being on any other celeb site.

prairiegirl said...

And looking at 2006, when he spent so much time in NYC, particularly in June when I see him with Chris alot (BTW, I notice in a couple of sets, Chris appears to be with a strawberry blond girl) and then starts the Summer of McBongo. As I understand it, this period follows what is said to be the time when Jake & Austin had a big break up. Thus, Jake retreated to NYC, perhaps to be in the company of his best friend.

Then, on Sept 5, the first photos of the reunited Jake & Austin.

Well, I recall seeing several discussions on here by people regarding the dates put on photos. I think it's been proven that places manipulate dates sometimes. I would think that they do it to suit a certain agenda, though.

Photos, just like Twitter, can be used by celebs & their handlers to paint a certain picture. A certain time frame.

Heck, FanPop is a prime example. FanPop is being used by Sophia and her Pep Club to provide photo documentation of her & Austin's fake romantic relationship.

Methodical Muser said...

2. Wow, what happened in the summer of 2004? lol. Because even in 2003, he was alllll over the place. Him & Kirsten were papped like crazy throughout the summer.

Great chronology, PG. Yes, timelines are far more revealing than just relying on fading memory and contradictory gossip sites to confirm someone's whereabouts because people are creatures of habit. That is unless something changes in their life to alter that pattern. Settling down and raising a family would definitely qualify as one of those life transforming events.

Btw: The reason not much is going on in the summer of 2004 is because Jake was filming a little movie called Brokeback Mountain in Alberta, Canada. I wonder whatever happened to that film? *smile*

BbM Filming Schedule

Filming began in Alberta, Canada, in May 2004, and was largely complete by August 2004.

prairiegirl said...

I would agree with those who say Jake still just doesn't look the same. I know I was pointing out "the look" of a harried parent and while that is true, I also agree that since the PoP promotion time, Jake hasn't looked happy.

Now is it because he & Austin are having troubles? Looking at the pics of Jake in 2006 during that break up time, those look an awful lot like his appearance since this summer started. The ring and the neckchain are gone.

He looks like he doesn't give a flip about his appearance and the beard. What in the heck is with the werewolf scruff in the heat of what has been one of the hottest summers on the east coast? The last thing alot of men want on their face when it's so darn hot is alot of hair.

Jake has looked cranky. And he's looked guarded. Maybe alot of it has to do with the guy being tired of constantly looking over his shoulder and looking out for paps. Worried about them on his tail and trying to see who he's with, who's in the waiting car, what's in his packages, and maybe trying to follow him.

When you're hiding something big, there's no peace of mind unless the kids are within the moat, behind locked doors and with the nanny and surveillance cameras. Outside of that, some things are out of your control. Same with him and Austin. They can't be seen together. So if they are out, it maybe gets quoted as Jake with a friend after dark, in the late evening, etc. With a pal. With a friend.

They have to hide. They have to drive in separate cars. They have to sync their watches, Okay, who has the kids? I'm going to meet you at such and such place at such and such time. Then you'll go out the back door, I'll go out the front. I'll see you back at the house after you go to the ball with PomPom Sophia

Man, I'm stressed out just thinking about the extra work it would cause to maintain this separate life. Yeah, that's alot of fun. I want that life.

What kind of maneuvers had to be done just to have a summer vacay on M.V.? How relaxing is that? Sure, you could have a great time at the big clambake on the beach in the evening. But the next morning, you wake up and you've got to go through it all over again. The watchful eye. The phone calls. The hiding.

prairiegirl said...

Ahhhhh, thanks, M&M!! Big explanation there.

prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
prairiegirl said...

I'm not saying the guys are split right now. Just saying it's possible. You have to be open to that possibility. To deny its possibility is to say that their "having it all - relationship and family" is a bed of roses.

And even if they are still together, which is what Ted says, I can't help but feel that this way of living could hardly be continued without there being physical and emotional health issues later on down the line.

All one has to do is look at how it has aged them so far. These past 2 1/2 years of bearding and trying to "have it all" while under the stress of hiding it all, have aged both of these guys noticeably.

And even though Jake is no longer bearding, Austin is. And it's not like Jake can slap his hands together and say, "Well, it's not me, thank goodness. Let Austin do it for awhile. I'm in the free & clear. And boy, do I feel alot better."

It doesn't work that way. Now Jake has to watch Austin pretend to be lovin' someone else up. Send tweets over the international internet, professing things like "My girl has my back" and "I got your shoulder right here" crap. He has to watch PomPom grab his hubby's ass and sit meekly in the background. Austin's bearding doesn't get left on the doormat before he steps into the house. It comes inside with him, into the bedroom and in the living room after the kid(s) are asleep. So Jake's not free of bearding. He's going through it all over again. It's just not him directly anymore.

And maybe that's why Jake just doesn't look like that carefree kind of happy anymore. Even though Reeke is done & over, that look hasn't popped back like it "should have".

And don't tell me everyone hasn't noticed and isn't wondering why.

destiny said...

Love your top ten lost PG. LOL.

No I do not have rhythm sadly. But the second time was a typo that I missed, sigh.

Some words just give me brain freeze, spell-check has made that worse, and I am too lazy when posting here to check.

Methodical Muser said...

Yes, "having it all," as many career women have found out over the past few decades, creates a stress that is hard to calculate or predict. I think you have made several fine points. Can't imagine living in the shadows and always looking over your shoulder. Nevertheless, sometimes you make choices that seem "on paper" to be the solution to all your problems and with the right outside pressures (handlers, Mommy dearest, insider friends who don't want Hollywood to change because it might mean they have to be honest with the public, etc.), you can be thrust into a lifestyle that has many unintended consequences. The least of which is sapping that sexy, carefree aura right out of your soul.

Methodical Muser said...

I agree. PG's Top Ten is an instant classic. I'm still ROTFLMAO!

destiny said...

Tom, as crazy as it would be, Austiin could be going to LA for just the weekend.

Bomer does it even though he says he's only there about 24 hours.

No conspiracy with IHJ. They have arrangements with the photo agencies, and photos sometimes do no get released until they know nobody wants to buy them. I bet these are from earlier in the week when we got a tweet of him in LA.