Monday, July 19, 2010

TV Tweets

From Austin's tweets

"Did you ever find yourself watching highway to heaven re-runs and crying?" Jul 17th

"Or little house on the prairie re-runs. Something about michael landon just brings tears!!!" Jul 17th

It sounds like someone watching the Hallmark Channel. What else would you watch while coloring? The Wiggles? Phineas and Ferb?

While claiming to have no TV. Austin gives Mike TV a run for his money, and Kleenex too one for that matter.

So here it is:

Future Top Ten TV Tweets from Austin.

10. "David Banner's "Lonely Man" walk away a the end of The Incredible Hulk brings tears to my eyes."

9. "Who would win a steel cage match The Golden Girls or Designing Woman?"

8.Twitpics the Miami Vice picture of himself.

7. "My favorite Facts of Life girl"

(You say Joe, we know..... George)

6. "Getting down to the theme from Maude"

5. " I can sing the entire theme from The Gummi Bears."

4."Can't decide who I wanted to be on Silver Spoons. Ricky? Alfsono? Derek? Some days I felt like Freddy."

3. "I admit I Carleton Banks around the house."

2. Tweets Alyssa Milano in tears after watching "Samantha's Grow Up" on Who's the Boss

and the number one

"Watching a My Two Dads marathon."
Wait didn't he say he didn't have a TV? ; )

A Little House on the Austin moment:

If Austin was Almanzo, ( or "Manly" as Laura called) who would those other two be?


razzmtazz said...
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destiny said...

Funny how the troll is often the first to post.

Two Dads, that's a good one.

Methodical Muser said...

Don't know why, but everytime I watch PBS I have an urge to go snorkling.

"Try harder, try harder!" *heavy breathing* "yeah yeah...C'mon give it one more try...Ow, ow, don't touch it."

Sesame Street is so educational!!

Methodical Muser said...

And, snorkling makes me want to cry...or scream. Depending upon my mood. *grin*

Jersey Tom said...

I wonder what Austin will be doing on weekends. They will have to be careful with that one. Hilary spilled the beans now I am sure sophin has a plan to change the reality of the mysterious weekend flee.

Special K said...

Austin tweeted a little bit ago:

I'm riding my bike all over this town. No car. No gas. No bp. And good exercise.

That's one way to avoid riding in cars with girls. ; )

But who does it remind you of? Someone he does like to go and has been seen and photographed biking with?

Special K said...

Don't know why, but everytime I watch PBS I have an urge to go snorkling.

"Try harder, try harder!" *heavy breathing* "yeah yeah...C'mon give it one more try...Ow, ow, don't touch it."

And, snorkling makes me want to cry...or scream. Depending upon my mood. *grin*


Special K said...

Guess what another day and another afternoon with Comcast, and another new modem. They took the two they told me to split and use to fix the problem this weekend, and replaced with yet another one. What is number 6 or number 7?

yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwn said...

Don't know how many this is, Spesh. Nor does anyone really care. Boring information is boring.

Special K said...

Hi Jack. Now it's time to skip along.

destiny said...

There's a runnin gag in No. 13 of the Stepahie Plum bounty hunter series about the cale company. Someone skipped out on his court appearance to stay home and wait for the cable company LOL.

Special K said...

Dest, Sherri Shepherd announced today that she is playing Lulu in the Stephanie Plum movie.

destiny said...

Hmmm, I can sort of see her playing that role. Thanks for the information Special.

Anonymous said...

Saw this on Gawker today. "Money can't buy you love, but it sure can buy you a public relations blitz. This American-born actor doesn't have the best reputation in the world. However, despite his claims to a lessening fortune, he's still got plenty of dough to buy temporary mates to bolster his image. On most websites, public opinion has resoundingly turned against this actor. However, on some of the most popular news and gossip sites, there are a puzzling bounty of posts lauding him as a great man and the victim of a conspiracy. Turns out that it is no coincidence. There is actually a team of people who have been hired specifically to adopt multiple personalities on each of about a dozen of the most popular news and gossip sites. Their job is to try to make their client look better by posting positive and supportive messages about him… and negative messages about others. If you look a little closer at those posters, you'll see that they are new and exist solely to support this m* f* son of a w* c* b*." Now of course this is not about Jake. I cant even begin to guess who its about. Some are guessing Mel Gibson, but that has to be a lost cause. This does however prove that the PR tactic exists.

There was also a blurb on a couple of sites re the top 10 slash personalities. I was surprised that Jake and Heath were not listed. The list included men and women, so maybe that cut into it.

Anonymous said...

Well, the more I think about it, the slash is focused on Jack and Ennis which are fictional characters. I think that poll was limited to real people, so that may explain their absence.

Inception is off topic, but it was so mind boggling I cant stop thinking about it. We will see it again this week to revisit the plot points. My husband cant wait to get back to the theater, which is most unusual for him. I loved the way Nolan just dropped you right into the film. For about 15 minutes I wondered if they started the movie in the middle by accident.

Methodical Muser said...

Glad you enjoyed my snorkling humor, Special. That Sesame Street octupus is just too good to pass up. And, another new modem? Do you have problems with electrical surges where you live? I can't stand Comcast, so maybe it's time to look elsewhere for your Internet connection.

prairiegirl said...

I can believe that claim, m, about PR hiring lackeys to post fake comments.

I think Ice Maiden herself had some of that going on. You would see some of the same similar type comments on several blogs posted about her, very complimentary and very...unbelievable.

Oh, and just to put my hat into the pile? I didn't send that letter to Ted, either.
Thanks for posting that - it was very interesting. And the Queen of the Link herself, M&M, says that Mel Gibson was indeed born in the States. I bet it is him who has the campaign going on to fight the useless fight to save his image.

That guy is toast. Nothing is going to help him now, image-wise.

prairiegirl said...

***sigh***. Wow, my avatar looks really great, doesn't it? lol.

Thanks to the QOL who clued me in on how to see my avatars again.

BTW, M&M, I love that avatar of yours now that I can see it.

AUS10 said...

RT @LordScottykins: @AUS10NICHOLS they won't know what to do with someone whose tall and can act! they're used to a short nut. about 7 hours ago via web

Its official!! Austin nichols will be replacing tom cruise in mission impossible 4. Wink wink
about 7 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®


watch with kristen said...

Rebecca in New York: Hey, what's with Sophia Bush hinting that she and Austin Nichols will get married on One Tree Hill? Is there a wedding or not?! Also, will Peyton and Lucas ever come back?

I'm hearing there's no wedding yet in the works. Probably some day, but I'm told there are no current plans right now.

Spoiler Chat

Methodical Muser said...

Yeah, I love that picture of Jake and his older man. Don't cry, Austin, it was taken pre-TDAT (i.e, Nov 2001).

Yes, Mel f**kin Gibson was born (some might say, hatched) in Peekskill, New York. He later moved with his parents to Sydney when he was 12 years old. So those clues that m sites do fit.

lol said...

It's "cites" not "sites". Did I just hear you pucker up even more - if that's possible?

Methodical Muser said...

Mwah! I did that just to see if you were paying attention. Nice to know you care so much. Now, run along and retrieve that ball that's rolled out into the highway. Go on, now. Don't be shy.

destiny said...


lol said...