Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Breathless Biking

Why look for material when the tweets just bring it to you for free.

"...leaves me breathless"

Seizing the opportunity (aka one more way to fund the show and get free PR) The CW and OTH announces a next OTH Music Sensation.

Not able to afford the classic Breathless by The Killer Jerry Lee Lewis, they went for the next best thing: Rex Smith's Take My Breath Away (hey it was cheap and OTH has no cash)

Which will probably spawn the Sophin Seventies Soft Rock Collection. Basically Austin doing a whole lot of covering( this is new? ) and The CW can get the song rights cheap make some quick cash defraying some production costs.

With songs like :

Your Love is like Oxygen - Sweet

Dream Weaver - Gary Wright

Sailing - Christopher Cross

Make It with You (The Show?) - Bread

Afternoon Delight - Starland Vocal Band/ Ron Burgandy (thinking about SpongeBob and Patrick aren't you Absorbent Man?)

And of course Making Love Out of Nothing At All - Air Supply


Having My Baby - Oops wrong album! That's an underground tape to be released a later date.

how can you go wrong!

And they can also throw in as a package deal.

Throwback collectible 45 picture disc cover of Styx's classic Lady!
with Aerosmith's Dude Looks like a Lady on the B side.

It's ToothyTuesday oops TwoWheelTuesday

Austin encouraging everyone one to do some two wheeling to work school around town. (Hey it's one more day and way not spending time in the car together, works more than enough)


Hmmm wonder who got him in to cycling and wearing those fancy bike kicks?

Same one he saves the spandex for?

All this riding, it there could be some real fun in a two man peleton off the course.

He's got some talent there to take a picture and bike at the same time. (Makes you wonder if he hasn't taken pictures of himself doing other things before... HEY! I mean like skateboarding, canoeing, hanging out in trailers, out to dinner.... and those with the impure thoughts ....well....you need to think about what you've thought)

A little music to get into the mood... for TwoWheeling


:) said...

You are too funny Special. :)

destiny said...

Your Love is Like Oxygen, now there's a song I haven't thought of in ages. The only one on that list that I really like.

Jersey Tom said...

I wonder if that is the same bike he had in LA? Sure looks like it. Where is his woman? Yeah right!

couple more for your list said...

Little River Band's Lady

Melissa Manchester's Don't Cry Out Loud

Special K said...

Austin tweeted this:

@RDUAirport hey there. I didn't tweet that. A fan did. I know you guys recycle. And I appreciate it. Best airport ever!!!!! -austin

about 2 hours ago via Twitter
for BlackBerry® in reply to RDUAirport

My question is why is Austin flying into Raleigh that's like 125 miles away from Wilmy.

It's a nice airport, I just don't have the best memories there. Only airport I've ever yakked at after a really bad flight on the world's tiniest commuter plane from Charleston.

And if you thoughts those songs were bad I spared you from "Through the Eyes of Love" and "You Light Up My Life".

But you know there was too many tipped back night where one of them sang Having My Baby to the other. :D

prairiegirl said...

I am doing something very, very controversial. It's liable to cause some whispering and psst! psst! pssst! It's scandalous and it's eyebrow raising.

It's.......it's......an avatar change........


"No, she didn't!"

"Oh, but she did. I've seen it for myself."

"Why would she do such a thing? She's throwing caution to the wind!"

"**sigh**. I wish I had such courage. Such bravado."

"We can only aspire."

"Psssst! Who are those guys again?"

"Oh, you know. It's those two guys who were in that trailer all day, I mean, that movie together. You know. "

"Ohhhhhh....those guys. That picture looks kind of old"

"Why, it is. You know that they cannot be seen together but once every twelve months. This is the last unapproved, impromptu, brazen, thumb-flicking appearance by them together."


"yeah. Exactly. Wowwwwww."

Stare at it and weep.

prairiegirl said...

And as the snip! snip! snip! continues on the dividing hedge...

"The nerve!!!"

"Oh, I know!! She's utterly lost all leave of her senses. Why, I hear there's an uprising. A call to have her committed. Forever!"

"Oh my goodness. Well, it certainly. wouldn't. surprise. me. The utter gall. Doesn't she know she looks like the biggest ninny ever?! I'm just so embarrassed for her, the poor child!"

"Well, let's just be glad it isn't us. We have the good sense given to us to steer clear of such poppycock! We can only pray for her."

"True, true...tsk, tsk, tsk."

prairiegirl said...


What in the heck is going on?!!! Do I have to come on here and stir up the *(*#@ ??!! Don't make me do it because you know I will.

Guess I already have what with my avatar and all.

I tell ya what. You know what I'm going to do? Because I can't wait no stinkin' 12-13 months again. Heck, I may not be here in 12-13 months. I might fall off the turnip truck. I could lose more than a finger in the dike. I very well may not survive the 10-mile walk to work on any given day.

I'm going to go to Sam's Club and slap down the ol' card on a box of PhotoShop. And then I'm going to turn my bedroom into a darkroom and I'm going to teach myself how to photoshop. And then I'm going to see about creating some more current looking Jaustin pictures.

These high school facebookish coffee and biking pics just are not cutting it. I may as well be shipping those Twilight Teens. These guys are full grown men and dads, for crying out loud.

prairiegirl said...

And while the Laker pics are the Classics of All Time. The Renoir's. The Mona Lisa's. The Mecca by which all young lovers aspire to reach for internet frenzy. They are the Original. The Unforgettable. The Unsurpassed.

The guys are a little young there. LOL.

And you know, PR can try and rub the Classics out. Bury them in Google Search with Laker pics of lame Reese and blah RobLookAlikeWhoaLookAtThatAss pics but those will never, never, never, never, never....EVER come close to the Originals.

Sorry, PR. Those Jake & Austin Laker pics were the Real Deal.

And here's a funny. Checking out the ollllllll' fanpop. Austin's page. Images.

In the fan art section, there's images of Austin, Sophin, etc. All with modest views.

And then there's the Laker pics of Austin & Jake. King of the views.

See, they're undeniable. It doesn't matter what blogsite they've been put on, most of the comments love those pictures. Men and women love those pictures. That was hormone-dripping, heart-pounding, blood-rushing, face-blushing, bedhead rising, full-on, get-out, rocketing to the moon, big boy love right there.

And it's time to return to those roots. So I'll start the little red wagon parade. I'm not afraid!

But check with me tomorrow. LOLLLLL!!! No, no, I'm kidding.

prairiegirl said...

I think I'll just yak on here allllll night. All to myself. All by myself. Hog allllll the gb space and not share it. no, sireeee.

This comment ^^ up there was really a result of a collaboration of discussions, not just from my head.

Anyway, I'm off to bed. My doggies are sackin' out on me. This Maycee is something else. She is one power keg of energy.

Everything is quiet, quiet, quiet.

But not me!!!!! lol.

And one more thing. Mr. Austie.

Isn't he sweet the way he PowerPoints at his GF on his twitter? Why, I never seen anything sweeter. I haven't checked her page out, but I'm sure, just as sure as I'm sittin' here, that she has re-tweeted right back at him something just so precious, that I really ought to take a look or else I shan't get any shut-eye tonight.

That's all right. I'll pass. Doesn't matter anyway, does it?

Hey, one last thing! Funny observation. You know how in Jake/Austin pictures, Austin is usually on Jake's left?

Look at Sophin civilian pictures. He's usually on her right, under her right armpit, of course. But on her right.

What does that mean??????? Ponder that, why dontcha?

Methodical Muser said...

I love your avatar, PG. Those guys look hot. Makes me breathless. Hope they're together. Oh, wait a minute. It's Jake and Austin. You've got a lot of guts to use that photo on a *gasp* Jake and Austin site.

Shocked Skeptic said...

I'm no fan of Ms. Sophia's (understatement), but I saw an ONTD posting, and went to her blog page, and was ... shock of ALL SHOCKS ... actually impressed! She had a letter to Urban Outfitters opposing their Eat Less t-shirts, calling for a boycott of their stores. I went to her twitter for my 1st and probably last time and didn't see it mentioned, so I don't get the PR feel for this one (of course I could be wrong). I have to give her props on this one and only issue. Now back to my usual lurking and regularly scheduled skepticism of all things Sophin.

Special K said...

While the agree with the over all message of what Sophia was saying to Urban Outfitter.

Did you she really have to put this in her letter to Urban Outfitters?

I am fortunate enough to star on a wonderful TV show called One Tree Hill. I play a fashion designer named Brooke Davis, who started a campaign on the show called "Zero Is Not A Size" and the outpouring of love and gratitude that came my way from girls and women ALL OVER THE WORLD who have body image issues brought me to tears.

And to be the second paragraph of her letter to them.

I can understand saying that being an actress in HW, she can be influential in shaping the image of women, and want to make it positive for girl and women all shapes and sizes. To celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of women.

But that one paragraph, just comes off as such self promotion, that it detracts from the message that the letter intended.

Maybe it's just me.

Shocked Skeptic said...

LOL ... I've become so used to the blatant PR-slant of Sophin's recent US-tour and tweet campaign that I didn't even catch the "I'm a super-star who's helped girls and women WORLD-WIDE"! How did I miss that? I'm actually surprised that we didn't have matching tweets about all the attention Sophia's blog is getting (I've seen it on ONTD and CDAN already).

I still like the rest of her message, but I'm now returning to my very comfortable Sophia-free Zone!

the real m said...

PG, you were on a real roll tonight. I must say that avatar really warmed my heart. Such an unguarded moment while browsing in a book store. You are right that it needs to be celebrated. As for lakers1, I look at that every day as it remains the wallpaper on one computer and another shot is on my iphone. The two guys biking are on another computer. The pictures always make me smile. Jake is so open when he is around Austin.

Don't laugh, but months ago I recorded a show about The Buddha. Every time I started to watch it I fell asleep. I've restarted the thing at least 10 times and finally resumed watching in 10-15 minute increments. Finished it tonight. It was pretty good, it wasn't boring, the problem was that the narrative was relaxing.

Special K said...

Love the new avatar choice there PG. How could I not. It's all about the guys.

My favorite picture of the set has to be Jake holding up that book to show Austin and that grin on his face, the one that comes from his toes. No one can make Jake smile like that. No wait, back then no one could, but seem to think there are two little ones on that list now.

destiny said...

LOL PG and M and M. You guys should put together a comedy act.

You're right about that paragraph Special. And while it is all good to campaign against a stupid and dangerous slogan, and OTH has it's zero is not a size, a show like OTH still seems to embody the idea that anything over what, a 4 or 6, is not acceptable.

That is just one of countless ways in which a show like OTH is totally out of touch with reality. Nothing wrong with that, but please, do not tout it as if it does.

AUS10 said...

@sophiabush and @aus10nichols just finished shooting a PSA to benefit the gulf. It will be on the web soon. about 1 hour ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

AT said...

Awful Truth's Guide to Celebrity Twitters

The Cause Pushers: Charity whores, god bless ‘em. The ones who are always posting about corruption in business and politics or articles about their favorite new cause. The downside? Their 140 characters can become preachy or condescending. Yes, Marlee Matlin, we understand that lots of things piss you off.
Examples: Sophia Bush, Ian Somerhalder, Alyssa Milano