Friday, July 9, 2010

Caption This

With the "new" old pictures from TDAT (thanks IHJ) comes some new captions:

Where exactly are you exactly pointing your light?
Ummmm [looking up] No idea whatsoever.

Thinking: "Please don't say 'I'll cook',
If I don't eye contact maybe it will work."

"Hey found some beans. Guess who's cooking!!!"

What was art department trying to say giving one a set of [chair's] tops
and the other a set bottoms?

What's your best ones.

Looks like he didn't need to get a birthday gift, it was already taken care of, a red carpet photo op at last night in West Hollywood for Darker Side of Green.
Other pics from last night here. Austin's back to letting the hems out of his sleeves.

Trade Talks

I wonder what it would be like if actors were traded like athletes? what show should @aus10nichols trade to? - AUS10NICHOLS

Does it sound to you like Austin is all for a trade? Maybe not big for this team he's been seen playing for the past season or so?

Oh, wait. Back to taking about on screen roles. We've talked about a lot of place we could see him go in the past. So where would you trade him ? Any shows in mind?

Thought about it. Think he should be Milch's player to be named later.


Seeing the twosome in those first pics and basketball makes me think of this:

Jake mentioned liking Phineas and Ferb during interviews and well "Squirrels in my pants" and those two could cover an array of things that pop up about them...

Oh.... you thought it would be a Lakers pic. ... well if you ask...must do : )

Happy Austin Friday.


Jersey Tom said...

If they have their arms around each other in the unemployment line then I will believe:-)

No way getting around it PoP was a major dissappointment. NO sequels. HOOOOORRRRAY!!!!

Special K said...

New Old Pictures of Jake from IHJ

This time from his visit to NYC in 2009 to see Maggie and Peter on Broadway

Jake Bagel & Coffee
Looks like he's got Ramona's tutu under his arm.

Jake and Peter grabbing coffee

Li'l Cutie said...

Fun post today. I love the pic with what looks like Ramona's(?) tutu under his arm. :)

Jake said...

Looks like he's got Ramona's tutu under his arm.

Every man needs to find the right tutu.

jared said...

No Austin just Sophia. JJ

AUS10 said...

Way to go zach and kelly. Slater and jesse. Lisa and screech. Mr. Belding.
10 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

#savedbythebell was really ahead of the game. Remember, "STOP THE DRILLING. STOP THE OIL!" And their pet duck died from from the oil spill.
12 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Interesting said...

Well I guess both Jake and Austin are back in LA.

he's back? said...

Well I guess both Jake and Austin are back in LA.


prairiegirl said...

Tom, I hope there's a sequel just for you, buddy! Just for you.

LOLLLL. I will be the first one on the phone to you if it were to happen.

It won't, but hey, you never know. It's fun just to say it anyway. I'd give up my dinner tonight just to see it.

prairiegirl said...

Course, I don't know. I'm pretty hungry right now.

I have had to give up my Curleyyyyy! Aw, my Curley's no longer mine. **sniff** I got to come home to him one more time and he was so happy. His mama & papa got home about 5 min after me and he was so happy. He cracks me up, dancing and running around. He doesn't know who to go to, he's so happy. I have got to put up a few pictures of him on my bog. I didn't get any taken this time but I have some from the last time.

prairiegirl said...

lol, on my bog. I mean on my blog. on my bog. LOL.

Got the washing machine goin' already; first priority was the setting up of Laptop Camp. Loooooove the Bose speakers. Let me give people a tip. You know, they sell camera bags and they are sooooo stinkin' expensive. I mean, we're talking (for a good one), anywhere from 50-70 bucks. For a camera/video bag.

Well, I wanted a bag for my speakers because they're relatively small and I want to be able to take them with me sometimes but darned if I'm paying 50-70 bucks for a bag. Then I had a great idea. What about an insulated lunch bag? Or an insulated cooler? Those things are sometimes as padded as a good camera bag.

Eureka! I bought a small Coleman insulated, soft cooler for just under 10 bucks at Wal Mart. It's a vibrant blue/black and it has a small outside pouch for the AC adapter cord. Perfect fit and it has a strap that fits over my shoulder.

Man, is that cheating Best Buy or what? lol.

spinning sh#t said...

Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols hint at Engagement

Do-gooding, good-looking duo Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols hit Lexus' Darker Side of Green debate at Hollywood's Palihouse last night to discuss their recent trip to the Gulf.

"It was a very sobering experience," Sophia told me of their trip to the devastated region. "It was incredibly depressing spending time with the fishermen and all of the locals."

Luckily, she had her boyfriend and One Tree Hill costar to lean on.

"It is really nice to have someone there that cares about you," Austin said. "The first day we got back, she started crying. It was really heavy."

The two also got to enjoy a lighter vacay this summer with a trip to Hawaii. So, could the romantic destination and their characters' onscreen engagement lead to actual wedding bells?

"In real life? We shall see," Austin told me with a grin, before ducking inside to watch the debate.

And believe us when we say Sophia's environmental dedication is the real deal. During the debate, which featured an environmentalist squaring off against a global warming skeptic, she couldn't hide her disdain for the latter view.

"I am so angry right now!" she was overheard fuming during his argument.

Special K said...

Piled high and deep

Interesting that they used Party Girl again from E!

Couple of things...

"In real life? We shall see,"

You know that grin, yeah just like the grin he did when told producers he could play tennis, basketball, and didn't break his leg.

Austin needs asbestos shorts he lies so much. That boy has it down cold for deception when he needs too. Seriously he lies better than used car salesman, politician, or a preacher's son on the make.

And nothing definitive, just a grin.
Leave 'em guessing huh.

And this Hawaiian vacation -


She was shooting that movie and was stuck by a volcano, until middle of May, then she did a pilot, and then she did Ferguson remember. So that till around the 20something of May.

They were seen with Jake Memorial Day weekend.

And then they headed to the gulf on June 22, but the twitter onslaught started on the week before.

And they were also seen with Jana at the Farmer's market between the time of her Ferguson interview and been seen with Jake.

So that leave 2 weeks (if we are being generous) to haul it to Hawaii? AND NO PICTURES OR GETTING JARED TO COVER IT?

Special K said...

And asked point blank about an engagement on Sophia's birthday?
What else could he say but "In real life? We shall see". Talk about being put on the spot.

Special K said...

bye bye Jack

Special K said...

Jack's little outburst was deleted.

tutu cute said...

Love that picture of Jake.

destiny said...

Damn, it was too hot today to weear my shit-kicking shoes. It's piled so high it's hard to believe there isn't a pony in there.

So you like your Bose speakers PG? I keep eyeing them. What model do you have?

destiny said...

And more crying? I guess what she does on OTH isn't much of a stretch. Ditto for Austin.

prairiegirl said...

They are the Companion 2's, Dest. No bass module, just the two smaller speakers. Sam's had them for $70. They've been 99.99 since I started seeing them and now 69.99. I could not pass that up. You know, I probably could get an even better, fuller sound with a set that has the bass module, but I don't want that box-y thing where I have my laptop. That's too much. I just wanted two side speakers because they're just for my laptop; that's it. Although I could plug my IPod into them too.

Bose speakers are excellent. I've got an old Lifestyle system that I bought from Montgomery Ward (LOLLL - that's how old it is!) and I hardly play it at all anymore because it's either music through my laptop or IPod through a dock. I don't listen to radio anymore or cd's and that's what I bought that Lifestyle system for but man, those speakers will blow you out of the water and not just with boomer bass if you like that, but just the clearest sounds you ever heard. That bass module is rather big; it's not like you can go cartin' that thing all over the place. At work, I have a pair of $20 speakers that I got from Radio Shack and those things are excellent. They're not like the $9.99 jobbies you can get anywhere. They were worth 20 bucks.

And that is the speaker sales talk for the day. lol.

prairiegirl said...

Oh boy, a debate on your birthday. Now that sounds like a real hot time to me.

Hmm. And so what has happened to the Twittering Twin Tandem, anyway??? What happened to that Mutt & Jeff, Spanky & Alfalfa, Peppermint Patty & Marcie, Oscar & Felix, Tom & Jerry, Ken & Barbie, Bert & Ernie, peas & carrots, Crate & Barrel, Starsky & Hutch, Lucy & Desi, Skipper & Gilligan, Beavis & Butthead, Angel & Buffy, Scooby & Shaggy, Spin & Marty, Frankie & Annette, Laverne & Shirley, Mork & Mindy, Donny & Marie twittering, you say to-ma-toe, I say to-mah-toe -- aaaah!!! Batman & Robin!! -- duo, I ask???

I knew something has been missing from my RDA of twitter and now it has dawned on me that the TwitterDeeDee,TwitterDeeDum TypingTandemTwins have fallen out of sync in their TagTeam Twittering!!! What is the deal?!


Has the honeymoon phase already blown a big one in the Torrent of TwitterTitillation because it sure seems to now be teetering on a TotallyTruantTrickle.


prairiegirl said...


destiny said...


Thanks for the speaker talk PG. I keep meaning to get some for my laptop for when I watch videos and tv on it.

Still have a stereo, and a turntable too--I only use the ipod for walking or traveling.

prairiegirl said...

lol, I have a turntable, too. I used to have it hooked up to my Bose but right now, it's not. Heck, you can even get vinyl transferred to cd, anyway, although the sound quality I'm not sure about.

Don't even use the shower radio anymore - got an iHome dock in the bathroom! lol! No more commercials in my music listening. Ever. Again.

Hey, I saw the PoP Prince Dastan ornament up close & personal at the Hallmark store yesterday. It doesn't look anything like Jake.

Special K said...

Hey, I saw the PoP Prince Dastan ornament up close & personal at the Hallmark store yesterday. It doesn't look anything like Jake

Are you trying to scoop my post again PG? LOL I was just typing it up.