Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hairy Scarey

Talked about his hair.
Talked about him bare.

But this?

Now we know there is

The Donald

The Grimley

The Snooki

The Bieber

The Michaels/McConaughey

The Koppel
or is that The Newman

And of course The Dastan

But this ... in a league of it's own.

Behold the glory of

The Nichols (The Goose? The Turkey?)

You know hair's a family affair.
You gotta think:
Oh the children!


'shopped said...

part of a ladies dress is about 3 feet away from her.

Which lady and dress??

Special K said...

Look below the guy with the light green t-shirt in front of Jake , you see the edge of the dress, that goes with the girl who is sitting on the railing 3 people away.

playing favorites said...

Jared deleted 11 comments from the Sophia and Austin post he didn't like. 46 last night, 35 today.

destiny said...

That picture of Austin looks like a demented Ashton Kutcher.

I read the comments at JJ last night, none of them were so ugly as to call for deletion. They were just calling Sophia a phony, saying CMM was a better actor and person, etc. Clearly trollish, but I've seen him leave up a lot worse, like really homophobic comments in Adam Lambert threads.

Cute said...

Cute post.

Austin's hair may be questionable, but he sure has pretty lips. :)

M, apologies, any virtriol was meant for the phoney M's comments. :)

AUS10 said...

RT @globalgreenusa: Please join us in adding your name to the Declaration of Energy Independence! Add your name & share with others!

Special K said...

Thought about is Austy's hair doo is the Strive to cover the Five(head)

Jersey Tom said...

Very few sightings or pics lately. Could a move East be taking place. Of course now that it has been mentioned I am sure a few shots of Jake will show up in LA real soon. Probably enough have been taken to last all Summer and Fall.

tradition said...

Tom, Jake always goes to MV around this time for the summer.

Where did she goooooooo said...

Where is that girl from Kansas City. The one that is a huge Royals and Chiefs fan. Sure miss her.

AUS10 said...

about 2 hours ago via Twitpic

yawn said...

Oh Austin. Give it up. Oh and walk back to LA.

Rebel With A Cause said...

Wow, Austin, I'm loving you more and more. :)

Tradition Breaker said...

tradition said...
Tom, Jake always goes to MV around this time for the summer.

July 1, 2010 6:48 PM

Except for last summer when Jake followed Reese to DC and then spent to rest of the summer playing dinner escort and baby sitter for her.

Back on Track said...

That's over now.

Jersey Tom said...

Wow I am so excited. I voluntered to usher two nights at the 16th annual Phila Gay Film Festival. My friend Joe and I then won two tickets to see the premiere of "Howl" Starring James Franco. God I would love it if he were there.

The festival is called Qfest and each year honors a gay female or male actor. This year they are honoring Kelly McGillis.

remember the pics? said...

Except he took a break from DC/Phily last year and took her kids to MV for that race with his mom.

Special K said...

Congrats Tom!

WoW said...

That's great Tom! I'm looking forward to Howl too. :)

m said...

I never thought I would see a picture of Austin that made him look bad, but the one of him getting a hair cut sure does. Glad it was just for fun.

Is it Destiny that loves Bomer? There are several posts on ONTD with pictures of him that are to die for. One in a wet t shirt, the other a couple pages behind where he is shirtless. Took my breath away. His boyfriend is a very lucky man.

All quiet on the Jake front. I am actually glad. Gives me a chance to get caught up now that the rush at work is almost over.

destiny said...

Yes, I'm the Bomer fan, that man never fails to make me smile. Sigh. Just got home and haven't had a chance to see ONTD yet, did you say wet t-shirt??? Thud.....

That's great Tom about Howl, somehow I missed it at the NY Gay fest and I'm dying to see it. Still need to get over to Franco's art show too, but it has such limited hours, noon to 5, weekdays only.

destiny said...

OH MY G-D. M, I can't believe that photo.

For anyone else who wants to see it, it's near the bottom of this page.

ONTD Bomer thread

Special K said...

Austin got a little of that raise a lil' hell/ kick up a little dirt out.

I don't know what it is about that picture but there is something familiar about it, it reminds me of a scene in a film I've seen, I just can't remember what one it was at the moment.

another fossil said...

IMG00193.jpg about 2 hours ago via Twitpic

I know what Austin's giving the F-U to.
bp = bearding program

pampers said...

LOL, bp =baby poop

bored poster said...

bp = boyfriend problems
bp = bitchy producers
bp = bad porn
bp = Brooke's parents
bp = boobs & p*ssy
bp = bearding pics

lol said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
prairiegirl said...

All quiet on the Jake front. I am actually glad.

It has been nice recently.

But now we have the proud twitpic of the other half who, instead of approaching those years of mid-life crisis, seems to be swinging the other way towards an Animal House phase. That has to be a real ego boost to have 4 pages of admiring, cheering comments as you double flip off a BP sign.

Actually, I think it could have been even more emphatic for him to have used that left hand to grab his package and give an added "Up Yours". Give it your all, Austin.

02:06, your comment is spot on, whether you meant it seriously or not. That is a vented gesture of hatred directed at a source of which he is angry at but is being used conveniently at a time when he feels he is being forced into doing something he doesn't want to do.

Austin, whatever does Jake see in you? I'm not seeing it, bud.

Sorry for such a brief stay. I had been encouraged by what I'd observed lately but then there's a display such as that and I simply don't feel like forcing something I'm not feeling for the time being.

just sayin said...

swinging the other way towards an Animal House phase.

He's also educated and 3 years older than Austin but in strong contrast is Zachary Quinto's tweets and twitpics. Surprisingly thoughtful, sparse but clever and never crass.