Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thought it was over

....think again.

So Janet Charleton came out with this today as the real reason for the break up:
At last the truth comes out. An acquaintance of Reese and Jake acknowledges that they were very smitten with each other for quite awhile and seemed perfectly matched. Unfortunately, Jake had a habit that Reese could not live with, and he wouldn’t give it up. He smoked way too much. And we’re not talking nicotine here. Not only did it rub Reese the wrong way, but she worried about her children being exposed to his bad habits. So, regretfully, she moved on. Note: those of you who insist that Jake is gay are NUTS.


Now what does it sound like to you?

Because it really sounds like Reese is upset that the JIG rumors persist and she is not coming out ahead in this one, just a whisker or more like a beard behind.

And saying that she dumped him because he "wasn't low" makes her look like she is the better of the two and so morally upstanding.

But in the end it doesn't matter what she has them say he did, she just needs to shake those gay rumors off of him, because it is affecting her future plans and that is not acceptable.


Seaweed said...

Regarding the last two posts on yesterday's discussion... Special, your explanation on the picture quiz is just fine. You saw something that was quite striking and clear to you and the comments made by lame-o were just snark, and not called for.

Sometimes these things are not just black and white and I for one appreciated your explanation and enjoyed your parallel between the image and the "Heath/Jake" comparison.

In the discussion the other day there was a paragraph written by Sophia that had a terribly self-serving tone that diminished the rest of her statement. Tone is all important in written commentary (but is sometimes subjective depending on the mood of the reader).

Lame-o was pure and simple snark, nothing redeeming or enlightening there. Just wanted to say I thought it was uncalled for.

:) :) said...

The ambiguous Bowie and masculine down to earth Ronson's (even Bowie said they were Ying and Yang) guitar fellatio onstage in mainstream music in 1972, created s a sensation and discussion about sexuality. It brought out something into the mainstream that hadn't been really seen or talked about so openly before.

**Sigh** :)

I like your pics today - Reese looks very femme fatale with the narrowed eyes. :)

destiny said...

Why is this story coming out now, months after the breakup?

It could be Reese, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was Jake trying to shake those gay rumors again and deflect attention away from the POP disaster. It could be that Jake and his people are worried that his gay rumors will get some of the blame for the movie not doing well.

weed said...

This has to be coming from Jake's camp, Reese and her people could give 2 shits about Jake or Pop.

Besides, Reese woulod have planned it with People or US , not Charlton because it makes her look bad that she had the pothead hanging around her kids.

It's possible Jake's people planted the story months ago and Charlton just now decided to post it.

widely known said...

Ryan's a big pothead.

ridiculous said...

Tell me why Jake's PR would spread stories that he smokes pot/cocaine/whatever, and a lot of it.

don't bogart that joint my friend said...

Why would "Jake's camp" float the pot smoking rumour out there? That doesn't serve any purpose whatsoever.

sound of silence said...


LOL! at SK and the other middle-aged hags getting upset over some ancient hags fanfic! The only Jake blog that actually did a post on it, Lol!! said...

Why would Reese's people? Gay rumors still floating around? She would rather be seen as a Mom that let her kids hang around a pothead than someone that was bearding?

Makes no sense, so what if there are still gay rumors, she can play dumb and say she didn't know to later on. The pothed thing is worse.

BTW; Not only is Ryan a pothead but he does coke too. The difference is that he was married to her and had kids, some women tend to let the man hang around under circumstances like that and she did along with the cheating until it really became public and she ws embarrassed, with a BF, there is no reason to keep him around.

Special K said...

Jack can't keep from talking to himself.

Lurker said...

LOL, Jack has been dying for an excuse to come badger OMG, it's been a long dry spell for him.

bogart said...

One of these posts is from me and I'm not Jack. But interesting to note that nobody has a good reason why Jake's people would float such a rumor.

J. Gordon-Levitt said...

What's wrong with smoking pot????

Special K said...

Still think it comes Reese's camp. Because the JIG stuff is dogging her and she thought it would be done and over, and she would walk away from it like everything she has scot free but this one she can't.

And this is a little to low rent for People and US to shell for her. But works well with who got picked, a step or two down from the big gossip names. And Charlton is basically internet based. And where are the biggest group of JIG rumors, the internet.

destiny said...

I've seen very little in the way of comments about Jake in recent gossip posts about Reese. Yes, I do pay attention to what she's doing and what people say in the comments.

After the initial nasty digs at Jake, I think Reese has moved on, and can't imagine why she would care after all this time.

No way of knowing, but I'd put the odds that it is Jake at 50-50.

merriam said...

Special, it's "shill" not shell. You're grammar and sentence structure is just atrocious. Consistently horrendous.

webster said...

It's your not you're Einstein

Weed said...

The gay rumors are 99% on the internet SK as you already pointed out. Resse could care less and has moved on. The JIG stuff is not following her as I have observed reading blogs, etc. They don't even mention Jake's name, barely when they talk about her anymore. I think you are the one that is annoyed that the JIG rumors have not followed her around that's why you picked up this silly fanfic.

BTW, here is a good reason why Jake's people would float it, JGL is a raising star in HW, Jake wishes he was in his place:

austin's fb said...

Austin Nichols - Official Page I have started a movement. #twowheeltuesday I am mentioning it early so that everyone has time to dust off their old bike, air up, and hit the streets next tuesday. ride to work, or school, or the grocery store. we ease our dependence on dirty energy while getting in shape at the same time!!

Special K said...

I've always said I need a good copy editor. I could keep one in business.

I'm thinking and typing at the same time so there is going to be misspellings and some sentences that could make an English teacher shudder.

I catch on preview but hey I miss some. I'm not perfect or ever claimed to be.

silly is as silly does said...

Right. Jake read the JGL article and thought, "That's it. I'll plant a story that I'm a pothead, too! Then I'll be cool like JGL." LOL. Talk about silly fanfic. Besides, if you read need the entire interview JGL talks about the fact that even back in high school he limited himself to smoking dope one weekend a month.

destiny said...

It wouldn't surprise me if Jake and his people are not worried about the new crop of actors who are getting a lot of attention.

And this story comes on the heels of (1) Jake's recent photos in LA not running anywhere, (2) no LAOD at TIFF, and (3) no LAOD at Venice.

Special K said...

LaOD is on the short list on almost every Oscar prediction page. The testing has been great for the movie. Jake is not is such dire straits that he would have to plant this because LaOD didn't get on the festival list.

destiny said...

I'm not wedded to any one idea, just throwing things out there for consideration. It still strikes me as really odd, it came out of nowhere. And Reese doesn't need the attention.

I'm always a little suspicious of those Pscar lists so early in the year. Is there even a final cut of LAOD yet? We heard that kind of chatter about Brothers, and it went nowhere. I think certain films get that kind of talk early on in part because of the director and people making assumptions based on their past track record.

destiny said...

Oscar, not pscar, lol.

Maui Wowie said...

I think SK's writing is just fine.

destiny said...

[Cross-posting from wft2, where there has been a lot of discussion about whether this kind of story would help/hurt Jake]

Anyone who really thinks the pot story wasn't going to get any positive attention for Jake should check out ONTD. Yes, there are a couple of people who agree with Reese (rolling eyes at people who buy the fauxmance), but most don't care or say it only makes him hotter.


FGTH said...

yes we know Destiny, you are just oh so hoping ALL of Jake's movie would be a flop. Not sure what makes you so angry. You are following what Reese's says and does? What for? It's over with Jake why are you so obsessed with someone you so dislike? Scary!

prairiegirl said...

This is ridiculous.

Why would anyone plant a story about themself smoking too much pot? What on earth makes it cool?

ONTD commenters can sit around the campfire and smoke it up all they want, I could care less what in the heck they think. What has become of this world when a story like this becomes "cool"??
What is this, college?! Or are we back in the 60's?

I say this smells of Reese. Why would Jake give two flips about Reese at this point? The guy has been quietly living his life all summer, minding his own business.

And big frickin' deal about Joseph Gordon Levitt. Because you know what? In 15 years, it'll be someone else and JGL'll be middle-aged as well.

It happens to everyone. It's going to happen to every star. Welcome to HW. There's always going to be the next young, up & coming.

Guess you can tell it's been quiet lately if it takes an ugly plant like this on something so done, it's compost now, to stir things up.

prairiegirl said...

Giminy's, the whole thing hacks me off. I think I have finger imprints on my keyboard keys, I was typing so stinkin' hard.

Reese does look stupid. Sorry, but she does. Because as so many people have stated on here, the rumors never died. Even after Jake's people banged the drum on that Laker Whoa!LookitThatAss pic and peddled it door to door at probably every LittleTownU.S.A. newspaper for their guy, the rumors still haven't stopped. Reese didn't help matters by being unable to wait and flaunt her real BF all over the rags. If that wasn't bailing a sinking ship, I don't know what was.

She kicked Jake to the curb and badmouthed him with every fault, every blame, every bad character flaw his backpack could hold. And she uses her kids once again to take the heat. And Jake said absolutely nothing.

Right. So he's been on the East Coast all summer and now, while playing Keep The Balloon Up with the kids, he holds a cellphone in one hand, calls his PR, and says "Hey! I just had a brainstorm! Can you peddle this story? I smoke too much pot and Reesey Baby didn't like it. That oughta stir things up; get me some Cool Votes. I need 'em right now."

And who was this Bullwinkle braggin' on their Grammar Skills:

You're grammar and sentence structure is just atrocious.

Jersey Tom said...

PG I couldnt agree more what a ridiculous and sad story for anyone to plant on the internet. My bet is that both camps agreed to it. Another attempt to make Jake look str8 during his hiatus from bearding. Another dry spell for Jake in the job market maybe.

Acapulco said...

What is this, college?! Or are we back in the 60's?

Pot has been smoked since time immemorial and will continue to be. :)

prairiegirl said...

Hey, I gotta say Austin is my new best friend today. He's talkin' Flintstones and Jetsons. Now, that's kinda cool in my book, lol. Thumbs up.

One thing I look forward to going home for: my own internet connection. gah. We have our little routine going here, though. Maycee is just quite the handful. A Weimaraner is definitely not going to be an apartment dog. In fact, the book the family has says you must have a fenced yard. Not "might want to get" or "a good suggestion". No - it's must have a fenced yard. lol.

She goes in a kennel to sleep in my room and during the day, she's in her cage. She goes in very well, too. But when she comes out, Watch Out!! She's a wild woman. She will run like a banshee all over the place, up the stairs and back down, around the pool table, back up the stairs, back down, and she's a blur. She is so fast, I have never seen a family pet dog as fast as her. It's scary, really. And she will turn a corner so fast that it looks like she's running sideways. Like a car railing on two wheels, that's how she looks.

Jersey Tom said...

Acapulco said...
What is this, college?! Or are we back in the 60's?

Pot has been smoked since time immemorial and will continue to be. :)

True but to have it planted on the internet. These are two adult people who you would think would want to be respected in HW. Makes them both look so bad.

prairiegirl said...

Well, that's fine, Acapulco. I'm not marching to that piper, though. And I'll never look at it as cool. You can just :) :) smiley all you want. I don't care if it's been around since Martha & Mary were entertaining in their house with a dirt floor.

Tom, I said it was a ridiculous story but I'm certainly not saying that I think it came from Jake's camp. How does pot smoking make Jake look straight? Only straight people smoke pot?

prairiegirl said...

I just took some more pictures of Maycee. We had some rain and it's cooled things off ever so slightly. It's probably like 89 degrees or something, lol. She's out on the deck surveying her territory.

Tonight on Seinfeld, it was the episode where Jerry goes to his dentist, Tim Watley and Kramer accuses him of being an anti-Dentite. LOLLL. That line kills me every single time.

Okay, I'm going to go see if I can get Blogger to behave tonight. I had a dilly of a time the other night trying to post my pictures. I'm beginning to think it must be operator error.

Acapulco said...

Noone is saying it is cool, it just is. It was never for me, but I try to be nonjudgemental about such things.

not gullible said...

Not quite spelled the same but the same nonetheless.
Charlton = Charlatan
Why is everyone believing this idiot?!

destiny said...

Not into pot at all myself, but personally I don't think of it as being any different than alcohol. In fact I think alcohol does a lot more damage, when you get right down to it.

Jack, you having fun following me around between here and wft2? Don't know why you bother when you know I don't give a f*ck what you think. And I see you've been busy defending Jake and his straight agenda all over the internet too.

prairiegirl said...

Well, I'm not a saint. And I can state an opinion without expressing my reasons for doing so.

And if you want to sound like a saint by talking about how nonjudgemental you are, Acapulco, go right on ahead. That's not the kind of peer admiration I need, thanks but no thanks.

I have no problem with sticking my neck out and going for the big Square, Unpopular Vote.

prairiegirl said...

I'm getting off of here. I know when I'm reaching my potboiling point.

Dlisted said...

This is what Janet Charlton is saying anyway. Janet says that everybody needs to stop calling Jake Gyllenhaal "Jake Gayllenhaal" or Toothy Tile, because she has it on good authority that he doesn't like a hard peen on his tongue. According to Janet, he prefers a bong on his tongue instead. Janet says this is the real reason why his relationship with Reese Witherspoon didn't work out. From Janet .......

NUTS? Kind of like what Jake likes on his.....Okay, I'll shut my fingers about that already! No more of that shit. Janet would never tell a lie, so I will update my files to say that Jake is straighter than a quick trip to the outhouse (copyright: some hillbilly who said that to me outside of a gas station in Tennessee)! And if Jakey ever needed a quit hit, I'd gladly let him take one off my bong. Anytime!

Jakey Smokes Pot, Not the Pole

You should see "my bong" MK links to in the post.

AUS10 said...

saw 200 brazilians boarding a jet to rio. I tried to gatecrash and get on the flight. "No mr. Nichols. I'm sorry, you're going to detroit. 24 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

the real m said...

Regardless of who planted the story, neither side won. That makes me think it was Jake's side, since they are so clueless and inept. Jake lost because it linked him to Toothy for anyone on the planet who did not already know he is Toothy and generated a ton of Jake is truly gay comments on the net. Reese lost because she allowed her kids to be around an alleged pot head for years.

Could be a test balloon on Jake's side to see if the Jake is gay has lessened (it has not). LAOD is slated for November and he is supposed to be the romantic lead so being seen as straight is of some importance. Regardless, Jake is gay is a prevalent as ever. I do expect Ted to weigh in on this issue within a few days.

Methodical Muser said...

There’s little doubt that Jake's handlers are consistently inept when it comes to the fine art of spin, but I can't help but ask the pivotal question when it comes to this obviously PR planted “exclusive” exposé. Who comes off, in this star-crossed tale of woe, as the responsible adult and the most aggrieved of the two?" Let's face it, that would be “I tried my best to make it work, but my fella was such a druggie that I had to walk away in the end for the sake of the children.” Music rises to an emotional crescendo as one tear falls across the heroine’s left cheek. Scene.

“M” is right that LaOD is coming up soon, and that is one of the reasons why I wouldn't put it pass RW to want to stir up the gay rumors again just to make life uncomfortable for Jake. Remember, Ted indicated that she was the one who left Jake high and dry. If that's true, she did it strategically right before "Brothers" was released to put Jake on the spot. It’s well known that she has a reputation for always having to come out as the pure as the driven snow maiden, who courageously walks away, because the guy is such a loser. Don’t forget, she pulled the same crap with Ryan. She may have filed for divorce on the innocuous grounds of "irreconcilable differences” but she first made sure that plenty of rumors were circulated in the gossip rags and blogs that her soon to be ex had an affair with his co-star, and that he was an excessive partier who indulged in drugs. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Who knows, she also may be fearful that Jake will continue his unattached ways which threatens her ability to prove they were truly in a romantic relationship. She can see, like everyone else that the gay rumors have failed to go away, in fact, quite the contrary. The argument can be made that even more people seem to be aware of Jake’s “preferences” than they were in 2007 and continue to make snarky comments about the pathetic fauxmance. Unfortunately, for Reese, many readers continue to be supportive of Jake and even express encouragement for him to come out. Or, at least, to stop the bearding. After all, she sure moved on desperately fast, didn’t she? I believe by late January she was already attached to old Tothy Tile, CAA agent in the wings. Pointed chin in the air. No regrets and planting stories everywhere about how broken up, immature and desperate Jake was. No, I don’t think Jake benefits, at all, by portraying himself as an irresponsible pothead, borderline child abuser because the flagrant inference in this gossipy muck is that he was so recklessly addicted that he regularly indulged around her children. Maybe next week, we’ll learn that he sold drugs on the street corner to pay for his habit.

LMAO said...

LOL at Tothy Tile

from WDW said...

Test screening of LaOD in KS (Spoilers)

Jersey Tom said...

Well if Jake and his PR team want to make people more aware of the JIG rumors and connect Jake to the Toothy Tile saga the plan has worked. It is all over the internet. MK is a genius.

Special K said...

Thanks "From WDW". I saw this too last night before I went to sleep.

From the link about the screening:
"Chick flick. Romantic Comedy. These are words that will make almost any man cringe when uttered by his girlfriend. I know I do. When my girlfriend mentioned the invite for an advanced screening of a new romantic comedy I almost told her to take a friend. I’m glad I didn’t.

"This film was by far the best romantic comedy I have seen. It’s smart, sexy, raunchy, and hilarious. The chemistry between Gyllenhaal and Hathaway worked very well, and their relationship was very believable. Josh Gad’s character added the raunchy ‘Hangover-esque’ guy type of comedy needed to keep the male half of a couple interested."

"Overall, the film worked, the cast including Platt and Azaria were perfectly picked, and I would totally recommend it."

This is guy in the Midwest. How 'bout that demographic.

Special K said...

This is guy in the Midwest. How 'bout that demographic.

Revise that:

This is straight guy in the Midwest.

Methodical Muser said...

I agree, Special. This is an impressive Heartland review of LaOD, and from that all important male demographic who usually have to be dragged kicking and screaming to a "relationship" film. Sounds very similar to what my close friend said a while back when she participated in a LaOD test audience in Southern California. Good for Jake... and us.

prairiegirl said...

The storyline sounds alot more interesting to me than it did. I love that these people spilled so many details. I'm just sorry they didn't give the ending. You know how I love to know the endings.

So Austie has an early weekend, eh? Hmmmmm...well, I hope it's not a steambath up there than it is everywhere else. We're dripping here. Have been dripping since I can remember.

Methodical Muser said...

According to new reports, Jake Gyllenhaal is a huge pot smoker and that is what led Reese Witherspoon to break up with him and move on with Jim Toth. Source Zimbio

Hmm. I'm noticing this narrative slowly emerging as well, which convinces me all the more that Reesey-poo is behind this rumor. Her initial plan was to portray Jake as an immature schmuck, who may have known how to shop for $75,000 dishes, but couldn't handle the demands of a committed relationship. That's why when he asked her to marry him not once, but three times, she always said, "No." See? It wasn't a fake relationship. She was just trying to help Jake, but he just couldn't control those inner demons of his. She hooked up so quickly, not because she's a conniving manipulator, or that the whole relationship had been a sham from the start, but because she knew for a long time that Jake would never change. *rolls eyes*

Come to think of it, whatever happened to: "And as recently as last month (10/09), things still appeared to be running smoothly between the two, with Witherspoon telling InStyle, “We spend the weekends outside L.A, in Ojai, where I have a farmhouse. We have chickens and we grow cucumbers and tomatoes. I love it. It reminds me of where I grew up in Tennessee.” ?

Oh, I know! Little unsuspecting and supportive Reese, thought Jake was gardening something edible for the whole family to enjoy, but was shocked to discover that he was using the Ojai retreat as his safe house. You know, a secluded place to grow the old wacky terbacky away from prying eyes. Now, we know why he got Atticus. A dog is a great alarm system for any kind of suspicious law enforcement encroachment.

Riiiiight. Mister - I've got to have my organic produce, Ice Age water supply and relentlessly exercise within an inch of my life is a druggie. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Jake is a saint, but give me a friggin' break.

Basta! said...

M&M, why don't you give us a frigging break from your endless pomposity. Smoking pot no more makes one a druggie than having a glass of wine makes one an alcoholic.

destiny said...

M and M and M (lol) you both make good points as to why it could be Jake's people or Reese's people.

I wonder if Charlton added in all the gay references herself? If pr just planted a story about the pot, they might now have expected all the gay stuff to come up again. Maybe they thought they'd build on that photo of Jake seemingly looking at the woman's behind with another story that makes him like a bit of a badass.

I've seen some comments around the internet to the effect that smoking pot doesn't mean you're not gay. I don't think that is the issue. I think the idea was to plant a reason for the breakup to try and get people to stop thinking it was because Jake is gay. But it backfired (unless you think Reese did it to make Jake look bad).

Methodical Muser said...

Basta! said...
M&M, why don't you give us a frigging break from your endless pomposity. Smoking pot no more makes one a druggie than having a glass of wine makes one an alcoholic.

And, it would be helpful if you took a reading comprehension course. Nowhere in my comments did I say I thought Jake was a druggie. I am snarking at the ridiculous, audacious allegation that he is. Don't think for a moment that this line was not carefully composed: "Jake had a habit that Reese could not live with, and he wouldn’t give it up. He smoked way too much." Note the line does not read that he smoked a joint once in a while to take the edge off, or that he would sometimes wind down with some weed. No, instead we get that Jake smoked way too much pot (implication: he was hooked...couldn't give it up, even for her. Meaning: Addicted. Interfering with his ability to maintain a wholesome relationship.) Hardly, the equivalent of a glass of wine.

Stubborn TB said...

Based on what many people here have said about the article being mostly about how Reese was the good guy and Jake was the bad guy in the "relationship" (as M&M pointed out, it's not that he's smoking weed, it's that he's doing it in excess and can't control it anymore), I agree that if the story comes from any camp, it would be Reeses.

But I'm actually more inclined to believe that neither of them floated the story based on who reported it. A few people have touched on that point already, but I think it got kinda lost in the discussion.

I have always read in the past that Janet Charlton hardly has any info on celebrities and when she does it's usually about the older people (we're talking Marilyn Monroe-generation here).
And I don't know what it's like in the US, but here everytime they talk about rumors about American actors, they without fail show an exclusive interview with Janet Charlton. I don't know why, but for some reason german tv bosses seem to have decided that Charlton is the Hollywood insider.
But the thing about that is that she usually either repeats a tabloid story or just talks about already debunked stories as if they're true. I only watch these shows when there's nothing better on, but in all the times I have seen her report something, it has never turned out to be true.

It makes me think this was just a case of her wanting to post an item that finally someone would talk about again and as usual she was just way behind.
It would also explain throwing in the gay rumors: I can't imagine either camp would want that to be brought up again, but for someone trying to start a discussion? That would be an obvious choice.

Methodical Muser said...

I think the idea was to plant a reason for the breakup to try and get people to stop thinking it was because Jake is gay. But it backfired (unless you think Reese did it to make Jake look bad).

Hey, Destiny. Yeah, this kind of crap brings out my sarcastic starky side for sure. But, actually, I think both explanations are true. Reese is trying to come up with a plausibly "straight", but understandable reason why she turned Jake down three times and dumped him after making it seem like they were so much in love. She realizes how odd this all looks now, in hindsight. With all those lovey dovey photos and interviews she gave, she can see no one's really buying the tried and true excuses of Jake's immaturity or that she just liked things the way they were, but Jake kept pushing for something more. Being the kind of person she is, of course, she wants to make Jake look bad in the process. The implication is that she stayed with him for two years not because she was his beard, but because she was trying to work it out and have a real future together. But, alas, after all her hard work she had to put her children first and move on with someone else who could be a better role model. Don't forget, she is SuperMom!!

the real m said...

Well, if you believe Dlisted, it was actually pole that Jake was smoking. Seems to me to be the most logical and believable culprit.

I wanted to add that I seriously doubt Jake is a habitual pot user. Occasional recreational use, sure. After all his parents were of the 60's and 70's generation. We all did it. I stopped when it started putting me to sleep faster than a sleeping pill.

Methodical Muser said...

Let's just say if you took a poll about whether Jake was gay or not, you might be surprised that a whole bunch of people would disagree with us. In any event, I don't deny that Jake has and probably still smokes pot. Guess what, Reesey-poo probably does too as did her ex and probably 80% of Hollywood. The point is not that he likes to get high once in a while, the issue is why is this rumor hitting the Internet now, obviously designed to make Jake look bad and to help explain why Reese dumped him. The rumors won't die about Reese being his beard so here's another attempt to explain away the gay.

Special K said...

Never considered Janet Charleton doing it to get some attention for herself Stubborn. It's not like she is the first (or the last) that would do something like that.

And it is true, her gossip is usually always wrong.

Basta! said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
the real m said...

As I suspected, Ted led off with Jake and Reese in today's AT. The article was too high profile not to ignore. He is putting the blame on Reese's team.

Basta! said...

I forgot to add smug to that list. :)

ted said...

Are People Still Talking about Gyllenspoon

And it seems like it's a bunch of Camp Reese crap that has been making the columns the past 24 hours. No point further dishing on the dubious dirt, made by an "acquaintance" of the former couple, because it's actually completely off from what really happened between the once-tight twosome. Oh, and not to mention "completely false," according to a good pal to one member of the former Gyllenspoon.

But how convenient of the source to let Reese off and blame Jake. Aren't you sick of seeing J.G. get beaten down in the press post-R.W.?

We definitely are, especially when he's the half of the former couple that should be bitchin' to the tabloids.

destiny said...

Ted sure jumped on that fast, and a whole post too.

Well, it looks like all my "crazy" theories on this were wrong. I did say I was throwing things out there for discussion, and that I thought there was an even chance of it being either one of them.

Jake should have never made a deal with the devil.

prairiegirl said...

No, we didn't all do it.

I didn't do it and I'm a product of the Baby Boomers. As I said before, call me Square, call me Scared and call me an Annette Funicello.

I'll take the name proudly because that's how I honor the way my mom & dad raised me.

And thanks, M&M, for rephrasing alot of the same, exact same arguments I was making last night, except more eloquently and more calmly. But the same arguments, all the same.

And now I'm mad all over again.

Methodical Muser said...

I'll take the name proudly because that's how I honor the way my mom & dad raised me.

Hey, there PG. Of course, you're proud of the way you're parents raised you, and kudos to them for the love and respect they inspired in you. Jake, however, was raised in a completely different social and cultural environment, with probably a much more tolerant, liberal point of view about many things, including casual, recreational drug use. Given his Hollywood background, I think he's actually amazingly straight (no pun intended) when it comes to many things. Kinda dorky, but concerned about his family's health and making the world a better place (Global Green, Stand Up 2 Cancer, New Eyes for the Needy charity work, etc.). Within this context, I don't think our man is too wild at all.

behind closed doors said...

I don't think our man is too wild at all.

Do you believe Ted's Toothy BV about Toothy, cocaine, awkward sex, and the hooker? How about Ted's other Toothy BV about the London rentboy?

as you like said...

they believe it when they want.

Methodical Muser said...

Do you believe Ted's Toothy BV about Toothy, cocaine, awkward sex, and the hooker? How about Ted's other Toothy BV about the London rentboy?

Don't get me wrong. Jake's far too mischievous and adventuresome not to be naughty, at least, some of the time. Never mind being smokin' hot. No, he's not an angel. Never said he was. I just don't think he's a drug addict or someone who would expose children to drugs. Not buying that one.

Methodical Muser said...


Here are some amusing comments from Towleroad:

1) Really? Are there many people (besides teenage girls) who actually think Gyllenhaal is straight? My grandmother thought he was gay, and that was just after seeing The Day After Tomorrow.

2) "When was the last time you heard the word 'smitten' outside of a PR flack's mouth?"

Ding! We have a winner."

3) I'd choose grass over Reese any day.

4) Whatevs, smoking pole or smoking pot, he is smoking hot. luv jakey.

lol said...

mischievous ...adventuresome ...naughty

I don't think he's a drug addict either - but this description sounds like Bobby Brady :D