Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Whale of a Tale

In Boston last week you could have gotten a lobster tail three different ways.

You're familiar with this kind of lobster tail.

Some may know of this lobster tail, which is an Americanize version of sfogliatelle.

And then there was lobster TALE.

"Hollywood hunk Jake Gyllenhaal picking up some lobsters and checking out the lobster salesladies at the West Tisbury Farmers’ Market . . ." Inside Track Friday July 16

You think what's the big deal?

Well let's think.

After two weeks of being on the island and not one peep, the Boston gossip columnists have THREE mentions of Jake in FIVE days? Mon, Tues and Friday.

Again the very same week Austin comes back east.

One thing to know about the Track Girls they are not on the island, they are in Boston, and rely on contacts and calls to give them the news from MV.

What made the phones buzz so much in one week. And checking out the lobster ladies?


Something else to note: West Tisbury's Farmers Market is only two days a week. Saturday 9am -noon, and Wed 9am- noon. Running the story on a Friday, makes it sound like he's been there longer than he may be.

Jake at the Hollywood Farmers Market.

Austin may be the Man of Mystery, but Jake is becoming the Master of Misdirection.

May not being seeing him but there's more Jakey :

Jake might want to send Leo a Muffin Basket. Inception trouncing Sorcerer's Apprentice has shifted the focus from star to producer and is more about Bruck missing the mark again with another movie. Apprentice was a designed to be a a franchise as well, it won't even come close to making as much as PoP. The whispers are beginning "No producer can have four flops and have there be no repercussions," one Disney insider mused. and The Hollywood Reporter is asking has he lost his touch (both on the big screen and TV). It's all about Bruck now, and with growing buzz for Love and Other Drugs, Jake may squeek by this with minimal damage.

Speaking of LOaD. There is now music to go along with the story, a song titled “Ready to Try”. Will we see a trailer by the end of summer for the Nov 24th movie?

It is also getting more and more mention for the short list for Best Picture nominee and Zwick for the Best Director along with Anne for Best Actress in the Oscar race. That's not a slight on Jake's performance, but the Best Actor's race is extremely strong this year.

And can't forget Source Code:

After getting a good response from a rough cut, Duncan is finishing the editing.

@glennw yes. Just finishing the edit.it's called Source Code, and Jake Gyllenhall is in it! Should be fun! about 24 hours ago

One thing Jake might want to make sure is that Duncan spells his name right on the credits.

And a little more FYI or is that TMI.

Jake's hair smells great.

And Jake might not have a Facebook page but apparently a particular part of him does. ; )


Special K said...

Not sure if this get lost or I just didn't post it. So here it goes again.

So an Austin website got a RT. Called Everything Austin. Which calls it self "your one and only source for everything Austin Nichols!"

Hmmmm. Amazing how there weren't Austin fans before OTH. Nope not one. And fan websites either. You know where you get the pictures of him and not acknowledge the site.

So to those who led the way in giving Austin's fan great stuff, for all these years before OTH I tip my cap to you.

Danielle @ Austin Nichol Fan

and our friend
Hjulia @ Austin Media

and of course
Spooky & Vespy @ Austin Nichols Journal

Thanks for everything! Appreciate it.

destiny said...

Yes, great sites that deserve recognition.

I miss HJulia, Spooky and Vespy. :-(

prairiegirl said...

I tip my cap, too.

While I haven't visited the first two, Spooky & Vespy's site I know was an excellent source for Austin. And wellllll before these other people jumped on his bandwagon.

Spooky was touting a totally Austin-devoted blog long before OTH pulled him on. And seems to have been a reference source for alot of those pictures you see on FanPop (yeah, I'm not going to miss another opportunity to give a bitter dig).

Thanks, Special, for bringing these 3 sources to everyone's attention.

prairiegirl said...

And hmmm, does the new Everything Austin give any mentions of Jake?


Interesting post today, Special. I'm not going to speculate or say anything, though. We'll see.

Gotta go, gotta go. Chapter 3 is finis! And ready to go back to the shop for a final polish & shine. I'm really happy with it.

prairiegirl said...

Oh you know what? Now that I went over and took a look, I recognize that site. I think I checked it out once. And yes, she does have the biking pics up!

Lobstermen Get More Tail said...

Cute post today. :)

I'm sure Jerry will be fine - nobody can turn out #1 box office hits all the time. One day you're up, the next down in this town, as Frankie says, but the good ones always come back.

Special K said...

^Great to know that Jake is a part of Everything Austin. Because he is a part (whether you say it's a little or a lot) of Austin's life.

I just wanted acknowledge that there were fans and fansites around before OTH.

I just find it way way way to odd to have three mentions about Jake on the Vineyard in less than 5 days when had been there for weeks before. And the week Austin is back East talking about crayons.

Speaking of Austin tweets. The one about replacing Tom Cruise in MI4 with the Wink Wink. Hmmm. Hmmm Hmmm. Some did tweet him and asked if he jumped any couches lately.

And the latest is that he's following Lance and Tour de France, and talking about biking. Again that's doesn't sound like Sophia, but exactly like his hubs.

don't understand where you're coming from said...

Spesh, there have been tons of Jake on MV sightings since he first got there including someone who was on the ferry with him and Atticus weeks ago. Is it only legit if it comes from gossips based in Boston working for a Boston paper?

There's also a sighting of him at a party this past Friday night.

Stubborn TB said...

I think I've probably stated in the past what I think about the people who only now discovered Austin but act like they know him the best of all...
Especially since there a few things we probably wouldn't know about Austin if it wasn't for people like HJulia, spooky and vesperlynd who managed to find old quotes by Austin.
I always have to be wonder about someone who thinks that Austin getting OTH is a good thing, too. I can never buy that those people really care about his acting or even watched his older movies/tv appearances for the sake of his acting as opposed to his looks.

I just find it way way way to odd to have three mentions about Jake on the Vineyard in less than 5 days when had been there for weeks before. And the week Austin is back East talking about crayons.
Exactly!!! (Oh, Austin-style posting is fun, he he)
I also think it's very suspect the more "official" sources starting posting about his being there the moment that Austin is back in NC (and playing with crayons) after Jakes's been there for at least a week before they got started mentioning him. And then you have them drawing it out even more by waiting at least two days before posting about this particular sighting.

And the latest is that he's following Lance and Tour de France, and talking about biking. Again that's doesn't sound like Sophia, but exactly like his hubs.
That was my first thought, too. Not only biking around, but also watching the Tour de France. Sounds exactly like how Jake would love to spend his time off.

Methodical Muser said...

Great shout out to the true pioneers of all things Austin. I had to go take a peek at the latest website and let's just say it's a pretty barren landscape. Definitely, one more empty canvas to clutter up with another happily-ever-after CW fauxmance between Soapie-poo and her latest victim...I mean co-star. Let's see how many "relationships" would that be for Ms. OTH? Talk about recycling!

Lobster tale-huh? Yeah, it's amazing how everyone's eyesight suddenly improved in terms of Jake sightings recently. That's okay, though. The family needs some time alone. Good for them. Hmmm. If Jake is really "bad" tonight maybe he can get some Dutch Lobster lovin' from his Netherlander soul mate. No take-out tonight.

Vineyard said...

"Mitchell enjoyed dining with the stars (tho not dancing with them) Friday at the home of Tamara Weiss of Midnight Farm on Martha's Vineyard. Name dropping--impossible to resist...Tamara's husband cooked for Mitchell and Carly Simon, Jake Gyllenhall, Jim Belushi, Amy Brennerman (Private Practice/Judging Amy), Busy Phill...ipps (Cougartown), and NY restaurateur Keith McNally (Pulino's, Balthazar, Minetta Tavern...)..."

Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams

Probably Gold and Williams are also part of the big conspiracy to making it look like Jake is on MV when in fact he is somewhere else.....

The more it is clear that Jake is spending his time far from Austin all the more you are getting desperate with your conspiracy theories.

Methodical Muser said...

And the latest is that he's following Lance and Tour de France, and talking about biking. Again that's doesn't sound like Sophia, but exactly like his hubs.

Don't you just love how Austin doesn't have a TV, yet his tweets somehow suggest otherwise? Of course, maybe the old Boob tube belongs to Jake. Whew! That was a close one. For a minute there, I thought Austin might be fibbing to us.

Special K said...

Thanks for the FB link. You know why because it pointed out a big connection to Jake and Austin. Busy Phillips. Busy has been seen with Austin at the Hollywood Farmers Market and has been seen with Jake twice at the Hollywood Farmes Market. And now mentioned with Jake on the Vineyard.

But funny, Jake wasn't seen at the Farmer's Market which is his regular haunt on the weekend. You'd think he'd go with Busy.

But there haven't been TONS of sightings and tweets of him.

But somehow this week there are all these official gossip sightings popping up which is odd, because he had been on the island for almost three weeks. There is some kind of reason that they want to reinforce it that he is on the Vineyard that specific week and for a reason.

There is some reason reason that it is being pushed hard by the papers that he is there. Like I said, someone has to drop dimes to let the Track know. Why is it all in one week.

Methodical Muser said...

Jake definitely has a lot of friends and family to provide cover for his meandering ways. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to pull off what he's been doing for the past three years. His own little "Now you see him, now you don't," entourage. Everyone talks about George Clooney and DiCaprio's posses, but Jake has one of his own too. They just serve a different purpose.

HFM said...

Could you find that tweet that said Busy was WITH Austin at the Hollywood Farmers Market? I may be misremembering but I thought the sighting was of him and then of her but not in a together sense.

Special K said...

Here is the link to blog that talked about Austin out with Jana & Sophia and catching with Busy.

Mom's Day 1

Ted mentioned Busy sneaking into the premiere of PoP too. And just to jog that memory people saw Austin leaving PoP with Jake.

Special K said...

You know I knew the name Mitchell Gold, he was just in Vows in the NY Times. He and his husband were married a month ago in Iowa

VOWS:Mitchell Gold and Tim Scofield

prairiegirl said...

Gooooood evening! Fun day at work today. Rather short evening.

Well, I am unexpectedly going to be out of the loop for a little while. Called to dogsit starting tomorrow so one of my people can go be with her friend following the loss of her father. We knew it was close and so I got the email today. She would have waited til the weekend but I'm not really available this weekend as I'm watching the wieners over the weekend and then go right into watching Chloe & Maicie for an extended time. So I am getting ready to be gone for awhile.

Hopefully I will be able to get on over the weekend but until then, it'll be pretty much nil. I'm sure many will be glad to hear that! lol

If anyone needs to get ahold of me, you have my email and I'll have my cell. Have cell, will text or yak, lol.

Was supposed to go to the Royals game tonight with friends but they're going to get my Tuesday T-shirt for me. When I found out my dogsitting marathon was starting tomorrow, I had to ditch the game. And it's the Hot Dog T-shirt today, too. But it's also thunderstormy too, so that wouldn't have been any fun.

Special K said...

If Jake is really "bad" tonight maybe he can get some Dutch Lobster lovin' from his Netherlander soul mate.

Ohhh that's going leave a mark.

But maybe with that hairy chest of his no one will notice. ; )

AUS10 said...

My breasts are shrinking. Should I get implants?
19 minutes ago via web


Methodical Muser said...

Ohhh that's going to leave a mark.

Jake might have to wear two T-shirts just to cover the aftermath of his "ordeal." Wouldn't want the neighbors to talk, now can he?

PG: Enjoy the extended doggie patrol. And a hot dog "T" sounds like the perfect summer fashion statement. Maybe you can scan a picture for us all to enjoy. *wink*

Special K said...

It sounds like Austin might have been the one getting the dutch lobster. Twisted so tight it made them deflate.

Methodical Muser said...

^ LOL!!!!

prairiegirl said...

LOL! I cannot believe Austin said that!! That was pretty good.

Hey, buddy, you're looking good, looking good. You show people that you can rock it.

I think Austin's been reading some of the trolls' comments, what do you guys think?

M&M and Special, you guys' humor goes right over my head. >{

AUS10 said...

thanks for all your support about my boobs. i feel better. i no longer feel i need implants. jeez, it's hard to be a man!!
22 minutes ago via web


destiny said...

Have fun with the dogs PG, we'll miss your posts while you're busy. And sorry you had to miss the game.

webster said...

Dutch Lobster

Methodical Muser said...

I see working out with Jake at the gym makes a difference. Doesn't it, Austin?

prairiegirl said...

And thanks to Webster who bailed me out of the dark. I had no idea what the Dutch lobster was, lol. Now I know.

Yeah, well, and the Sesame Street thing at first went over my head as well, lol.

Sometimes some of us stll have the training wheels, you know.

Did you like my little angry face?



prairiegirl said...

Thanks, Destiny! I believe these are the last dogsitting watches I have for the summer. These first two were last minute, unexpected type. The 3rd I've been committed to since early in the year.

I look forward to seeing all these little critters.

Well, better hit the hay. Got most of my stuff packed up. Got things ready to go walk in the morning - need to walk even earlier than normal because the next couple of days, myself & another gal at work are going to be "selling" school supplies for a couple of facilities in need. We have to be there earlier than normal in the morning before the 7am meeting.

Austin kind of killed me with his latest tweets. Those and the bicycle picture. Funny.

Alright, I have got to go & get off of here. I'll be dead in the morning!

Kacie, where. in. the. heck. are. you. When was the last time we ever talked? hmm. A year? You were doing painting in your kitchen. I bet it's been a year; I forget what you even sounded like. Clarity....gone. Wicked...gone. Those days seem sooooo long ago now.

helloooooooo....helloooooooo...testing, 1.2.3. Testing, 1..2..3.


Okay, g'nite.

Methodical Muser said...

Did you like my little angry face?

All I can say is that you're adorable when you get angry but, admittedly, I thought your chat room symbol was a guy with a mustache, at first. :-P

m said...

The tons of sightings on MV are like the "tons" of photos of Reeke. Manufactured. Take the same handful of photos, crop them, make them long shots, two shots, 4 shots, whatever. But they are just the same few photos.

I am having trouble with blogger so had to just use m for this comment. Cant solve system problems on my own. Have to wait for bubby to figure it out.

m said...

I meant hubby, not bubby. Too late and I am tired.

Stubborn TB said...

Happy Birthday Special!

Thank you for all the work you do for us everyday and for being such a great friend.
I hope that you have a great day today - and every other day too.

Here's to many more birthdays and lots of health.

prairiegirl said...

Happy Birthday, Special!

Ubuntu said...

Happy Birthday, Special K.

norwegian girl said...

happy birthday special. hope your day will be great:)

Viento de Nordeste said...

Hi Special!

Have a wonderful day - Happy Birthday! :)

destiny said...

Happy Birthday
Special, and may the birthday fairy grant your wish today.

Methodical Muser said...

Happy Birthday, Special! Try to stretch that celebration out as long as possible. Time to kick back and just have some some good old-fashioned fun with friends and family. Enjoy!

charybdis said...

Happy birthday, Special! Thanks for keeping this site going day after day.

Special K said...

Thanks you so much for all the great birthday wishes!!!

What a way to start the day!!!

the real m said...

testing 1 2 3

Seaweed said...

Special, I'm still here daily checking in from Ontario as I'm on a trip to visit family. Who ever would have thought "Dutch Lobster" was so exciting... lol

Hope you enjoy a wonderful Birthday Special, many good wishes to such a fine blogger. Wish I could drop by for a bit of cake.

When I get back home will have to give PG a call and check in with Tom and say hello. My summer will start to level out and become much more manageable now that the really busy time is coming to an end.

Greetings to everyone.

the real m said...

This is m. I was having problems trying to use my live journal name so I've switched to a blogger name now. Its shorter and easier to use anyway. Sorry for the confusion and changes but we all know the reasons why.

Off to work so no time to chat but wanted to let you all know about the new name.

Happy Birthday Special. Hope you have a great day.