Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Catch Me If You Can

Austin might have tweeted about but is it Jake who is trying to play it?

After two weeks on the Vineyard, there is now official sightings in the paper about him being there, not just one mention but two mentions two day in a row.


Vintage actor Brian Dennehy grabbing dinner at V.R.’s in Wellfleet . . . Hollywood sibs Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal shopping and stopping to chat with friend Chris Fischer at the West Tisbury Farmers Market . . . Jake and pal “Smallville” actor Tom Welling, along with boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard and Black Dog top dog Rob Douglas, yukking it up at Lenny Clarke’s comedy show at David Ryan’s in Edgartown . . .July 12th The Inside Track

and today.

Curb Your Enthusiasm” kvetch Larry David and “Prince of Persia” hunk Jake Gyllenhaal supping at the Chilmark Tavern on The Rock - but not together - . . . July 13th The Inside Track

The Track is the gossip for Boston and they make a point of covering MV and Nantucket during the season. If you want to known for being around on the island, the Track Girls are the ones to do it for you.

So why is it after 2 weeks comments of tweets about ferries and farmers markets about Jake being in MV, and not a pic to prove he was anywhere else would there be two sighting on two days and why these days?

Now before going further. There's this.

"There's a lot of deliciousness to tackle in this post, better find a comfortable seat! To start, let me set the scene. My friend Fiona (who writes the food blog A Boston Food Diary) and I had graciously accepted a very generous invitation to a private tasting menu at the District Lounge. Located between Chinatown and South Station in the Leather District, it is the definition of "off the beaten path". By trade, the District Lounge is an exclusive club that has lines around the block and celebs galore (I was informed that a Mr. Jake Gyllenhaal was there last week, wish I had known that!). " - Once Upon a Small Kitchen

Now the District Lounge is definitely one of the clubs on the short list of top spots, not too big, and like the blogger said "off the beaten path" and lines to get in the place. It has been on the Improper Bostonians list of the best for several years.

Jake in Boston and not one tweet or peep? Can he get off island and move around where he wanted to go and not get a mention? It might not be always easy but yup, think so, and think he has got it down after all these years. When he wants to move undetected he can. But what does that have to do with the two mentions confirming him on The Vineyard?

Isn't it odd that the first one happens to on the very day Austin is on the move and heading east? And then a follow up day to make it sounds like he was out last night at The Chilmark Tavern. But did you notice there are no specific mentions of exactly what day he was there?

Ask yourself this, is it to make it look like he just started his vacation there after two weeks after all ready being there?

Could it really be to place him there and everyone think he's there, when he's all ready gone and on the move himself? Somewhere where the latitude is closer to34.225N. than 41.343N? A little bit more misdirection?

Sounds like Jake could be staying one step ahead and going south at the same time.

Update: Why could have Jake been in Boston last week? Could have been to film the PSA for "Stand Up to Cancer" that is going to be on tonight's MLB's All-Star Game? Maybe filming it at Fenway? He is a self professed Sox Fan. Guess we will have to see tonight.

"Gyllenhaal will appear in a "Stand Up to Cancer" public service announcement set to debut during Major League Baseball's All-Star Game airing Tuesday evening on Fox." - Associated Press


classy Jake said...

New "old" spitting at the LA courthouse pics are at IHJ.

OT RIP said...

Aww old NY Yankee George Steinbrenner died. I bet he and Ricky Martin are yelling and cussing at each other right now.

billy said...

LOL I think you mean BILLY Martin.

OT RIP said...

LOL oops.

:( said...

RIP George Steinbrenner

Special K said...

Despite the differences between Red Sox and the Yankees,(aka The Evil Empire) As a member of Red Sox Nation I pause and remove my cap in the passing of Mr. Steinbrenner.

Billy said...

tonight's MLB's All-Star Game

It figures George would time his death so he gets a mention at tonight's All Star game.

PoP on DVD said...

Blu-ray.com is reporting that Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment's release of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time has been leaked via a retailer announcement, with two separate Blu-ray versions coming on September 14, 2010. We're no industry wizards or anything, but we'll go ahead and make an assumption that the DVD release will also match up for the September date.


AUS10 said...

I just read the first three episodes of OTH season 8. It will be the best season yet!!

thank god said...

It will be the best season yet!!

Yeah, because it will be the last season.

Special K said...

Clearing up a couple things. The Stand Up To Cancer telethon is in Sept.

Jake did the public service announcement about it that will be shown during the All-Star Game tonight.

About Jake in Boston. I remember this tweet I saw last week.

Shirley Jones = Chopin dry martini Jake Gyllenhaal = local, craft brown ale Rush Limbaugh = double absolut mandrin w/splash of sprite
10:29 PM Jul 5th via web

And this is from the same guy:

I have started to notice that famous people and celebrities come into the bar I work at. I find their drink orders to be very interesting... 3:44 PM Oct 21st, 2009 via web


This guy mentions riding the The T in one of his earlier tweets, so it looks like he is based in Boston.

If Jake shot the PSA at Fenway, the Sox were out of town over the 4th -7th. Wonder if he went up on Monday and shot it. It would be a slow night at The District being a Monday night and after the holiday weekend, and less people seeing him, and it's just such an off night, it would great cover.

Special K said...

If Jake did a PSA from Dana Farber Cancer Institute, one of the recipients of Stand Up To Cancers funding, there would be no patients in on that Monday, since it was the legal holiday here, and it would be easy to shoot there too.

Jersey Tom said...

I am sure we will have all kinds of tweets and sightings putting Jake anywhere but on the East Coast but my bet is that there is a little love nest somewhere between NC and NYC. Could be the house Jake had rented in Pittsburgh when he was filming there.

Doesn't sound like Jake is going to be working anytime soon at least till promotion fot LAOD. Damn Yankees, Joe Namath and Lance Armstrong still aren't reality. Does Jake have any work lined up?

ew said...

I just read the first three episodes of OTH season 8. It will be the best season yet!!

Yeah, that's not hard to achieve, considering the previous seasons sucked big time!

Special K said...

Here's Jake's PSA for Stand Up for Cancer.

Jake PSA Just Jared

Looks Good. Sounds Good.

Wasn't shot at Fenway. Is it Dodger's Stadium?

But can I just say, who were the geniuses who had him sit down for a project call Stand Up to Cancer?

why stand when you can lie down said...

who were the geniuses who had him sit down for a project call Stand Up to Cancer?

LOL. From what we saw from the bearding fiasco I wouldn't be surprised if it was his management/PR. They seem to get things basackwards don't they.

m said...

Jake looks pretty good there. His beard is nicely groomed. He does look like he is reading the lines a bit, but he did a decent job.

Slow Jake news day again. Nice try Austin re the upcoming OTH looks good. I'm not sure if I can watch it this time through or not. My curiosity may get the better of me. I'll watch the first one and see how I feel.

Jake does not seem to have much work lined up, but as I recall most of his projects tend to materialize suddenly so that does not mean much. He likes to keep a lid on things, business and personal.

So what's the big deal about the DVD release date being a secret. The box office is over for POP and its out of the theaters in many places. I think Disney films do well in DVD sales as they get repeat viewings so justify the expense. Personally, I'm not buying dvds anymore as anything I want to see is eventually available online from one source or another.

Off to bed now. I have an early business conference call I need to be sharp for.

Special K said...

LOL. From what we saw from the bearding fiasco I wouldn't be surprised if it was his management/PR. They seem to get things basackwards don't they.

Nahhh.... this one is all about the director and the ad exec who's the point person for the project.

AUS10 said...

Happy bastille day to everyone in france. Viva la france!!!!!
7 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

its back said...

About to roll on the first shot of #onetreehill. Season 8. I'm lucky to be involved with such a talented cast and crew. about 3 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

RT @SophiaBush: First scene to be shot of Season 8! Scene #7, script #801. Me and @AUS10NICHOLS in B Davis' house. We're baaaaaack!
26 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®