Friday, July 30, 2010

When my baby smiles at me....

...I go to Rio?.....Detroit? LA? MV?

saw 200 brazilians boarding a jet to rio. I tried to gatecrash and get on the flight. "No mr. Nichols. I'm sorry, you're going to detroit

Austin's still trying to get to Rio, but is he really headed to Detroit Rock City? Is it if final destination? A layover? Or some good misdirection.

Now if you want to see Austin, and don't have a map or 200 Brazilians. Look for him on screen. Both the big and small in September

Austin will be heading to the Great White North in September, when Beautiful Boy premieres at the Toronto International Film Festival Sept 12th.

Austin plays a writer who is chronicling the story of student who murdered his fellow students and took his own life, leaving his soon to be divorced parents trying to deal with the tragedy not only in their own lives, but the far reaching effects as well.

Wonder if this Austin' first trip to Canada in 2010? ; )

On the small screen OTH comes back for Season 8, on September 14th. And from comments from The CW's president after the networks executive session at the TCA Summer Press Tour, it looks like 22 is the magic number. Season 8 will be a full season. Wow 22 ways for them to make it even more crazy.

Why not throw in an around the world race, a shipwreck, a smoke monster, a former Idol judge and some vampires, in the Crazy Tree Shaker aka the writers room and VOILA! OMG!!!The Best Season Ever!

Now for seeing more of Austin right now?

Well he's doing that himself, putting up some new pics on his Crowdrise page to raise money for Gulf Relief for Global Green and for Protect our Salty Waters for Surfrider.

Which is a leg and which is a branch?

No paddle, No wave, no problem, just need a boat.

Seems like Austin is still not worried about not having enough.

I saw a woman at the gym yesterday with abs bigger than my tits

Thinking about those implants again there Mr.Nichols?

Now you know those aren't biodegradable.

When you say no to plastic bags, it's a no to plastic boobs.

Next project on Crowdrise? Research for Alternative Implants aka EcoMan Mammose the Bio-Boobs for Boys.

It does go with Brazilians.


LOL said...

When you say no to plastic bags, it's a no to plastic boobs.

LOL - funny imagery with the plastic grocery bags. Great post today. :)

*snork* said...

That 2nd pic is LOL. I thought it was a fish jumping out of the water in front of his face. Took me a while to figure out what it is.

tr said...

Hey there just popped in to see your take on the OMG JAKE IS A DRUG USER! story. LOL Reese is so repetitive. Anyway, when you're scratching your head trying to figure out who's team would be more likely to plant a positive tidbit or slide in a negative about an enemy look at the history of the source. Search for Reese Witherspoon on Janet's website. You will probably be unsurprised a the long history of ass licking you find. Remember when Ted said Lainey is just doing what she's paid to do? 90% of entertainment blogs are really PR tools. Reese will drip the nasty onto Jake for as long as their names are associated.

As far as Jake's future as a participant in Celebrity Rehab, I wouldn't bet on it. Jake smokes he's no worse or better than Ryan in that respect which Reese knew so I'm sure that was not a factor in their relationship.

Reese herself has been known to spark one. She was quite the little stoner back in the day if you can believe it. There was a NY Post story about her smoking up at an event, BI about her dropping her stash getting off a ski lift. That was back in '01/'02. I don't know what her habits are now but she seems very tightly wound. Regardless, none of them are irresponsible enough to use any drugs in front of the kids. It's just not a factor in the breakup. The People readers will eat it up though. Poor Reese. Two bad boys in a row. She deserves so much better!

Why are peopelfreaking out over Janet's fanfic said...

There were Reese/Ryan pot stories going back when they first started dating, before '01 -02 and it wasn't a BI either.

She wasn't concerned about her image then. She did movies like Twilight, Freeway and Pleasentville where she appeared nude and had a foul mouth.

Her "drug" of choice now is beer and wine, Jake does smoke pot but big deal. Ryan smokes the weed and dabbles in coke, no news.

None have done it in front of the kids.

weed, not women said...

IMO the Jake pothead story is a way for Reese's camp to explain why he was never interested or affectionate with her in the three years of pictures together: pot was his #1 priority. It's a lot safer and benign, from a legal point of view, a risk of a lawsuit from Jake and reputation-wise for darling Reese, for her to say pot is Jake's drug of choice rather than meth, coke, acid or heroin. So that's why there was no chemistry or sexual attraction between Jake and Reese - he was a pothead!!

Special K said...

Hey TR good to see stopping by. Do you think that Reese is pissed off that Jake didn't move on and date someone else right away, to give her the distance the association?

Well she deserves something. One day she will get what she deserves. Karma's a bitch.

Special K said...

LOL - funny imagery with the plastic grocery bags

See I picture him juggling two ziploc sandwich bags filled with water over his chest and not thrill with the effect then looking around the kitchen for something else that's got better feel.

Reese didn't move on and date anyone either, LOL! said...

Hey TR, what went down with Ryan and Abby? He mentioned during an interview that he and Abby actually broke up a few months before it was announced. It was announced it Febuary which means they actually broke up in December.

Isn't that around the time Jake and Reese broke up? I'm not talking about when it was first "leaked" in late November but a few weeks later.

I think it was an interview he did with Howard Stern early in the year. Odd timing.

BTW, Jim Toth has a GF and her name isn't Reese. She ain't dating Toth and everyone at CAA knows it. They have known each other for years, since the days when she first hooked up with Ryan.

Toth is also a party boy that does drugs, no way Reese is involved with him.

the real m said...

How ironic that Austin will have a film at Toronto, but not Jake.

I was not surprised that Ted hopped right on the story given that Toothy is his boy. But it also gave him a roundabout way to reconfirm that Jake is Toothy. Ted has never published an Is Jake Toothy question because he can not say yes he is as it would reveal the blind vice and out Jake. So all the emails asking the Jake question go unpublished. And you know there have been tons since he is the #1 candidate. The issue was made blatantly public by another, giving Ted an opportunity to address it. But Ted still did not utter the words and it ain't Jake, because he can't.

I had a minor growth removed from my index finger the other day. You have no idea how much one uses that finger to type. I should lay off the comments to give it a rest, but it's just too hard to keep quiet.

Cool pictures of Austin. He can keep posting those as much as he likes.

destiny said...

Hi TR, was hoping you would pop in.

LOL all the plastic references Special.

Special K said...

See Jack's kicking off his weekend here on OMG.

MsA's outstretched undies said...

Toth known Reese/Ryan and their kids for years. I don't know what the fuck Reese is trying to pull but she ain't fooling industry people, only readers of Us and People buy that she has moved on with a party boy pushing 40, has a GF (not Reese).

She has known him for almost 9 years and all of a sudden they are dating?LOL. I guess it could happen but people that have observed them away from the paps say that there ain't nothing sexual going on with them, no way.

tr said...

She's not trying to fool industry people. Why would you think she was or that she could? They are selling a product to the public. The "product" has nothing to do with who they really are or what they really do and they are all the same.

MsA's outstretched undies said...

I guess there is no need to fool industry types since they all know it's BS, i should have said fooling the public/fans though I don't know why she would think that the public/fans would give a shit about some 4th rate agent who was referred to on some sites as up and coming, LOL at 40!!!

Hes Reese's agents gofer (Lourd is still her agent I assume)

Anyway they have known each other for years and have been observed being very non-romantic.

Industry types must be scratching their heads over their act.

Toth's GF has no problem with it since all it is her getting escorted places and papped and he is getting his fug mug splashed on the rags.

tr said...

Industry types know exactly why she is doing what she's doing. She proved she could get a hot movie star and now she's proving that a successful man wants her and she has love. It's a no brainer. No one is scratching anything but Reese's back.

destiny said...

So have you heard anything about what is really going on with Reese TR? Is she just not seeing anyone--or is she seeing someone who's not pr-worthy?

the real m said...

Did anyone catch NPH on Craig Ferguson? He was wearing those bracelets the kids collect. He took each off to show Craig saying I have a rabbit because I'm a magician, I have a pineapple because I like pina coladas, I have a dolphin cause I like them and I have a rooster because I like ... and Craig cut him off before he could say cock. Cute. The clip is on ONTD as well. See part 2 if you don't want to watch the whole thing.

? said...

And did that turn you on, M.

The Joker said...

Craig Ferguson gets on my nerves at times. But then again, most everybody does. Sigh.

ted said...

Dear Ted:
Before Clay Aiken "officially" came out, his orientation was an open secret—the only people who didn't know were his fans (well, some of them, anyway). In other words, it wasn't hidden from anyone working with him. Is it the same kind of sitch with Toothy Tile? You've said that T.T. knows he's T.T....Is it readily acknowledged (to his face) in Hollywood, and just kept a secret from the public? For instance, would he and Grey Goose be invited to a party as a couple?

Dear Glass Closet:
T2 is much more closeted than Clay, even within T-town. Sure, a lot of his coworkers and the corporate big-wigs know what's up, but it's not as acknowledged or discussed openly as it was with Clay.

Dear Ted:
My rescue cat is a very curious kitty, and she and I wonder about how bearding appearances work. When celebrities appear with their beards at a widely publicized event, do the PR people tell them how to act, or do they play it however they want to? Sometimes these oh-so-in-love couples seem so awkward. Are some couples told to sell the relationship harder and amp up the PDA, while others remain less touchy? Or can some couples just not pull off the physical affection, no matter how well they act in other roles?
—Natural Couples Fan

Dear Feelin' Scruffy:
The beard and bearded know the rules of the game. Surely they've got some pointers from their respective teams, but it's their sexuality that's on the line. They'll sell that relaysh if it's the last thing they do. Does that tickle your pussy's curiosity?

Bitch Back

destiny said...

Ted confirmed what I always suspected, that Jake does not really go out and about to industry events, parties etc. with Austin.

Maybe some of those photos we thought might be bits and pieces of Austin are not Austin.

Special K said...

Ted didn't say that. Ted said:"but it's not as acknowledged or discussed openly " He did not say they don't go out to industry events.

As is the key word there.It is used as a comparative between two people, Jake and Clay.

austin's back to the future again said...

1.21 gigga watts!!!! Great scott!!!!!
25 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

even within T-Town said...

Ted didn't say that. Ted said:"but it's not as acknowledged or discussed openly " He did not say they don't go out to industry events.

I think destiny is correct and Ted did say that. You can't just cherry pick the parts you want to quote. He said that "T2 is much more closeted than Clay, even within T-town.". Even if co-workers and corporate bigwigs know what's up, if he's basically closeted even within HW, they're not going to industry events.