Friday, November 8, 2013

'Cuffed up

 This is for you.

 Ummm I don't know what to say, because...
 Go ahead just open it


 What the heck?!?!?

 I don't know what you heard about me but this is wayyyy tooo big
Just try it.
 On your wrist.....
 It tracks you wherever you go.

 Now who ordered this?

Happy Austin Friday


prairiegirl said...

You know, this is kind of funny, depending on from whose perspective of course, lol. But when I was looking at Special's post for the first time fairly early this morning, I thought that 9th picture down was of Austin's foot! I thought that man was putting the cuff around Austin's ankle and his thumb was his Big toe. BWAH!!!

Then I saw the next couple of pictures and realized no, it was his hand. lol.

I think I might be working too hard.

Had to work 1/2 day this am. This 4th qtr is killing me. I laid down to take a nap at 3:30, set my IPad alarm clock for 4:15 and look what happened. I woke up at almost 5:30. Brother.

Getting ready to leave for the evening. Then this day will be shot. Where is time going.

prairiegirl said...

Austin has got some big ol' hands.

Special K said...

Big hands, big feet, big..
....booty. :)

Special K said...

Congratulations to Hawaii who passed the Marriage Equality bill in their House of Representatives. After a confirmation from the Senate, the bill is headed to the Governor who has supported the bill.

That's 16 if I'm not mistaken.

Florida Tom said...

Nice for Hawaii!!!!!!!!!

the real m said...

Great news, one more state added to the list.

Speaking of Austin, I was looking at IMDB just curious to see if he was going to be on any other tv shows, and it shows an item in post production with Austin as the writer and director. He did mention in a tweet that he was writing something. It's called Stroker and the plot says there is swimming involved. No clue as to when or where it will be shown and it looks to be very short, like 20 minutes, so I am guessing a web show. Apologies if this has been mentioned before.