Saturday, November 16, 2013

Left hook

Nothing like a hurt paw is going to keep Jake from his appointed rounds.

First it was the Prisoners Variety screening with Maria Bello onThursday.  And from folks who tweeted and fb'd about it said he gave a inspiring and heartfelt speech about acting.

And next up it was Jake at AMPAS  (5 points for those who know that the acronym stand for) Governors Award

You can see Jake knuckles are fuller on his left hand.  He must have popped that mirror good.  But breaking a mirror Jakey brings 7 yrs bad luck.  Not what you want going into award season buddy.

But its not just his fingers fuller.  Check out that puss.  No longer that gaunt look Jake great with his cheeks and those dimples back.  Don't lose them again Jake.


prairiegirl said...

Jake looks pretty darn nice except for the man'd up slicked back hair. He's doing that because it makes him look not-so-pretty. I know that now. Whatever, Jake.

He's stubborner than a mule, isn't he?

Spot on about the full cheeks, Special. That was the first thing I noticed. Miraculous recovery from the Lean Lou look he had for the movie.

So the big question is does Lean Lou go on a big eating binge in Nightcrawler and therefore gains a significant amount of weight? Because otherwise, there is no way Jake just finished filming because if he had just finished filming, he would still be looking like a blown kiss would knock him over.

I firmly believe Jake's been done filming for a couple of weeks and all the recent, sudden Jake news has been to help cover the Gyllenichols trip away to celebrate another BT Offspring Birthday. Not sure which member of the GN Clan but it was one of the latter born.

So many clatter, bells & whistles from the Jake camp and you know something is going on behind all the kicked up dust.

prairiegirl said...

Not to says his most recent news isn't also for the Road To The Oscar Nod.

Now we're seeing his people standing him on every street corner with the hard sell.

Let him get this out of his system once and for all. I just hope his hopes aren't dashed and he's like a kid on Christmas morning whose new toy got broken if he doesn't get that Oscar nom. Because he seems to want this so bad, it's hurting him.

It's like you just have to sit back in the captain's chair with the Big Gulp and box of Cheez Its and settle in for the long game while Jake knocks himself out, hellbent on his mission.

Austin must be so used to this. Nothing you can say or do to relax or rationalize the fury. He's just going to do what he's going to do, no matter what.

prairiegirl said...

And I still love the lil guy, like Bit** Pudding says. I just want to put an arm around his shoulder and say "it'll be all right, Jake. You are doing just fine. Keep doing what you love to do and live your life with your family and people will recognize you. They will. You don't have to wave the flags for attention. People will notice and they will appreciate you. The accolades will come".

People do see. They do.

But you can't self promote yourself. It just garners resistance and also sympathy. You don't want that. You don't want an award that's been bought resting up there on the mantle. Do you really want that? What is there to be proud of in that?

So sad. You wish someone could get through to him.

Methodical Muser said...

The "story" about Jake's hand "injury" continuing to be posted all over Twitter even three days after the event, tells me there is mischief afoot. Never mind that the Breaking News occurred 24 hours after the incident. How does that work exactly? Breaking News is real time, not ancient history. However, Jake's people didn't want to have their carefully crafted tall tale buried by Zac Efron's breaking his jaw story, which hit the Internet the day before. Kind of stupid really because being that both men are two of the biggest closeted actors in Hollywood, comments have surfaced suggesting that Jake and Zach were together when their injuries occurred. LOL! That really helps squelch the gay rumors, doesn't it. *rolls eyes*

Mirrorgate Evidence Unveiled:

Flawlessly manicured nails. Did Jake go straight from the hospital to the spa?

Fingers aren't cut up at all and only one slight bruise on middle knuckle.

Where the ace bandage is located suggests that Jake only cut up the palm and underside wrist portion of the hand. That is not a natural way to damage your hand in a fit of rage. An out of control man would have slammed his fisted hand against the mirror. He would not have slammed an open palm against it.

And, if Jake did slam his open palm it's unlikely that kind of impact would have shattered a mirror enough to be rushed to Emergency.

And most importantly...drum roll please:

Jake is not left handed (if he hit the mirror in a fit of rage he would have done so with his dominant hand. Note that it's his left hand that is wrapped up.)

Given that Jake is right handed it is highly unlikely that an irrational moment of rage would have resulted in him using his left hand in a reflexive manner.

prairiegirl said...

Hey M&M, do you reckon this could happen? Look at this interview Jake did about Prisoners/End of Watch. This is hilarious:

Q: With Detective Loki and your LAPD patrolman in last year's "End of Watch," you've shown a talent for portraying policeman. Are you drawn to playing cops?

A. Jake Gyllenhaal: That’s not true at all. I don’t keep playing a cop.

from the interview Q&A: Jake Gyllenhaal Takes No ‘Prisoners’ When Playing a Man with a Badge

By Thelma Adams | Yahoo Movies – Fri, Nov 15, 2013 3:43 PM EST

BWAHAH!! That killed me. He sounds a little irritated there, doesn't he? I love it.

So does that mean, that now we might get this kind of interview?

Q: So Jake, it has been observed that you have always been and are predominantly right handed. Yet you broke a mirror with your left hand in an intense moment of method acting. Are we to assume that your left hand has become your predominant appendage now?

A: That is not true at all! I have used my left hand for many tasks. It really depends on the task which my hand is performing.

Methodical Muser said...

It really depends on the task which my hand is performing.

Just ask Austin.

Just Passing By said...

Jake and his team (with a strong helping from Warner Brothers) are working Hard at getting that Oscar nomination. LOL. I mean I don't recall him working this hard with Brokeback Mountain. Can't blame him. Today it's not so much how good a performance you give (although of course it helps) as it is how hard you campaign for it. So far Jake has been everywhere keeping himself in the eyes of the Academy voters, critics and so forth, and when he wants too he can turn on the charm and so far it seems he's doing it amazingly well. Even the gossip about his "girlfriend," his weight loss for the movie he's currently filming and even the accident with his hand will certainly play into the campaigning. Any news can be spin positively in helping Jake at winning a nomination if done correctly. One then I've always thought about Jake is that he knows the game of Hollywood and knows how to play it when he puts his mind to it. We'll see if he's successful.

prairiegirl said...

lol. Oops. Well, I was trying to think of another word for 'hand'! I didn't want to use the word 'hand' again.

lol. That was kind of a loaded sentence. Sorry! : )

Anything to be noticed said...

Today it's not so much how good a performance you give (although of course it helps) as it is how hard you campaign for it

Or, then you have performances recognized by the Academy like those of Daniel Day Lewis. Who has won three Academy Awards with no campaigning to speak of at all. You're right though. Since Jake is nowhere in this category of greatness, he has to rely on stunts. Sad really.

prairiegirl said...

Maybe he's decided to not give a sh*t any more. If he's a father, which he most like is, his priorities have changed. He can talk about his craft all he wants now, but he appears to trying to be ingratiating himself into the Hollywood community again. This tells me he is now just trying to make money and continue to work. Like a head of household would (i.e. main breadwinner).

Yeah, I gotta agree on that one.

Great thoughts and observations shared today.

Anything to be noticed said...

I wonder why blogger keeps eating my comments now. Let's see if it takes this one.

Anything to be noticed said...

I just wanted to add that I really like Jake, but don't much appreciated the phoniness that surrounds him these days. I think Jake didn't promote Brokeback heavily until after December and the Oscar nomination. Remember, he had Jarhead out at the same time and was going for a Best Actor nod in October and November. When he saw there was no way to get into that coveted category, his parents and CAA started promoting him for Best Supporting Actor for BBM. They knew he couldn't compete with Heath's performance even though Jack Twist had almost as many lines in the movie as Ennis Del Mar. So there was maneuvering going on even back then, but nothing that rises to this year's PR push.

prairiegirl said...

I agree, Anything. I really still like the guy (and Austin as well) but this year has really been one to bite a brick with their antics.

I agree with Just Passing By as well.

Surely there is a way to continue in the business without compromising yourself. These guys are doing things that are making them grey early and probably causing a few antacids to be popped at night.

At least make it so that you can look yourself in the mirror and still pretty much like yourself.

It's like Jake is surrendering himself in his return to Hollywood. It's too bad it can't be a differently carried out kind of return.

destiny said...

Always enjoy your posts Just Passing By, and agree completely.

They are keeping his name out there, even through the beard. The day after that story ran about the museum event Jake went to in LA there was a story in the Wall Street about a charity event in NYC the next night that mentioned the beard among the list of people in attendance and described her as Jake's girlfriend.

Interesting about it being the left hand, it would be kind of surprising for him to punch first with that hand, although if he did have a fit, it could have been multiple punches.

Methodical Muser said...

Interesting about it being the left hand, it would be kind of surprising for him to punch first with that hand, although if he did have a fit, it could have been multiple punches.

True, but then the first punch would come from the right dominant hand, not the left one. And, both hands would be damaged (cut up and bruised). You can see that Jake's right hand looks perfectly fine. Not a scratch in sight.

LK said...

I have a funny feeling that this whole story is just made up. His hands (both of them) look fine. In fact they almost look fake like almost plastic. His nails look perfect. If this is to get an award I believe what a cheap way of achieving your dreams.

Florida Tom said...

I think Jake putting weight back on and then the story that he is hurt on the set do not make sense. Why would he have put on weight if he was still filming.

I think Jake needs to work harder on the Oscar campaign. He is not making inroads in any list I see.

A Number's Game said...

I bet Jake stopped filming quite awhile ago though (early November perhaps). He has been fudging with start and stop times of his filming schedule for several years now: Prisoners, An Enemy and now Nightcrawler. Another tactic to buy him time to be other places, while people still think he's working. If he's seen somewhere he shouldn't be, like Texas or Michigan, another set of tweets can be floated out there to make it seem like the sighting had to be a mistaken identity because, "Look, Jake still's filming in LA."

Without a doubt, that story of mirror punching has conveniently provided a time and date stamp of his last day of filming. So besides making Jake look like such a committed actor, the story is embedded on the Internet that he quit filming Nightcrawler on November 13.

Kat said...

I have a funny feeling that this whole story is just made up

Totally, agree. The question is, "Why?"

I think there are several reasons at play here. Cheap publicity to keep his name in the news=relevant. Showing himself to be a dedicated actor who sacrifices for his art. Providing misinformation about his filming schedule to provide an alibi as to where he is. The latter explanation is another example of him hiding a secret from the public. Given all the pesky rumors over all these many years, I would say he's probably hiding that Family Tile from the public because you don't need to go to all this trouble to hide being gay. No doubt, Jake's secretiveness has really skyrocketed since 2010 when the whole ruse of Reeke collapsed.

the real m said...

Interesting that it was the left hand. Obviously there was some injury that occurred, though it now seems doubtful that it was on set. The way it was immediately written up seemed odd for such a minor injury. The truth always leaks out though. We need to keep an eye on the gossip sites to see if anymore details emerge. He had an odd injury years back while "playing basketball" too.

Methodical Muser said...

You mean the ankle injury from mid-March, 2008, m? For a minor injury, Jake was seen on crutches more than a week later. Obviously, not minor. The story was that it was a minor pick up basketball game.

I remember that Reese was not a happy camper either. She often left Jake in the dust, as she left him straggling alone, making sure he fulfilled his contractual shopping strolls, even though he was injured and obviously was having a difficult time navigating around.

"JAKE GYLLENHAAL is wearing a chunky ankle support after suffering a sporting injury. The actor was recently spotted out and about in Santa Monica, California, with girlfriend Reese Witherspoon - and limping while wearing the plastic hospital boot. But Gyllenhaal's representative insists his injury isn't severe, telling, " It's just a minor thing, he sprained his ankle playing basketball."

prairiegirl said...

I didn't know he wore a boot!! I don't think you need to wear a boot for a sprain, do you? Crutches yes, but a boot is for a fracture. maybe the cover up is not about whether or not he really got hurt, but how he got hurt.

prairiegirl said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not uncommon to use a boot if you have access to one. It keeps you from re-spraining the ankle.

November 17, 2013 at 10:01 PM

who dat. lol

I'm not questioning him in a boot. I was saying I just didn't remember him wearing a boot.

I still have my old boot. LOLLLL!!! It's all bagged up and sitting on a shelf in the garage. lol.

Oh, the bad, bad memories. I hope I never have to use that thing again.

prairiegirl said...

I am not having a good feeling about this Chiefs/Broncos game. I think we may be headed for 9-1.

: (

But you never know! Things can always turn around!

Still......I'm not getting a good feeling....