Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pulling the short straw

 Jake has become the go-to guy to make the rounds to hawk Prisoners to the Hollywood community? Because Hugh is over and out from Prisoners, and Jake's the one who is working Night(crawler) and still selling.

 Even Denis isn't sent out to sell it. 

Does that mean Hugh's nom is a lock?

That Hugh didn't have the campaign clause in his contract?

That this is one of the exec producers, Mark Wahlberg's plans to work Jake until Jake says he says "Uncle" and agrees to  do a cameo in the new Entourage movie?

That Warner Bros.  thinks Jake has a good chance a nom but needs "a little more work"?

That Jake and Maria pulled the short straws at the cast lunch?

Or is it a "chat about the movie/ one less 'date' with her" token economy?


Hugh jackman said...

Uh... Mr Jackman has been kind of busy getting his skin cancer treated.

Special K said...

Well since Mr. Jackman didn't disclose that until today we didn't know that when the post was written, did we.

the real m said...

I doubt Jackman would have shown even if he did not need skin surgery. He's moved on and does not need the attention. Jake does. Plus Jackman was walking around town with a bandage on his nose looking none the worse for the wear.

prairiegirl said...

I stand corrected. It does look like he had a spot on his nose back on the 13th. The timing of the news sure was coincidental though.

Also interesting was the snarky informant who brought the news right over around the time the news was releasing on social media - the lone commenter, "troll", and administrator of the blog next door, all one and the same. Makes sense since that is his purpose around these parts and what he gets paid to do.

Huh? said...

The administrator of the blog next door is management's paid troll?