Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Very Handy

It almost looks like Jake's campaign trail is the in the middle of The Heartland.

 But it's really Sunday's stop to Long Island and the Museum of Moving Images.

Having a good laugh

And the Hollywood equivalent of kissing babies.

It also looks like Jake's hand is on the mend.  But it does appear that his injuries are not his knuckles but lower,  his palm perhaps.  That would be a tough place for stitches and to keep protected from infection while healing.

 Happy Hanukkah!


Florida Tom said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone :-)

Happy Hanukkah :-)

Enjoy your family and friends !

Florida Tom said...

Holy smoke it is cold in The Sunshine State this morning. 41 degrees Ouch !!!!!!

Methodical Muser said...

Looks like we're early birds, Tom. Happy Thanksgiving to you and to all fellow OMGers, as well. Cali is nice and warm. Hovering near the 70s, in fact. Awww, the good life!

PG on the Road said...

On the road to pu the parental unit and on to....the great city of Jimmy's Egg, Wichita KS. I'm dog tired but hopefully I get some rest sometime. Happy TGiving to you guys!!

prairiegirl said...

Can't be lazy. Gotta give Jimmy some face time for M & M. Bah

Special K said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgivukkah!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day with family and friends.

Methodical Muser said...

And, what would I do without your heartfelt consideration, PG? Let's face it, no matter how you "slice" him, ole' Wichita Jimmy is one nutty looking egg.

Although I do have to wonder where he picked up those fashionable trousers? ;-)

the real m said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Who would have thought it would be so cold in FL, Tom. I hope you stay warm.

Garden State just started with a very young Peter Saarsgard. We hardly hear a word about him any more. Not much else on today, except football.

Seaweed said...

Wishing all my friends at OMG a very Happy Thanksgiving. Hope your day is filled with friends, family, and fabulous food, and that your weekend is one of the finest.

The next big holiday is creeping up on us very quickly, so hoping that we all can get things done in preparation for Christmas and the New Year.

Cheers everyone !