Friday, November 1, 2013

Slipping into the Ocean(a)

Austin might have been spotted in New York City earlier this week but it looked like he slipped back into LA and to an event for the cause Oceana.

It seems like the event was  less splash and flash. Just Jared posted about the event but reading the site post about the event you'd think only ladies attended it.

Oceana's "mission is to protect and restore the world’s oceans. The organization works to ensure that the oceans are biodiverse, resilient, and able to feed the billion people worldwide who depend on seafood for their sustenance."

Back in 2002 Oceana merged with Ted Dansen's water conservation and protect cause, America's Ocean Campaign. Ted continues his support serving on the board since the two groups became one.

You might remember Jake went to a few Oceana events in the past.

Here he is with long time family friends from their days in Martha's Vineyard, Ted Dansen and Mary Steenburgen.

Back to Austin and 2013, who popped up next to Austin on the red carpet?

Melanie Griffith in a cardigan

What the hey....

Austin doesn't seem that comfortable.   So what's going on ?

Did she want to get a pic with a guy who looks her daughter's (Dakota Johnson) new co-star (Jamie Dornan) in 50 Shades of Grey to show what it would be like if they had pick her instead? (Mel - if you were trying to play Dakota's part - that's different kind of grey all together)

Did she even know him?  Or is another one of those recent "moments" captured on camera?

Does he know Dakota? And is just being nice to a friend's mom?

Is she on a mission?  Is she trying to recruit him to WME?

Is Austin thinking about and afraid of what Antonio might do?

 But answer we do know is - if Austin's in LA... Jake's in LA.


bearding tabloids said...

Star Magazine:

"Jake’s weight-loss gal

Jake Gyllenhaal has more than enough cash to hire a personal trainer, but to lose 20 lbs. for his upcoming role as a crime reporter in Nightcrawler, he enlisted his Sports Illustrated swimsuit model girlfriend, Alyssa Miller, 24, to help. Alyssa put Jake, 32, on a regimen of low-cal foods – including clear soups, canned tuna, kale and egg whites – and joined him for cardio sessions in the gym and the park, where they scrimmaged with a soccer ball for an hour a day. “Alyssa and Jake are perfect together,” says an insider, who adds that Jake loves that Alyssa had pro soccer aspirations before becoming a model. No surprises here: This perfect pair met at the gym."

Globe magazine:

"Flirty Guy

I hear movie hunk Jake Gyllenhaal has a bad habit of flirting with other women during spin classes at SoulCycle in New York whenever his gorgeous galpal of four months, Sports Illustrated model Alyssa Miller, isn’t around. “When Jake and Alyssa show up together, he only has eyes for her,” reveals an insider. “But if she’s not there, he flirts up a storm and acts like he’s single.” "

bearding tabloids said...

US Weekly:

Jake Gyllenhaal's Girlfriend Alyssa Miller: "Things Are Good," We Have "Cooking Dinner Parties"

Celebrity News November 1, 2013 AT 8:00AM By Nicole Eggenberger

Sports Illustrated model Alyssa Miller tells Us Weekly that "things are good" with boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal and they love to host "cooking dinner parties" together.

So happy together! Jake Gyllenhaal and Alyssa Miller have been dating for four months now and are still going strong. At the Angel Ball at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City on Tuesday, Oct. 29, the 24-year-old Sports Illustrated model opened up to Us Weekly about her relationship with the 32-year-old actor.
"Things are good," the gorgeous brunette shared with a big smile.
Miller told Us that she and Gyllenhaal really enjoying cooking together. "I have people over all the time and we cook," she said. "I love having people over socially and cooking dinner parties."
Though she does love cooking, Miller said she hasn't taught her boyfriend any dishes. "He's the teacher," she said with a laugh.
Gyllenhaal recently debuted a dramatically slimmer physique for his role as a struggling, freelance crime reporter in the upcoming thriller, Nightcrawler. "I knew that [my character] was literally and figuratively hungry," he explained to Us of wanting to lose weight for the film.
But Miller's cooking was probably only helping Gyllenhaal reach his lean, mean goal. "I've been cooking really clean and healthy," she told Us. "I've been making a lot of quinoa dishes."
In addition to doing ballet for exercise and running "as much" as she can, Miller also follows a diet plan. "My rule is 80/20," she shared. "80 percent is good and in control and super strict and then the other 20 percent you're social and you splurge."
Gyllenhaal, who has previously dated Taylor Swift, Kirsten Dunst and Reese Witherspoon, seems to share a mutual love of fitness with Miller. A source told Us that the couple started dating in late June after meeting "at their gym." Gyllenhaal is also frequently spotted taking classes at SoulCycle. The End of Watch actor met his last girlfriend, Sports Illustrated model Emily DiDonato, at the spin studio in Manhattan in fall 2012.

Us Weekly

Special K said...

All this spin. And not one word of it actually coming from Jake.

She is going to get her money's (or the contract's) worth out of this and get every inch of press she can.

more beard talking... said...

Jake Gyllenhaal's Girlfriend Alyssa Miller Reveals He's Taught Her to Cook!

As if we needed yet another reason to be completely smitten with Jake Gyllenhaal, here's another: He loves to cook!
Not only does he enjoy whipping up a fancy dinner every now and again, but he's practically a pro when it comes to all things culinary.
The hunky actor's girlfriend, Alyssa Miller, told E! News at the Angel Ball in New York City that her beau has been giving her a few tricks of the trade.
"Jake has taught me to cook some dishes," she explained. "I love to cook as well."
The Sports Illustrated model gushed that her leading man is "so good" at wooing her with his cooking skills.
But that's not all…
It looks like things between the two good-looking brunettes are heating up and getting more serious than ever.
Miller revealed that she's met Jake's sister Maggie Gyllenhaal and that "she is great."
The 32-year-old star and 24-year-old beauty have been rumored to be dating since at least mid-June, when they were reportedly spotted making out at a coffee shop at Pier 57 along the Hudson River.
First, romantic homemade meals and then quality family time? What is next for these two?!


Florida Tom said...

That totally makes me sick when I read that crap. Didn't get through the first without getting sick to my stomach. People out there fighting everyday for respect and acceptance and Jake and Austin allow this kind of stuff to go on. I know it is about fantasy and PR for the industry but it is sick.

prairiegirl said...

Totally agree with you, Tom. I really don't think it's necessary to post all of that - it's all the same pile of recyclables.

Not only recyclable but totally laughable.

Jake couldn't even muster up the time to see her while he was in NYC this past week.

That's why all the extracurricular for the past several days - providing him cover while he spent his real time with his kids.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

Will be interesting to watch how often and for how long Jake and his Team breathe off of the oxygen tank of Miller's fantasy mouthings.

Whoever's calling the shots has got their head up their bottom drain. They're not fooling too many.

While Melanie Griffith may be living in the past and trying to create some of her own publicity, Austin was in on that deal.

He had to be. He was sent out to be seen in L.A. So he needed to be photo'd and there was a perfect event to be seen at. Too bad there just doesn't seem to be any connection whatsoever between him and Griffith.

The one lone tweet about this event made it sound like Austin and Melanie arrived together:

Newspusher Celebrity (@NP_Celebrities)
10/31/13, 5:13

Melanie Griffith and Austin Nichols arrive at Oceana Partners Award Gala 2013

There were plenty of pictures of the two together on the entry carpet as well. And she looked more like his mother, not a date. Not only that, her wedding ring was in full view.

All kinds of fantasy NeverNever Land, all kinds of desperate. For both parties involved.

Methodical Muser said...

Funny how Austin had time to make a "look at me" appearance with Melanie G. for everyone to see that he was in Los Angeles, yet he can't spare a moment to send a shout out tweet to the people of Austin, Texas who are experiencing devastating floods. Another indication that so much of Austin's twitter activity is not his own.

london tb said...

Maybe Austin and Melanie are friends. I'm not going to infer anything bad and desperate from that.

Don't like the Alyssa stuff though and it does sound so made up.

Special K said...

There was a blind item about an actress who was delusion and jealous that her daughter got a role that she thought would be perfect for her.

Blind Gossip

People said it was Melanie about Dakota getting 50 Shadys of Grey. With Austin looking so much like Dakota's recently replaced co-star Jamie Dornan. I wonder if Melanie might be Coocoo for Cocoa Puffs enought that she was going to get her picture taken with the guy who looked like he could be Dornan's brother.

the real m said...

Hilarious. The beard must be starved for attention. She also forgot the fact that they have not even been in the same city for months now. Delusions of grandeur if she thinks anyone gives a rat's ass what she does with her life.

Special K said...

You've got to wonder if Alyssa was promised so much coverage and Jake messed that all up for her. If you noticed all the photo ops were crammed into a couple weeks instead of spread out like it was with Reese. Bet Jake found a way around it and didn't break the contract. It was obvious he never wanted to do this with her in the first place.

Methodical Muser said...

One obvious tie in between Austin, Melanie and Jake, is that Dakota Johnson and Alyssa Miller are both IMG models. Dakota is also repped by WME (like Jake) and Management 360 (Evelyn O'Neill's company). It's a small, small world.

prairiegirl said...

You've got to wonder if Alyssa was promised so much coverage and Jake messed that all up for her. If you noticed all the photo ops were crammed into a couple weeks instead of spread out like it was with Reese. Bet Jake found a way around it and didn't break the contract. It was obvious he never wanted to do this with her in the first place.

I always thought that was a great point, Special. It was a very condensed time frame. Their fauxmance has been extremely odd from the very beginning.

After their big "grocery shopping" stroll in NYC photo op, remember he got caught in LA at the taco stand the very next day.Then Mgmt had him do the baggage carousel "Just Arrived at LAX" photo op and he disappeared in LA for about 3 weeks while she stayed behind in NYC.

I think that one slipped by a lot of people. She was busy posting pictures of herself and her dog looking all sad and abandoned.

Then the boys got caught in North Carolina prior to TIFF and all of a sudden, they called her back up North and you had that stupid back of the head shot in the theatre at the Enemy screening, plus lone pictures of her on the red carpet outside. And you had someone on the blog and elsewhere trying to sell that she was with Jake in that video. 'Did you see? Did you see? There she was, quick! Did you see?' Uh. No.

Then you had the sidewalk back of the heads "kiss" on the corner and well, that's been about it. I think that was the last we've seen of them together, wasn't it?

LOLLLLL. I mean, what kind of relationship is that? It's called a Lean Cuisine, a NutriSystem relaysh. Because you can hardly see the two entrees on your plate, Jake and/or Alyssa.

Jake's the 3 little peas that you have to get your magnifying glass out for. "Is that it?" And I'm not talking about his size either. I'm talking about the effort and the time he has put into the whole thing.

Methodical Muser said...

You mean "little" like that bitch pudding tweet about Jake a few weeks back?:

i just want to put my tiny baby jake gyllenhaal into my pocket and feed him leftovers so he can grow big and strong love you little guy


prairiegirl said...

That's why I want to say I'm going to have fun watching how far they're going to stretch this one can of beans into several meals.

prairiegirl said...

i just want to put my tiny baby jake gyllenhaal into my pocket and feed him leftovers so he can grow big and strong love you little guy

Ohhhhh, thank you M&M.

My favorite tweet, I think, of all time. Yup, think it has been dubbed the best of all time. lol. 'my tiny baby'. BWAH!! 'love you little guy'. lol. That girl just killed me.

Thanks for indulging me.

prairiegirl said...

And her twitter name is one of the best, just the best. What a great combination, I love it.

the real m said...

Another thing that's hilarious is that while the beard is claiming all this cooking activity, Jake looks like a prisoner of war. Yes, I know he deliberately dieted for the movie, but the timing about her discussing cooking and he being so guant just shows how dim she is. And Jake chose to lose the weight. The part did not call for it.

prairiegirl said...

That's a great point too, m. The timing is ridiculous.

You know, Mgmt, Miller, Mama Dearest, and the 2 boys can spin all they want for those who will eat it up.

They know that they're up against a tougher sell over here. They know that and that's why they keep 24/7 tabs on OMG.

That's why we're not going anywhere and they hate that.

Okay, I'm off for the evening! Out into the dark cold.

Don't Forget To Turn Back Your Clocks, everyone! : )

Special K said...

Thanks PG for the reminder.