Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgivukkah!!

Looks like Austin celebrated  in the grand tradition of some football.

Texas football that is.


And that would be Texas vs. Texas A&M

Hey Austin. Thurday Texas Tweet does not have the same ring as Tuesday Texas Tweet buddy, but Thanksgiving Texas Tweet is not too bad. Although in your house it might be Thanksgivukkah Texas Tweet.

Today Hanukkah falls on the same day as Thanksgiving. This has not occurred since 1861,  and will not happen again for another 79811!

Happy Thanksgivukkah!!

Here's hoping that all celebrated today have a wonderful time with friends and family and reflected on all the wonderful things they are grateful for.


Florida Tom said...

No way of knowing if Austin was actually at the game.

Special K said...

With their game of misdirection, it makes you wonder doesn't it Tom?

destiny said...

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We had fourteen people over, so between all the cooking and work I've had time for very little else the last couple of days.

A happy Hannukah as well to all who celebrate.

prairiegirl said...


Man you have just got to love it when you can yank these guys' chains.

Flush 'Em out, flush 'Em out.

prairiegirl said...

They're fools with a capitol F.

Those guys are playing to the wrong crowd. They stinkin' don't get it.

They're wasting their time. We're not budging. We're in for the long haul. We know the 'Big Secret' and we're not buying what they keep trying futilely to sell.

lol. Man o man.

crazytown said...

Wait. What evidence do you have that Austin ISN'T in Texas? I've seen that pic of Jake have breakfast this morning somewhere in NYC and he most definitely wasn't sitting across from Austin.

prairiegirl said...

How come Jake only eats and drinks in front of brick walls ? What is it with him and the brick walls of NYC? lol

prairiegirl said...

Wait what? I don't have to wait for squat.

OTOH, we do love flushing these two guys out.