Monday, November 25, 2013

The Mind Wanders

Another day another chat for Jake.

And yes about Prisoners.

This time it's MOMA.

But really what was going on Jake's head.

Top Ten Things Jake Might have been thinking about

10. You know what this campaign needs is a theme song. Hmmmm.  "Back on the Chain Gang"  yeah!

9. Thanksgivukkah?  Why can't it be Hanukgiving?

8. Mashed potatoes or latkes? Pumpkin pie or pumpkin kugel?  

7. My hand itches!!! Does that mean it's getting better?  Or play the lottery?

6.  I'm so working this suit.   All legs baby.

5.  Melissa has an Oscar and Hugh doesn't and she's the one who has to talk? Weird.

4.  Say something nice about Wolverine, say something nice about Wolverine.

3.  Does MOMA validate?

2.  Ten more punches on my talk about it ticket  and I get my own Oscar.

and the number on thing Jake might be thinking

Pose off!!!  I win!


Thanks said...

Great Out Spotlight on the last post. Never heard of him but I'm from DC and I will research him. He had to be pretty interesting being that he associated with Langston Hughes. Thanks Special

Florida Tom said...

Jake's odds at winning an Oscar are 100-1. 100-1 is a high as they went. Do not think it will happen this year. Prisoners is not the type of movie that gets you an Oscar nom.

destiny said...

Language would not keep EOW off HBO. More likely someone else paid up to have it before HBO, or they wanted to try and sell some DVDs first.

I think all of Jake's involvement with the latest film promo may have as much to do with showing he's a good soldier and getting publicity for himself as it does for getting awards. Jackman doesn't need to do so much of that sort of thing at this point in his career.

Oscar Nominated Horror/Suspense Movies said...

maybe, maybe not.