Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Miles later

Just a little jolt to your memory

Remember when these two hit the Highway

And now they 'round the table with buzz around
their latest performances

This time Jared caught Jake from a new angle and without the visor

and looking a little squinty


prairiegirl said...

Impossible to tell if Jake doesn't have his contact lenses in or if he does have them in and needs to have his prescription checked, lol.

He and Austin have their R & R breaks down to a science. Splash a couple of well-publicized appearances/stories and let the social media mentions and repeats carry them for weeks. They don't need to appear anywhere or say anything, just exist off of the fumes.

They've been conducting this practice for several years now.

Special K said...

The Senate voted 64-32 today to end decades of employment discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans. 32 Senate Republicans voted to continue LGBT discrimination in the workplace.

I'm not sure how many people know but there are 29 states where it is legal that you can be fired from your job if you're gay.

The Senate is the first stop in changing that.

Another step toward real equality in U.S.

Florida Tom said...

The problem is that GOP and The Speaker of the House will not even let it come to a vote in the Congress so the bill cannot become law. These Congressman are bulled and scared to death of 20% of the US population which call themselves Patriots aka the tea party.

Florida Tom said...

Just spent more time reading about this bill and read that a vote will eventually come to the Congress but def not this year. The count in the House is just a few votes short of passing and could pass if it came to a vote this year but The Speaker wont let the vote come to the floor.

Florida Tom said...

The Speaker fears for his job since the Tea Party wants his head because he would not let the Govt default. The Tea Party was willing to let the economy go over the cliff because they hate Obama. Boehner is scared the death since he knows he ticked them off already. Actually the tea party 20% control a lot of seats in the House since they managed to control much of the South who have a lot of electoral votes also. Let me stop. Politics is just as frustrating as the HW big brass.

Florida Tom said...
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the real m said...

Wow, I had no idea about the 29 states. Amazing that still holds after all these years.

Highway was a pretty awful movie, but I did watch it way back when I first became aware of Jake. He had good chemistry with Jared and I recall there being a homoerotic subtext going on. And of course who did not love Jared when he was Jordan Catalano. Major teen crush for any and all who watched the show.