Saturday, November 23, 2013

On the Trail

Despite the hurt hand Jake was once again back on the campaign trail this time in New York.

While it might be "no sleep
til  in Brooklyn",  Jake's campaign hq looks like Tribeca and was seen officially popping in and out of a hotel on Friday heading out for a campaign lunch.

Keeping his hurt paw warm and protected under a cozy looking shearling jacket,

Jake was looking like his old self  hitting all the fashion marks in an impeccably tailored tweed suit.  And check out those shiny shoes!

Even Jake's hand is impeccably wrapped too.  That's a hard job especially one handed.  Talk about needing an extra pair of hands to help. 

Jake was joined by Denis and Melissa again to chat  about Prisoners with S.A.G. east  while co-star Hugh Jackman  chose to continue to recoup in NYC after disclosing he had a small basel cell carcinoma removed from his nose.

It looks like the Prisoners campaign model is "early  and often".  Here's hoping Jake gets holiday time off for good behavior.


prairiegirl said...

Now I know where I've seen that guy walking behind Jake in the umbrella picture. That's the guy Jake was walking his bike with when he visited his mother's movie set. LOL, check out his smile at the camera.

I don't know but for any non-believer in there being offspring, they better take a good long look at trollish behavior which heightens every time a discussion comes up about said topic. Risky links and anon comments put up because he knows that will put the thread on Moderation.

And why is that the goal? To shut everyone up.

Why? Because what is being discussed is spot on.

I don't know what more evidence you need besides a Kodak 4 x 6. It's time for people to wake up.

prairiegirl said...
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Warning said...

I'm getting virus alerts from this website. Has it been hacked. Trojans?

prairiegirl said...

Speaking of waking up, waiting for the others to shower and get stuff together. That's the time I can steal to get online, lol.

Good mooooorning from Osage Beach, Missouri!

Enjoyed your post this morning, Special. Jake looking pretty darn spiffy. Love the combination of brown and light blue. He knows how to work it when he wants to.

I have to gently say that I'm concerned about the multi tasking he's got going on while walking. Walking with the bandaged, incapacitated hand. He's got both hands full and not only that, but carrying what is most likely a hot beverage, judging by the thermal disposable cup.

That's kind of a recipe for danger, buddy. Speaking as someone who knows, I've done this a few times at work, walking with things in both hands from the kitchenette and that's just not a good idea. You have nothing to catch or balance yourself with should something set you off kilter or catch you off guard.

And if something should happen, you've got hot water spilling although looks like he does have a lid on that cup. But those things can be unstable and pop off.

Just like driving, when walking, you have to be on the defensive and try not to put yourself at risk for a possible accident.

Didn't like seeing him carrying that hot cup while the other hand was also occupied. But not scolding, just looking for an opportunity to be more aware of what we're doing. We have to look out for each other.

Methodical Muser said...

I agree. I've seen the phenomenon you're describing too many times, PG to dismiss it as happenstance.

The trolling activity only happens/heightens when Baby Tiles are being discussed. I noticed yesterday and today, a bunch of salacious and offensive sites suddenly being posted and then reposted after clean up has occurred. The intent is targeted and timed to interrupt discussion and achieve moderation. No doubt about it. If Jake and Austin being fathers and raising a family, was so absurd, no one would be paying attention to us. Never mind cyclically trolling whenever the topic arises.

prairiegirl said...

Wouldn't you liken this to say, looking at signs of an oncoming tornado?

If we have weather that is real humid & warm, then a cool front moves in, the sky looks green, and the wind kicks up.

I am not a meteorologist. But if I were living alone out in the middle of nowhere, I would know that these are signs of an oncoming storm. I don't have to be a person with a PhD in meteorology to know this.

When you repeatedly see routine behaviors occur on this blog, you have to look at the reason behind it and the timing. There's really not a lot of difference.

As M&M said, it's all in the timing and pattern of behaviors. You don't have to have a photo album to know what you're seeing. You've got to become a Sherlock Holmes, why? Because these guys have really gone underground now. There's no room for mistakes. This is a dead serious campaign going on for Prisoners and Jake's bid for an Oscar nomination.

There's not going to be many, if hardly any, slip ups between now and the Oscars. There can be but you've got to look really, really hard - nothing's falling into anyone's lap, lol.

the real m said...

Still a bit too skinny but Jake is starting to look better. I thought the Umbrella holder was a hotel staff person, but if not, what is he doing there. Maybe on the payroll for PR work or something.

Special K said...

Jake was out again today with Denis and Melissa talking about Prisoners. This really is hitting the campaign trail.

And he better be bundled up. Brrrrrr it's freezing here on the East Coast.

@ErikLuers: Jake Gyllenhaal, Melissa Leo and director Denis Villeneuve in person tonight @MovingImageNYC for PRISONERS (7PM):

Anonymous said...
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covering for 10:05 said...

Anonymous said...

the umbrella holder is Jake's assistant. we don't usually see his assistant but there's a lot going on right now, several press interviews a day. if I were a celebrity I would not let my assistant hold an umbrella for me in front of paps I'd rather him carry my coffee and coat. it looks too pampered but maybe Jake is trying to send a message that he is a big shot. better for the campaign. the pap photos were staged so we know Jake is busy doing interviews. this is part of the campaign too just looking busy and important. even staying at the Greenwich Hotel is part of looking important and he's probably taking interviews in his room and those details make it into stories. he is going for broke.

November 24, 2013 at 10:05 PM

prairiegirl said...

Thank you, Anon. I could have sworn that guy was also w/ Jake when he was walking his bike on The a Good Girl set but seeing smother picture of the umbrella guy, it doesn't look like him at all! LOL. Was I way off.

he is going for broke

Yup. I just hope somebody doesn't get his heart broken if the outcome isn't what he's bustin' his hump over. It can be a very mighty fall when hopes, money and heart are poured into something so materialistic like a nomination and are for naught.

A nomination does not make or break you. It shouldn't.

prairiegirl said...

Smother = another