Saturday, November 9, 2013

In Service

 This Veteran's Day weekend we honor those who are serving, have served and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Both Jake and Austin have made a point to give back to those who are serving

 and those organizations helping veterans when they return home.

 Take the time to honor a Veteran and those serving their country now.


prairiegirl said...

I would be so remiss to not send out the news and mention of the loss of a huge fan of Jake's this past week. The Jake online fandom was shocked this past week to learn of the passing of @mermon7, as she was known on Twitter where I came to see and recognize her. Online, she was a much beloved member of the Gyllenhaalics and her friends are hurting.

Without a doubt, she was just this huge fan of Jake's - he was lucky to have her kind of support. She would retweet and promote any project he had going. One of the things I admired about her was she had the uncanniest ability to converse with people who tweeted about Jake and engage in conversation. She seemed to be a real people person and very warm, very friendly. Earnestly interested in people.

I loved that she was always trying to sell him to other people in the business, that he would be great for "this role" or "that role". lol. It cracked me up.

And one thing that I'm going to miss is the one thing her & I really shared in common - we both liked Prince of Persia. mermon loved that movie to death. She loved Jake as Prince Dastan and may have been the only one to ever ask for a sequel but I loved that because she didn't seem to think anything about it. I once sent her some fantastic gifs from PoP to her and Jess because those 2 ladies were unabashed and did not hide their fondness for the movie or his look in PoP.

She was only 40 years old, her passing being totally unexpected. And it just re-emphasizes to me that our time here on this earth is unknown. Every day is a gift and I certainly feel blessed for every one I've been given.

It's just a great loss of an enthusiastic member of this online fandom and I wanted to write some kind of honoring to her.

prairiegirl said...

I don't pretend to be a member of the other Jake communities - many of us differ greatly in some or numerous beliefs about the guy. I think for the most part, we at OMG pretty much stand alone on an island when it comes to active Jake blogs.

But with many, there is still a respect/civility and in the end at times like this, we're all just humans with feelings and losses are deeply felt. And that is what is most important - to never forget that. That's not to say that we'll never blow a fuse again or argue and disagree over something. That's also just natural human behavior.

It's an incredible thing - the internet. In a world where people are working 50 hour weeks to bring home the bacon and hold onto their job, the internet can become a place where people can make some friends they might not be able to in their home communities. Jake and Austin, whether they want to be responsible or not, have brought together many people in different ways.

It's a very powerful, very responsible and influential thing to have done in one's life.

Special K said...

What a lovely tribute to mermon, PG. She was such a big fan of Jake's, and I remember many of her tweets. It is so tragic. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.

It is amazing the connections and friendships that have been formed through just OMG. And that I have to say is the best part of this little blog.

prairiegirl said...

It is the best part. None of us would have ever met had it not been for this blog.

We remember those characteristics and habits of a person and when they're gone, those are the things you remember. And even if that person/family member always did something that annoyed or irritated you, drove you nuts, made you pull your hair out, you know what? It's those very memories that are left with you and you yearn for. You never forget.

And so the next time I gripe to high heaven because my brother's family always holds up the show on holiday celebrations because they can't get their act together until the last minute (lol), I will have to pause and remember that, as someone I know always says, it is just part of his charm.

Ha ha. That's a great way to put it, isn't it. It's just part of your charm.


prairiegirl said...

And might I say, not to hog the thread but hey, it's a wide, luxurious freeway today, might I say that Austin has certainly matured in his looks, hasn't he.

Look how young he looks in those OTH photos. (I don't know why you couldn't have edited Sophia out though, Special.) Doesn't he look younger there.

Would be funny to do a side by side of one of the old Laker photos and then a current one of how they look now.

What a humongous difference.

lol. Remember that episode of Seinfeld when Kramer had adopted a section of the freeway and he began repainting the lines? And so he made his lanes wider and Elaine Benis happened to end up on his stretch of highway and she noticed how nice and wide the lanes were and she said "Oooooh, luxurrrrious."

BWAHAHAHHH!!! "Ooooh, luxurious". That kills me every time I see that episode. Just hilarious. And she's weaving all over the lane because she has all this room to drive. LOL!

the real m said...

Very sad to hear of a death so young. I dont recall many of her comments, but as PG says, in many ways we've all become friends with Jake as the glue.

Watching Band of Brothers today. Its one of those shows that I can watch over and over and it never gets old. I have one cousin still alive that served in WWII, though he was in the Pacific. He used to go to an annual reunion but but his mates have all died off so now he does not bother. I htink I'll give him a call now to say hello.