Monday, November 4, 2013

How New York of You

Last weekend Jake attended the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s annual Art + Film gala,  and to Jake it was more like New York West.

 He told the Wall Street Journal " 'It’s a very New York party,' observed the slimmer than usual actor Jake", as he declined a cheese puff from a cater waiter. ( Just like those upper East Side ladies who lunch, but don't eat)

“At least a lot of the New York crowd is here.”

Another observation of Jake from the event was that he didn't seem to mind walking the red carpet alone. But he wasn't alone in that club, it seemed like he had another member in the solo guy club in Leo DeCaprio, who did the  same thing.
You'd think it if was a New York crowd wouldn't your "cooking mentee" fit right in? If you have a model this is one of those places you'd think you'd want to bring them. To walk a long narrow walkway and stand among beautiful things. They don't need to even practice.  Guess not. But know fear Jake ran into old friends.

Guess that mentor/mentee thing is only a one way deal, because Jakey a good model will tell you never have the base foundation on you face darker than the color of your hands.

 The event  honored Martin Scorsese and David Hockney,  is quickly becoming one of the best parties of the year in LA. Which is quite the feat with all the parties, premieres and events that happen in LA.  But it was all for a good cause raising over $4 million for LACMA’s film initiatives and future exhibitions.


prairiegirl said...

Really, it was a pretty clique-ish thing to say. It's like he just doesn't know what in the heck to say sometimes.

Methodical Muser said...

With Jake hanging out in Los Angeles so much, he probably wanted to use the opportunity to remind everyone he really is an East Coaster at heart, with an East Coast "girlfriend" who he "loves" very much. *sarcasm intended* As usual, he didn't think before inserting his foot in mouth.

prairiegirl said...

Interesting that this event and this crowd didn't get the dirty shoe treatment, isn't it?

Florida Tom said...

Illinois set to become 15th state to legalize Gay Marriage. Bill has passed House and Senate and will be signed by the guv :-)

the real m said...

Great news about Illinois. Equality is spreading more rapidly all the time.

IHJ has a new pic of Jake and he looks totally out of it. Everyone else is smiling and he is squinting and looking elsewhere. I am shocked that they even posted it.

Where would we be if Jake could not be counted on to say or do the wrong thing every time.