Monday, November 18, 2013

A Stitch and Time

Jake was spotted as was he trying not to get spotted at the Dr's last Friday, Nov 15.

 Maybe he didn't want to add to the worry to all the reports of his trip to the hospital.

 Of course with all the stitches they said he had to have done to repair the damage for the on set incident reported to have happened on the previous Wednesday  you would need a follow up.

 But you don't take the stitches out after 2 days,  a week yeah, but two days?

 So did he hurt himself a little earlier than reported?

Or was there another (little) reason he was trying to sneak into the Dr's office?


destiny said...

Kind of odd that Jake is holding down two fingers in one photo, it's not a natural way of holding your hand. It almost looks like he's signaling someone.

Florida Tom said...

I agree Destiny. Saw the two fingers. I would love to actually see a video of that. Single shots can be deceptive. It looks like he is trying to hide but it just may be him getting out of the car. I def do not believe the story about cutting his hand during filming.

I have been so sick. Thought I just had a bug and it would take it's course but over the weekend I got worse. Now I have bronchitis. It is so hard knowing if you have a bug or an actual infection that needs antibiotics.

Florida Tom said...

I miss everyone. I hope we can get together in 2014.

Seaweed said...

Hey Tom, Hope you're feeling better soon.

Just got online the first time in days as my laptop is out of commission for another week or so. Hate being out of touch with my OMG on a daily basis.

Cheers to all the gang while I check in from the local library.

prairiegirl said...

Great observation, Destiny. I know I was too busy trying to figure out why he was trying a limbo move to pay much attention to his hands/fingers. He does seem to be distinctly holding down 2 fingers.

I miss everyone. I hope we can get together in 2014.

That would be cool.

Methodical Muser said...

I have been so sick. Thought I just had a bug and it would take it's course but over the weekend I got worse. Now I have bronchitis.

Aw, (((Tom)))I'm sorry to hear you've been ill. I hope you feel better soon.

It definitely looks like Jake is making some kind of signal. And, he is definitely looking over at someone. Of course, the photos are purposely cropped to eliminate any kind of possibility of exposure. If he was visiting the Medical Center for his wrist there would be no need for secrecy. In fact, Jake's people have made sure that the "incident" is front and center of any twitter search. So he certainly is not hiding anything related to that PR publicity push. Something else is causing Jake to be stealth-like and circumspect.

destiny said...

Sorry you're so sick Tom, and hoping you'll feel better soon.

It sure does look like Jake is signaling something to someone.

the real m said...

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well Tom. I hope it does not hang around long. Bronchitis can be hard to shake. And I too sure hope we can all find some reason to convene again. I do plan to be retired by June of next year so getting away should be easier.

I thought Jake's posture was odd too. He has some dorky stances even in some other new IJH shots. It could be that the weight loss has him out of sorts and discombobulated.

ROMA said...

Tom, feel better soon! Bronchitis takes a lot out of one --drink lots of water and rest up. I too hope we all can reconvene in 2014!

Special K said...

Hey Tom - Sorry you are feeling bad. It is the one part of being on your own down there that makes it tough. No one to come over with a big bowl of soup and meds and nurse you well.

2014 would be great for a get together.

Florida Tom said...

Thanks everyone. Been a real bout. Hoping to feel better soon. Never had bronchitis before.

Adam Levine "The Sexiest Man Alive"?

He is hot but ???

Florida Tom said...

Who would Jake be signaling with his fingers down like that? Maybe the photographers themselves. Who else would see his fingers?

prairiegirl said...

Adam Levine is too covered in tattoos to be sexy, Patient Tom.
; )

Take it easy!

sosuspicious said...

I've always wondered why his fingers looked almost unaffected by "punching a mirror"... and a mirror doesn't even shatter that easily when the contact area is the size of your fist. The whole thing just seems so unlikely...

The way he bends his hand backwards in the first few pictures would hurt. There's probably nothing under that bandage!! What is he hiding o.o