Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Comfy Cozy

 Don't call him Clapton  because he's no slow hand.  Jake has been getting around LA just fine and it looks like filming is really over for Nightcrawler now.

Monday night Jake attened the 2013 Casting Society of America’s Artios Awards held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel.  And it was just all for fun?  Nope  He had some work to do presenting.

Could  this be award show training?  Or is he now going back for all those cheese puffs he passed on for the last 2 months?

And today found Jake getting some Jewish Deli comfort food at Nate ‘n Al restaurant.

Talk about comfy Jake's got a soft and cozy cashmere sweater draped over his hurt paw.  Is it a little TLC ?   Or a little cover from those prying eyes that are trying to get a better look at it? Or that he didn't want any one to see what he was bringing home in the take home container.

One thing is didn't want to hide, is his big chain. It's back and you  can't miss that.


prairiegirl said...

So did Hugh get a doctor's note to excuse him from all the LA promo? Isn't that pretty noticeable that everyone is chipping in during this time except Hugh "Mr Jackman" Jackman? I've seen pictures of Hugh walking, I mean strolling, and scootering around NYC with the dog and fam so it doesn't seem as though he's been otherwise engaged the whole time.

I just find that peculiar. Oh wait, I've not seen Terence Howard nor Viola Davis at the Q & A's either. Just Jake and the two blond female actresses.

Huh. So Jake is the one who needs the overtime hours, I guess?

Special K said...

A little more of Jake's presenting duty courtesy of ContactMusic

Jake Gyllenhaal was also among the presenters and he gave a speech paying tribute to the work done by casting directors throughout the industry, saying, "On behalf of me, my sister (actress Maggie Gyllenhaal), my brother-in-law, who's an actor (Peter Sarsgaard), my mother and my father. We could not have done it without you. It's actually really wonderful to see casting directors get up here and be more nervous than I've ever seen them. Now you know how we (actors) feel!"


prairiegirl said...
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the real m said...

I'm happy to see Jake rolling around LA again. It is his home town and he looks most at home there. I think the awards tour is his version of shaking hands and kissing babies. Like politics, it's who you know and who you schmooze that make all the difference. He had dropped out of the HW loop for a long while, looking very uncomfortable at Hollywood events. The crowd no longer embraced him warmly and laughed at his jokes like in his early years. If he really wants a chance at a nomination, and especially a win for anything, he needs to have some key people in his camp. So handshaking, appearances and schmoozing is required. Hugh Jackman has been part of the crowd all along and has already overpaid his dues. He can skate by for a bit.

the real m said...

I cant remember, does Enemy have a release date yet? Jake faring well during awards season may be the boost the film needs to get an audience and a decent release date. His box office cred is not that good and he is the main draw for that film.

the real m said...

I guess it's my turn vent today. Adam Levine as sexiest man? You have got to be kidding. He actually looks unclean. It just goes to show that People is getting paid by publicists either money or favors. They have never been journalists, so some poetic license is OK. But taste and common sense is still expected. They really shot what little credibility they had with this one.

Methodical Muser said...

They really shot what little credibility they had with this one.

I agree, m.

And now, it's sooooo obvious what that sudden Adam Levine "engagement" to Behati Prinsloo in July was all about. People probably stipulated that Levine had to look a lot more mainstream than his rock star image and I have no doubt he was more than willing to oblige for his entrance into the mainstream of Hollywood celebrity. He figured if Justin Timberlake could do it, he could too.