Thursday, November 21, 2013

Watching the Detectives

Perfect for a Throwback Thursday,  it's Jake and Melissa Leo talking about  Homicide and speculated that,  that's where Jake learned all his detective skills .

Almost 20 yrs ago Jake was on an episode of Homicide that his dad directored

When Melissa was a detective on the show

And yes, Jake's dad was played by Robin Williams


LOL said...

Huh? said...
The administrator of the blog next door is management's paid troll?

Of course!

Everyone who laughs at lies and insane theories posted on OMG blog is troll, LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

prairiegirl said...

No, there's no "huh?" I think it's very clear what I said in my comment yesterday.

That site is a party of one. It's been bought off. It was part of Jake's history that WME has wanted to erase from Jake's professional life since they took over and have been painstakingly redoing Jake's image. Particularly damaging is the name of the site itself which contains that word WME and Jake can't stand the most - 'Toothy'.

The other blog both parties would have loved to have disappear is this one, Oh My Godot. OMG because this blog has so accurately revealed what Jake and Austin are hiding. They've tried everything to get rid of us but it ain't workin'.

So they bought the closest 'neighbor' that they could, which was the Waiting For Toothy site to keep an eye on OMG.

There's no one over there anymore.

Look at the day Jake 'punched' his mirror, a day that brought out the reactions from a few other non-regulars on OMG. It was the type of news that was going to draw a reaction. But there was not any chatter on that other site. None whatsoever. That's because most everyone has left.

No, the only activity which remains on the WFT2 site is the 1) taunting and ridiculing of OMG and its regulars and 2) the pushing of AIS, Austin is Straight by the pretty much lone resident.

prairiegirl said...

And for OMG's sister site and the tree trunk which bore the branch that is now OMG, to be heralding that Austin, aka Grey Goose, is straight and into 'hot young girls' is an agenda I bet you never would have seen in the early days, am I not right?

Even if you thought that Toothy and Grey Goose were no longer together, there was one shared belief that didn't change and that was the belief that GG was gay.

prairiegirl said...

Nice pictures from that episode of Homicide with Jake in it, Special. I've never seen that episode or the show itself but it's interesting to see Robin Williams was in it as well.

LOL said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
? said...

Particularly damaging is the name of the site itself which contains that word WME and Jake can't stand the most - 'Toothy'.

So they bought the closest 'neighbor' that they could, which was the Waiting For Toothy site to keep an eye on OMG.

Doesn't make sense...if WME hates the word 'toothy' so much, and WFT has years and years of discussion about JIG, why wouldn't they just delete the whole blog if they now own it/run it?

prairiegirl said...

Not bitter about anything. That's blind wishful thinking on the part of the lone commenter and administrator.

Gloating and praising over the hostile takeover of that blog. "RIP WFT2" ring any bells? Memorial cross? Then taken down and replaced with the usual "OMG Trolls are melting" nonsense to try and make it look like there are others posting.

There are no others.

Didn't "Brandon" make that very same observation on the now infamous meltdown thread on Just Jared? Everyone knows the thread I'm talking about. The one that made Naomi Foner see the light about Alyssa Miller not working out for her son as a beard.

prairiegirl said...

And where is Naomi Foner now? She's disappeared from her Twitter lately.

You know her Twitter account which became active around the start of Jake and Alyssa bearding and suddenly grew dormant at the time of Austin's fishing ticket tweet and disappearance of Alyssa from the "cradling" arm of her son.

Where is she now? That Twitter account of hers was revived for the purpose of pushing and endorsing Jalyssa.

prairiegirl said...

If I got Brandon's name wrong, I apologize.

Methodical Muser said...

Doesn't make sense...if WME hates the word 'toothy' so much, and WFT has years and years of discussion about JIG, why wouldn't they just delete the whole blog if they now own it/run it?

That would have been far too obvious. After all, the first goal was to get rid of the creator of Toothy first. Which was done back in early July 2012, when E! News ran Ted out of town. Not before, of course they used Ted to first post that last convenient Blind Item encouraging Toothy to leave Goose and to imply the power closeted couple was over. A sort of gossip world RIP.

After that, WFT had to remain, along with all of its comments, as a seemingly “credible” attack post against OMG bloggers and their findings. The assault against OMG has been non stop ever since.

prairiegirl said...

I apologize again for getting Brennan's name wrong. The commenter was Brennan, not Brandon.

Brennan did an excellent job of stirring up things on that infamous NYC Stroll/Inside the Actors Studio post on Just Jared. That thread just blew up, lol.

Good going, Brennan, well done. : )

Methodical Muser said...

Another reason for WFT to continue on is to provide a cyber platform to promote Management's agenda of straight Austin.

You know, all of the "I love to chat online nonstop with underage cheerleaders" tweets and DMs who, of course, all seem to be ironically followers of Christ. I guess churchgoers are far more raunchy than I remember them.

Curious said...

So how does a paid troll take over someone else blog. Did he/she purchase it from Jackie? Has SK ever been offered the same thing from anyone? If this happens you think she would have by now.

? said...

But they are also promoting Jake is gay, gay, gay! Surely that's exactly what they don't want?

Methodical Muser said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Methodical Muser said...

But they are also promoting Jake is gay, gay, gay! Surely that's exactly what they don't want?

LOLLL! Right nobody would catch on if the premiere Toothy site on the Internet suddenly started promoting the idea that Jake is straight. Don't be ridiculous. And, anyway, Jake's people know that the gay ship has sailed. It's the idea of Family Tile that drives them looney.

prairiegirl said...

three OMGers

That would be totally inaccurate if you were to include those who lurk but don't comment.

Let's face it - the commenters on OMG are down to a select few because a lot of people are fed up with Jake, that not necessarily being the only reason but a dominant one. They see what he is doing. They see the Batshield and fantasy world that he's put up.

That doesn't mean they're gone. Ohhhhhh no. That doesn't mean they're gone at all. They're still looking. The numbers haven't lied.

And you know how you know they're not gone?

Because lately we've had appearances by a few who have come on to comment because of a particular topic or person they wish to participate in/address. How would it be that they just happen to check OMG on that particular day? What are the odds? They're off the chart low, that's what.

That means they're looking. They just aren't into the daily chatter.

how bearding works said...

That's not surprising. Why wouldn't the beard still be on contract. Jake's heavily involved in the award season frenzy. She ain't going anywhere right now.

About the discussion on the Waiting for Toothy blog, I haven't commented over there since last year. There's a reason too. There is no freedom to post what you want. The site is heavily censored. And, constantly used to slam Oh My Godot. Some days OMG was all that was being discussed over there. I haven't been there in awhile, but what is being described this morning sounds exactly like what was going on last year.

Special K said...

The comment posted a couple of times this morning about the bearding still being on is a ruse for people click the link and see horribly offensive picture.

Yes - I'm on to you. Now run along.

destiny said...

I'd completely forgotten about that Homicide episode and that Jake and Melissa had worked together years ago. I'll have to watch the clip when I have more time.

I'm not sure that WFT2 has been taken over by pr, but it is clear that it's only purpose anymore is for attacking OMG, so it does make me wonder. I look over there maybe once a month to see what's going on, and it's mostly nasty comments or deleted posts. There's no real discussion of Jake.

a few musings on WFT said...

Whatever happened to that site, somebody has an agenda over there. That's for sure. The out of control bashing of OMG really started after Ted was fired. And, the main topic of discussion is not about Jake being gay anymore. Jake's team could have taken over the place. They certainly would have a reason too.

I don't know if you guys remember but in 2011, there was lots of talk about Jake being a father over on WFT. More than usual. Momentum was moving in that direction anyway. I wonder if that didn't play into the sudden shift from Jake is gay topics, Hollywood homophobia and gay civil rights issues to suddenly an OMG bashing forum?

Bubble Boy said...

Jake's people know that the gay ship has sailed. It's the idea of Family Tile that drives them looney.

Not true. Most people do not think Jake is gay. Plus Jake's main draw are straight women who see him as sexy so appearing straight is still a top priority for mngmt

Disagree said...

No, Jake's main draw is no longer straight women who think he's sexy. Look at him. He's a mess and hardly a looker any longer. That's why he makes the kind of films he does now. He's appealing to the violence and brutality adolescent and twenty something males go for. And, when you are talking about the celebrity savvy internet bloggers, people do know about Jake and his orientation. I would say that among all the closeted men in Hollywood, Jake's "secret" is the most open one around.

Scrub, scrub, scrub said...

Some days OMG was all that was being discussed over there.

You mean every single day, don't you? Whenever I check in on WFT 2, besides the recurring deleted comments which usually take up half the page, Oh My Godot is all that is being talked about. Or, should I say, macerated. There is a lot of hate and hatred over there. It's couched in sarcasm to provide a touch of haughty dismissal, but the ongoing scorn is wrapped in open hostility. An emotion you wouldn't think just a random bunch of bloggers would be so keen on sustaining, month after month, after month. The primary instigator(s) even goes to other websites to try to make it seem like OMG regulars are posting at those sites too. When, in fact, it is the WFT element (however large that contingency is and I agree that it probably is a very small group right now) that is going to PR embraced sites like Just Jared and trying to shut down talk about Jake being gay or with Austin threads.

Scrub, scrub, scrub. said...

Interesting, how the WFT 2 poster is over here now. That "melting" comment is a signature comment over there. Easily, recognizable. It's apparent s/he tries to hide behind a "LMAO" or a "LOL", but the idea that this discussion doesn't matter to them, or that they think it's rubbish, is not true at all. Truth is, their hovering presence today and a failed attempt to post an offensive pic is a telling sign of desperation.

Florida Tom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Florida Tom said...

I sure do believe that Jake's people fear the internet and social media. They got to be on guard constantly to hide the truth. Neither Jake or Austin can make a slip. TMZ was the closest they came to being literally outed when they spent the day in that trailer and were spotted. If they are married and if they have kids they must be literally holding their breaths 24/7. Because if anything substantial hit the internet it would spread in minutes. Another example of panic must have been when Austin was spotted in the airport when Jake was in Europe. So def PR needs to be out there 24/7.

prairiegirl said...

Coming to you Liiiiiiiiive from Osage Beach in the Show Me great state of Missouri!!!

;D It's the annual chicks weekend of shopping and looking at the Lake water - the Lake of the Ozarks. It's nice to get a day off from my crazy work life and get away just for the weekend.

There's some ladies that we've been seeing here at the resort where we always stay. Several years ago, one of them lost a necklace on Sunday morning when we were all packing up the cars. We helped look for it and while she didn't find it. we all became acquainted and they've stayed here every year, too at the same weekend in November.

Hoping we see them again - it's kinda cool. Well, it's off to shop and then we're going to grill some burgers. It's freezing here. Normally we would've been here last weekend but Thanksgiving comes so late this year so here we are.

Okay, we're off! Chat at you all later! #TGIF

the real m said...

I stopped going to WFT so long ago I cant even recall the date. But it was obvious even then that it was just one person making all the comments pretending to be multiple people. Made the site pointless.

Cute picture of Jake. I never saw that episode either. I guess its too old now to even make it to reruns.

The beard turned out to be unreliable and wanting too much attention for herself, not Jake. Out of favor now. No point having a beard if they dont stick to the plan.

The new issue of Ent weekly has an article explaining how these early awards shows are critical for nominee hopefuls. They need to work the crowd and charm (their word) the right people if they hope to get nominated for important awards.

Jakes problem is that he alienated his original fan base (BBM crowd) and he has never been able to build a new one. If you want a female crowd, you have to catch them at a certain age. He's now too old to reestablish that group and he cant make any head way with straight males. Too gay.