Thursday, November 14, 2013

Punch and Jakey

The news of Jake cutting his hand after punching a mirror during filming a scene for Nightcrawler shows there was an intensity on set, be it from the script or just Jake having a moment, but this isn't the first time there has been something like this to happen with Jake and his movies.

Some might remember the very intense scene in Jarhead between Jake and Brian Geraghty  when Jake's character Swofford snaps first holding his gun up  to Brian's character and then grabbing Brian's gun and pointing it at his own mouth screaming to pull the trigger.  During the filming of the scene Brian accidentally chipped Jake's tooth and with Jake so into the moment found him literally beating up his co-star. "And so I, for some reason, just started hitting him, and I just got so angry that he had chipped my tooth. And I just started hitting him. And we didn't talk for like a month, actually, after that. It's actually a testament to Brian because Brian is nothing like the character he plays. He's just amazing in that scene." Brian described it as: "Well we had a little time apart from ourselves but I mean, it was a very intense scene where he almost kills my character. ...Everything was fine. We took it to the limit. Hopefully when you see the film you’ll acknowledge that. We’re better for it."

Jake was so intense during the whole shoot he also had issues with his future brother-in-law Peter, who he also didn't speak to for a month and ended up breaking a rib of Peter's during a scene. So intensity is nothing new for Jake.

But it's not the accident itself that set the bells off  here,  is some of the other details that has OMG asking questions.
 Like -

Nightcrawler was supposed to be a a 28 day shoot in Oct. why is Jake still filming two weeks later?

How far behind must they be if they had a filming schedule that lasted 18 hours?

What happened in October that set them back so much?  Schedules? Days off? Budgets? Darkness? Too many rainy days in Southern California?

Is Nightcrawler the real reason that Everest isn't set to start shooting until January 5th?

Where do you come up with the money to pay for going over schedule for this many days? Especially on a movie that they have said is being made on a very small tight budget?

And with Jake being one of the executive producers for Nightcrawler, doesn't he have a little more control over the schedule and the run over? Or is that part of the reason it's running over?

Just one more thing - Jake, bud,  if you didn't want to "teach her" how to make Thanksgiving dinner there are other ways of getting out of it.


Florida Tom said...

Proof that people can keep secrets for years. Rafa Nadal has just introduced to the world a brother that no one knew he had. He is involved with a project to help the unemployed in Spain with him. No one is sure why it was a secret. Just goes to show how people can hide things. Really interesting.

This means, What???? said...

Are you saying this means Jake can and has hid six children? lol

Hey, what happened to the 6 hidden rugrats? Havn't heard much from yall about them lately.
maybe some have come to their senses

prairiegirl said...

Special is simply raising questions. It's not our problem that you have issues. Your deepest fear of what we know shows in your first question.

Nothing has changed for many of us. You seem to be sounding a little lonely. Maybe some of us are quite comfortable with what we know to be true.

I know I am. And so I don't need to be on here 24/7 arguing about it anymore. I'm around consistently on the watch, just waiting for that next slip up.

I have absolutely no doubt Jake & Austin are married. They've got a buttload of kids. And Management is having to spend all their time helping to cover up for their client. BWAH!!! Hope they're having fun!

Florida Tom said...

Families do things for different reasons. The dynamics of the family and their secrets can be interesting.

Florida Tom said...

Lots of reasons why Jake keeps his secrets. The biggest is that he would have no career a career in wish he is capable of making a lot of money. I think the advice of Momma is also way at the top of the list. In life though the truth is that secrets will make you miserable.

prairiegirl said...

What's funny is that you've got two different takes from websites in this "flipping out-rushed to hospital-hospitalized-punching mirror" tale.

You have some stories that say the mirror punching was written into the script. Then you have other accounts that say he got too intense and wrapped into his method acting and lost control, punching the mirror.

I mean, it is either one or the other, can't be both. Why the difference?

IF this incident even happened at all.

prairiegirl said...

And my even bigger question is how come all if a sudden, like Special pointed out, is he filming again? You didn't see squat about filming last week. No one seemed to spot him anywhere.

EXCEPT perhaps that little social media mention that seemed to be placing him in the vicinity of Portage/Kalamazoo, MICHIGAN last week, but filming? No, scant mentions of filming.

Right around the time of another Gyllenichols offspring's birthday. Imagine that.

prairiegirl said...

Where's a Marcus Mumford when you need him?

Okayyy said...

I have absolutely no doubt Jake & Austin are married. They've got a buttload of kids. And Management is having to spend all their time helping to cover up for their client. BWAH!!! Hope they're having fun!

You have absolutely no doubt that you're still wishing and a hoping your theoretical "fantasy" comes true since you've seen No children. No one has spoken about it except some lame person with a tweet, and, since when do you believe a lone lame person tweeting? Oh, I forgot, If they fit your narrative of (J/A marriage w/ children) otherwise you would bash it trash it and explain it away as "PR/Management". Anyone can see right thur your contriditory biased confussion.

Gay, bi or straight, when Jake finally has a baby by a woman or "with a man", you'll still be screaming he's hiding those 6 teenage rugrats all across the country. lol
It's time to give it up! Really!

Methodical Muser said...

What the heck is a contriditory biased confussion?

Alas, there is no need to harp on what is so obvious. We've done our research. Obviously, you have not.

prairiegirl said...


I have to say that when that Actors Studio showed that very clip from Jarhead, I was so turned off by that scene. Even in a make believe scene from a movie, I don't like demeaning and abusive treatment of another human.

I don't care if that's how it is in war. Leave it there. We as humans should never, ever recreate a scene where we act so violently and more importantly, so demeaning to another person. It turns my stomach.

There was no quality, no value in that scene, I'm sorry. No one could ever convince me otherwise.

Methodical Muser said...

I have absolutely no doubt Jake & Austin are married.

June 16, 2008.

the real m said...

Nor do I have any doubts about Jake and Austin being together.And having at least one or more children. The troll doesn't doubt it either. If he really thought it was nonsense, he would not be inclined to waste his time arguing about it. But that nagging doubt that we may be right just wont go away.