Saturday, November 30, 2013

One Man Band

You think Macy's has the only parade in town this time of year

But don't count out Jake.  He's a one man NY parade.  With Manhattan and Brooklyn down this week,  he just has Queens, Staten Island and The Bronx before he has all the boroughs down.

Give that man a harmonica and he'd be a one man band.

Hey New Yorkers be on the lookout.  Wait - don't worry he's easy to spot seems that everyone has seen him. ;)

  Happy Hanukkah!


AUS10 said...

I met Paul Walker at one of my first auditions. I was 18 and wide eyed. He stood there and answered my naive questions for 15 minutes.

8:58 PM - 30 Nov 13

AUS10 said...

A very kind man. Paul Walker.

8:59 PM - 30 Nov 13

Florida Tom said...

No girlfriend anywhere in sight :-)

These girls must get paid by the studios.. No lie.

Florida Tom said...

Movie over girlfriend gone :-)

Florida Tom said...

Saw 1D on GMA this morning. Harry sure is looking good :-)

prairiegirl said...

Harry sure is looking good

As long as all of his tats are covered up, you can forget about that part. The Biebs has just finished having his entire left arm tatted up. It looks awful. I don't understand what is up with all these guys i.e. Ryan Phillipe is another one, inking themselves up.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

Terrible, terrible accident involving Paul Walker and his racing friend. As more and more details emerge, it was senseless and tragic for the young ones who were affected by the loss.

In one split second following a bad choice, your life can be over. That's it.

So sad that these two men's children are now without a parent.

It sounds like Paul Walker was a very nice guy and it was interesting to read Austin's tweets.

Sad said...

I've always look at Paul Walker as non Hollywood, or an Actor, Not a HW celebrity. And he seem to keep it that way regardless of his drop dead good looks. I always saw him as very grounded. It was a very sad moment when I heard this news this morning. RIP Paul Walker

Special K said...

I didn't realize Paul Walker had a 15yr old daughter. What a tragic loss for her to lose her dad so young.

prairiegirl said...

I thought he was gorgeous, too. I remembered seeing him on Just Jared once in awhile, not a whole lot, just once in awhile.

He kind of looked like Chris Pine.

When I saw Rachel Leigh Cook had issued a statement, that seemed to say something to me. She is rarely in the rags or on Just Jared, etc. That might seem like kind of a weird, unfounded gauge but to me, it seems to say something anyway.

prairiegirl said...

Hope everyone is enjoying this, the last day of TGiving holiday.

I'm trying to put away the fall stuff so as to make room for Christmas decorations. What a mess! The apartment is just trashed everywhere. There is no stone unturned as far as the decimation. =o

the real m said...

So sad to hear of the death of someone so young and in such a tragic manner. I did not see any of his films, except for In the Blue. Not my usual type of film but I happened on it one day and all the actors, especially Paul, were so stunningly beautiful I watched it for a long while just to look at them. Good to hear that he was a down to earth guy. I feel terrible for his daughter.

I wondered why HBO had so many aids themed items on today but see that it is World Aids Day. I can watch Angels in America 100 times and never get tired of it. Recording it for that very reason.

Florida Tom said...

Big wins for the Eagles and the Pats. Chiefs vs Broncos tonight :-)

prairiegirl said...

My cousin just let me know that the Chiefs lost, lol.

I have been so busy today putting away fall decos and trying to prepare for Christmas ones that I was only checking once in awhile for the score.

I told her it was a nice ride while it lasted. ;D