Friday, November 15, 2013

L. E. Phant

While Jake was nursing a busted up hand,  Austin was concerned about the elephants.

Thursday the Texas Tweeter popped up like a media meerkat and tweeted:

30k elephants killed last year. Want to put an end to this? Let's start in the U.S. Pls sign & share:


Thanks for all that you do for Earth.

There is a real crisis to the poach of ivory and the killing of elephants for their tusks and there are things we can do help stop this from happening. Please do what you can by signing and sharing with others.

Austin's tweet comes with good intentions but the it's the timing that seems a bit random.  And we know Austin's randomness is not random.

Like tweeting about elephants is more about the elephant in the room, than elephants in danger.

Happy Austin Friday.


bearding tabloids said...

from the new National Enquirer:

Can that possibly be hunky Jake Gyllenhaal with sunken cheeks and a rail-thin body? The actor dropped more than 20 lbs to play a struggling freelance crime reporter in LA´s seedy underground – and Jake´s model /girlfriend Alyssa Miller´s moaning to pals that his new look is sabotaging their sex life. OUCH! “When Alyssa started dating Jake this summer, he was his usually buff self, and she never imagined he would get so emaciated for his role in ´Nightcrawler´,” said a close pal. “Now when he tries to get romantic, Alyssa pulls away because feeling his bones makes her go YUCK!” But fear not, gaunt Gyllenhaal has a healthy appetite – so his toned physique´s bound to make a comeback…And how was YOUR week?

Florida Tom said...

That is so hilarious. Also very sad.

the real m said...

Yes, really pathetic on her part. Starved for attention as the publicity she thought she would earn as Jakes beard never materialized.

the real m said...

Here's another good laugh. One of the articles about Jake includes "The Donnie Darko star has previously romanced Jenny Lewis, Kirsten Dunst, Reese Witherspoon, Taylor Swift, Minka Kelly, and Emily DiDonato." I am surprised they did not list any girl he knew in kindergarten to help shore up that see - He's not gay - story line. We all know those "dates" were either nano seconds, in the same room together for 3 minutes, or beards. Give it up Jake. Even after all this time and effort you are fooling no one.